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NFL Films' Cosell gives Pryor 'late round' grade

Posted on: June 13, 2011 9:33 pm
Edited on: June 13, 2011 11:10 pm
Posted by Ryan Wilson

We have talked more today about a player who last appeared in an NFL game two years ago, and another who has yet to do so, than we have about current NFL news. That's because it's June, we're in the middle of a lockout, and there's not much else going on.

But even if this was Week 8 of the regular season, the unfolding Terrelle Pryor saga is worth following. It's got a little bit of everything: lies, duplicity and what sounds like misguided hopes for the future.

Last week, Pryor left Ohio State and an ever-growing scandal in his rearview mirror, presumably with designs on making himself available to NFL teams through the supplemental draft. One problem: Pryor isn't considered much of a prospect, though he seems to think enough of his talents that he kindly told the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders thanks but no thanks after they extended him an offer.

Now Pryor has hired super agent Drew Rosenhaus, who isn't in the habit of representing schlubs on the fringes of professional football.

There are also rumors that Pryor hopes to get Fired Football Coaches Association founder Jon Gruden to serve as his quarterbacks coach in the coming weeks.

In April, Gruden spoke at the Ohio State coaches clinic where he first met Pryor, and when he was asked if he thought Pryor is an NFL prospect, he said, "Yeah, I do -- I really do," according to the Columbus Dispatch. "Again, I'm accused of liking too many people. 'Gruden likes everybody.' Well, sorry about that. (But) Bill Walsh used to say, 'Don't tell me what this guy can't do. Tell me what he can do."

All respect to Walsh, one of the great offensive minds in NFL history, but remember this: Walsh was a big fan of Trent Edwards coming out of Stanford. We guess all anyone ever told him was that Edwards excelled at throwing the checkdown pass. That's an example of when more information would have been useful.

"And I tell you, Terrelle Pryor can run and he can throw," Gruden continued. "And he's a helluva competitor. And if I coached him, I'd find something for him to do. You might have to cater your offense to a degree towards his strengths. But I think this guy can develop his passing the more you pass the ball. And I think the guy is a unique, rare talent."

That doesn't seem to be the consensus. In fact, NFL Films' Greg Cosell, who watches as much game tape as most coaches, took to Twitter to evaluate Pryor's NFL prospects.

For your education, in chronological order:
  • "I watched 2 games of Pryor, 7-8 of the other QB in draft. Based on those 2 games, Pryor a late round pick at best." - June 8 
  • "Finished 4 game study of Pryor: Miami, Wisconsin, Iowa and Arkansas in bowl game. A developmental project. No NFL QB traits at this point." - June 9
  • More Pryor: Those who equate body athleticism to QB skills + tools will see positives. Those who see NFL QB as a craft will not see much." - June 10 
  • "More Pryor: Many issues that need major work. 2 are average arm strength + erratic accuracy. Little velocity. Can't drive ball. Poor passer." - June 10 
  • "More Pryor: For those who equate athleticism with QB he's a draftable player. I evaluated him w/late round/free agent grade. No NFL skills." - June 10 
And for those quick to compare Pryor to Cam Newton, there's one huge difference:
  • "Major difference between Pryor + Newton is Newton can throw. Big arm, drives the ball. Newton can make NFL throws, Pryor at this point can't." - June 10 
While it might be hard to make out, there is a silver lining. Again, via Cosell: "Pryor's advantage in supp. draft is no expectations. Can be a #3 QB + perhaps develop over time. Still a major question but ideal situation."

But here's the rub: you'll never read "no expectations" on the scouting report of high-round draft picks. In fact, it's how you end up with the late round/free agent grade Cosell gave Pryor. 

Of course, Rosenhaus' job is to sell his client. Or, at the very least, have that be the perception. If Pryor ends up going in the fifth round of the supplemental draft, Rosenhaus will declare it a victory. In terms of PR, he's probably right. Just something to remember, though: Former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett sat out a season before entering the draft. The Broncos eventually took him in the third round, and he didn't make it out of training camp.

The expectations will be much higher for Pryor, and the scrutiny will be even more intense.

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NFL Films' Cosell gives Pryor 'late round' grade

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Posted on: June 14, 2011 10:06 pm

NFL Films' Cosell gives Pryor 'late round' grade

If Newton can "Make NFL throws" in a workout / tape study and can "drive the ball"....and Pryor way this clown is gonna be any good as a starting QB....

Not to say he cant be a good NFL player...he has some electric highlights....but I dont think I would want this guy to be the future face of my franchise....if I owned one

It may be better that he goes with lower expectations and isnt thrust into a role where he has to lead a team immediatly, there are a lot of NFL QBs who have made real good careers and won Superbowls without having a cannon arm......

Since: Dec 2, 2009
Posted on: June 14, 2011 3:13 pm

NFL Films' Cosell gives Pryor 'late round' grade

I think the Bucs needed Gruden's fire to push them over the top.  I don't think they win the Super Bowl with Dungy (that pains me to say as I think the world of Tony Dungy).  But you are correct how can Gruden be considered a QB guru is beyond me.  I think he's overrated as a coach and was exposed as the Dungy players matured and their skill levels fell off.  Gruden did little to nothing to revamp the team.  This is why Gruden remains in TV rather than on the sidelines (probably a cushier gig anyway, but not near the same cashola, but life is all about trade offs). 

Gobucksdaddy I think you summed it up nicely.

Since: Aug 21, 2007
Posted on: June 14, 2011 1:12 pm

NFL Films' Cosell gives Pryor 'late round' grade

The CFL wouldn't work for him. You need arm strength. Don't forget that the field is 65 yards wide and 110 yards long with 20 yard end zones. If you're throwing an out, that's a 35-40 yard throw on a line. You'll need zip on your passes for that.

Since: Oct 10, 2006
Posted on: June 14, 2011 12:42 pm

NFL Films' Cosell gives Pryor 'late round' grade

Not going to the CFL is the biggest mistake this guy will ever make. First, if he's going to make it as a quarterback, the CFL will give him the 5 years he needs at the position to become a decent passer. Second, with the extra back, the CFL would give him the chance to be what he should be.. a slot receiver. I've watched as many of Terrell's games as I could, and he's not a quarterback. He's a running back who occasionally passes. In college he forced weaker teams to take a man to cover him, spreading the defence thin and opening up passing lanes. If you want to know how successful he's likely to be as a pro, watch the Wisconsin game. His big games all involved in-effective tackling by the opposition. That's how he made his living. He's another Vince Young , accept Vince had a much better arm.

I'm not even sure he could make a CFL team as a quarterback. With only 3 downs, his passing accuracy would be a big detriment. 

Since: Oct 23, 2006
Posted on: June 14, 2011 11:58 am

NFL Films' Cosell gives Pryor 'late round' grade

1. Bad work habits at OSU
2. Always late at OSU, bent all the rules
3. Erratic throwing arm.
4. Very questionable character.
5. Good runner

Does not add up to anything more that a project type of player.

Since: Aug 17, 2009
Posted on: June 14, 2011 11:50 am

NFL Films' Cosell gives Pryor 'late round' grade

I dont mean ill will toward TP - but in some respects I hope he isnt drafted highly solely so current college players can look to him as an example of what NOT to do.  The college system sucks, but while the rules are the rules, its important that all players abide them. 

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