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More bad news for Terrelle Pryor's draft stock

Posted on: June 19, 2011 8:00 pm
Edited on: June 19, 2011 8:17 pm
Posted by Ryan Wilson

Terrelle Pryor's transition from Ohio State to the NFL isn't going nearly as well as his transition from high school to college. The top-ranked prep quarterback three years ago, Pryor, who left Ohio State earlier this month, is considered by most people to be no better than a middling NFL prospect.

And we have another name to add to the list: National, the largest scouting service for NFL teams, gave Pryor a grade of 5.1, which translates into a sixth- or seventh-round selection.

We say "most people" because Pryor's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, proclaimed in a press conference last week that his client is "a first-round pick." Those who make their livings evaluating players instead of representing them disagree; NFL Films' Greg Cosell gave Pryor a "late-round" grade, NFL Network's Mike Mayock was slightly more generous, suggesting Pryor might be a fourth-rounder. Former NFL head coaches Marty Schottenheimer and Jerry Glanville said, in their own special way, thanks but no thanks. (Apparently, they didn't read Chad Ochocinco's multiple scouting reports.)'s Aaron Wilson provides some background on the scouting service:
National annually grades over 1,400 draft eligible college seniors, providing information to nearly two dozen NFL clubs for a fee of over $100,000 to compile the data. Several teams also subscribe to BLESTO. And other teams like the Baltimore Ravens aren't associated with either well-respected scouting service.

A 9.0 is the highest possible grade for a blue-chip prospect with grades ranging as low as 1.0 for a player who isn't projected to play professional football. A 7.0 grade usually connotes a first-round draft target with 6.0 or higher denoting a player who could go in the top 75 overall selections.
Hey, at least Pryor didn't get a 1.0. Nonetheless, this can't make Rosenhaus happy, although as Mayock pointed out previously, "Nobody is better than Rosenhaus in driving perceived value. … Sometimes perceived value is almost as good as real value if he can get enough people talking about [Pryor] as a first-round pick."

To do that, however, Rosenhaus needs to quiet all the experts coming out of the woodwork to remind us that Pryor is probably, at best a fourth-rounder, and at worst not worth the trouble. 

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More bad news for Terrelle Pryor's draft stock

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More bad news for Terrelle Pryor's draft stock

 UFL - NFL - Arena league they all should pass on this cancerous growth and get on with those deserving of a chance to play what is a priviledge to play not a right. Let this guy fade into the real world and go bag groceries some where. Wait they wouldn't hire him either. The general public is getting tired of people like this show them they will be held accountable!!!!!!!!!!!

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More bad news for Terrelle Pryor's draft stock

Here's a write up by Russ Lande that says it all:

Weaknesses: Pryor is a raw quarterback who needs to greatly improve his accuracy if he is ever going to become a quality starting QB in the NFL. Of the 40 quarterbacks I have charted over the past four years, Pryor’s accuracy ranked 36th out of 40. He needs to stride into and follow through on his passes more consistently in order to improve his accuracy. He obviously needs to work on his mechanics, but if he can improve his accuracy, then the odd look of his release would not be as big of an issue. With the baggage he is bringing from Ohio State, Pryor faces a big job to prove he has the leadership skills and intangibles to lead NFL players.

Read more:

He has loads of physical talent but 36 outof 40 in accuracy?  Perhaps, just perhaps, he can improve his mechanics, but that takes time and determination, and given his predilection towards instant gratification, I doubt he has the patience and temperment to last the 2 or 3 years it will take.  As a Charger fan, I would offer a 5th rounder, just because I think he can be a good receiver and maybe with Phillip Rivers to mentor him, might be a servicible QB.  Talented, YES, but it will be his attitude and mental toughness that makes or breaks him in the NFL.

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More bad news for Terrelle Pryor's draft stock

Forget and forgive his trangressions.  Just look at his accuracy!!  He has difficulty hitting OPEN receivers at times.  How do you think he will fare in the NFL when he has to thread the needle.  Sure, LOTS of talent, but part of talent should include accuracy.  Throw in his selfish, self-serving me first attitude and I wouldn't have him on my team.  IF his apology is really sincere AND he is willing to put TEAM first, he might be able to learn enough throwing mechanics to improve his accuracy.  Too risky to take a chance.  4th round at best.

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Terrelle Pryor sucks - but is still good enough..

Take a look at some of the quarterbacks on rosters in the NFL

Erik Ainge?
Kyle Boller?
Brian St. Pierre?
Just Turnovers O'Sullivan?
Rudy Carpenter?

Surely Pryor doesn't suck as much as those losers.

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More bad news for Terrelle Pryor's draft stock

What a joke, this just goes to show the power of agents!  Pryor sucks, he will never be a star, he may start a few games but come on how many loser start NFL games every year.  Rosenhaus is a loser and the NFl needs to kick this guy out!

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