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Eagles might be good fit for Vince Young

Posted on: June 29, 2011 1:30 pm
Edited on: June 30, 2011 9:28 am
Posted by Ryan Wilson

Five years ago, Vince Young was coming off a national championship performance with Texas, and the Titans had just taken him with the third overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft.

A lot has happened since then.

Once the lockout ends, so too will Young's tenure in Tennessee. Where he ends up remains unclear. Partly because NFL teams aren't officially permitted to comment on other teams' players, but mostly because the rumor mill has been quiet on Young's future (which hasn't been the case for every veteran free agent quarterback -- see here, here, here and here, for examples).

So far, we've heard new Titans coach Mike Munchak say Young won't be back, and the Vikings and Dolphins are either not interested or have concerns about his attitude. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of his abilities as an NFL quarterback.

Which brings us to senior analyst Pat Kirwan. He has some thoughts on which situation could be mutually beneficial for Young and the team who lands him.

“I’ve felt, all along, that Young needs a year to disappear and not be stuck in a lineup on a bad team where he would struggle,” Kirwan said Tuesday. “To me, the best place for him to go is Philadelphia once Kevin Kolb is traded. Let’s see if Michael Vick’s newfound preparation skills will rub off on Young.”

To be fair, most players in untenable situations would benefit from not being "stuck in a lineup on a bad team where they would struggle." That's why Young was drafted third overall -- to be a franchise quarterback. It's a lot easier to be that guy when you're surrounded by a bunch of Pro Bowlers; it's a little tougher to do it on an awful team.

But scouting is an inexact science; in retrospect, Young probably shouldn't have been a top-10 selection (or maybe even a first-round pick). That doesn't mean he's destined to the life of a backup (though he could be), just that he's yet to prove that he's a full-time NFL starter. Maybe sitting behind Vick would serve him well. Or maybe Young would be unhappy in that role, just like he was unhappy behind Kerry Collins in Tennessee.

But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, there are a few things to sort out. First, the lockout needs to end. We appear to be heading in the right direction on that front. Next, the Eagles need to trade Kolb (the latest report is that Philly wants players, not draft picks for Kolb). Then, if Philly thought Young could be a good fit in their system, they'd have to sign him.

That makes for a lot of "ifs" but, ultimately, how Vince Young's NFL career plays out will be up to -- you guessed it -- Vince Young. 

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Eagles might be good fit for Vince Young

Advantageous awareness, many many thanks in to the creator. It will be ordinarily puzzling to me now, but generally, the usefulness and well worth is overpowering.

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Posted on: July 1, 2011 9:57 am

Eagles might be good fit for Vince Young

I think VY could do really well with a lot of teams. Everyone is acting like he's the worst guy ever just because he didn't get along with Jeff Fisher. Fisher is not exactly the most easy going guy I've ever seen, so it's understandable that there could be some personality conflicts. Vince could definitely help teams like Miami and Minnesota, who have very good "teams" but need a QB. This would also provide some established leadership in the locker room where Vince would need to learn to fit in. He has amazing talent, and I for one will never forget what he did for Texas, especially against "the greatest team ever" USC in the Rose Bowl. To the steelerfan that equated him to russel: You're retarded (unless you're joking)!

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Posted on: June 30, 2011 7:27 pm

Eagles might be good fit for Vince Young

I was thinking Seattle would go after him, but if the Eagles are going to trade Kolb they would be a good fit.

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Posted on: June 30, 2011 4:44 pm

Eagles might be good fit for Vince Young

I'm sorry, I don't think Vince Young would be a good fit with the Eagles. First, we are not 100% positive Kevin Kolb will be an Eagle or part of the Cardinals organization. Second, the former Titans QB had a simplified version of their offense, and the Eagles offense is probably a little more complex. Last, I think Young wants to be a starter with another team and he won't be able to do that with the Eagles.

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Posted on: June 30, 2011 3:51 pm

Eagles might be good fit for Vince Young

All I gotta say is wow!! Two of the most controversial quarterbacks on one team. I doubt Eagle fans would want that. I wouldn't mind him going anywhere, but Pittsburgh o.

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Posted on: June 30, 2011 2:39 pm

oops, meant candidate

my bad. feel free to tell me how stupid I am now.

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Posted on: June 30, 2011 2:35 pm

Eagles might be good fit for Vince Young

Vince Young=Jamarcus Russell.

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Posted on: June 30, 2011 2:35 pm

Don't forget the Raiders

Tunnel vision everybody! Break out of it and look at the whole NFL picture. If VY doesn't eventually wear a Raiders uniform this season, I will be shocked. How can Al Davis resist another Heisman winner project as hopeless and expensive as VY? My money says that the silver and black zombie is already stiff leggedly walking the streets of Oakland, arms outstretched, loudly groaning vvvviiiiinnnnce!   vviiiiiiiIIIInce!!  Standby for angry replies and denials from the Nation before a surprise announcement out of Oakland.

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