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No preseason could mean $800M in lost revenue

Posted on: July 3, 2011 3:24 pm
Edited on: July 3, 2011 10:00 pm
Posted by Ryan Wilson

Since negotiations toward a new collective bargaining agreement started moving in the right direction several weeks ago, there has been guarded optimism in the media that a deal would be done by mid-July. Progress has come in fits and starts, but that's the nature of deliberating.

That said, if the lockout continues past July 15, there's a danger that preseason games would be lost, and more than that, the revenue that comes with it.

ESPN's Adam Schefter tweeted Saturday that the financial cost of the first week of preseason games could be roughly $200 million.

To take it a step further, if, say, the lockout drags on to the point that the entire preseason is lost, that means lost revenues in the neighborhood of $800 million. But those losses don't solely fall to the owners; players would be taking a hit, too.

PFT provides the breakdown:
Assuming that the players get a 48-percent share of all revenue under a new CBA, a lost preseason would equate to $384 million in losses for the players, and $416 million in losses for the owners.

The losses begin soon, if/when the NFL is required to scuttle preseason games. And because the players are now focused more on total dollars and less on percentages, the dip in total dollars resulting from lost preseason games necessarily will impact the deal that the parties are discussing.
So there's one more reason for the two sides to come to an agreement in the next 12 days -- $800 million. But if the last month has taught us anything, it's that posturing gives way to actual negotiations when the specter of losing billions of dollars is imminent. If this doesn't motivate the owners and players to figure things out soon, the season is already lost.

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No preseason could mean $800M in lost revenue

coalcracker..... I was using the same words as  hooter and being sarcastic with it. I respect others enough not to call them morons, unless it is deserving. People can do whatever they want with their own money, but don't whine that players get paid too much when you shell out the dollars to pay their paychecks....

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No preseason could mean $800M in lost revenue

I LOVE when people use cap's to add emphasis... WAY too much... If you were speaking outloud, would you really randomly scream those words?

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No preseason could mean $800M in lost revenue

This WHOLE Thing is getting Ridiculous!! Everyone across the Country (including "Unions") is taking Pay Cuts, Losing their jobs, etc... THESE Clowns are talking about Getting Paid MORE $$$$ !!!! I agree with a previous Poster, mbrown46, I think 'The Fans' should Lock-Out Professional Sports for a Year!! See how much they get paid Then!! We could still watch on TV, just DON'T GO to a game!! Think of all the things YOU could do with YOUR $$$$, If you didn't have to spend $300-$600 to take your kid to a game!! These people spend that on ONE bottle of Wine, or ONE outfit. And then WHINE when they DON'T get a FREE trip to Hawaii for their family!! Where and When does it Stop?!?! Heck, skip ONE game and you could buy yourself a NEW TV to watch it on AT HOME!!!

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No preseason could mean $800M in lost revenue

PROVE IT!  NFL (owners and players) are BOTH losers.  Mr. Wilson, please, please show me how football is going to lose $800 million in PRE-SEASON FOOTBALL.  NFL, please go away!

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My previous post was just about the same as the post deleted, what did I hurt someone's feelings at CBS Sports?

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Awww...Boo Hoo

The owners shouldn't have locked the players out if they were that concerned about missing 800 million playing fake football.

Play me a tune on the world's smallest violin.


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No preseason could mean $800M in lost revenue

800 million,  peanuts to nfl.  enough already, get it done!

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No preseason could mean $800M in lost revenue

Who cares if they are loosing this much money anyways.

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