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Recertification of NFLPA becomes major issue

Posted on: July 21, 2011 3:24 pm
Edited on: July 21, 2011 4:28 pm
Posted by Eye on Football Staff

ATLANTA -- NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith briefly stepped out of the trade association meetings in Washington this afternoon and told the media gathered outside why recertification of the union is so important.

Thus, he confirmed to all that there is still at least one big issue to settle before the players decide to agree to a labor settlement.

"Every individual person has to make a decision about whether they want to be part of the union" Smith said. "Recommendations made by the executive committee are just that. The individual decisions are something that our players take extremely seriously."

Smith also took a shot at owners who questioned the union's original intentions when they decertified. (You may recall the "sham" argument?)

"I know there are certain things swirling out there," Smith said before looking directly at the NFL Network camera. "And I certainly remember comments from some of the owners about how we might not even be a real union.

"Well, guess what -- the decision to decertify was important because at the time we were a real union. And the decision for our players as men to come back as a union is going to be an equally serious and sober one that they have to make."

Taking a decision like recertificaiton seriously is better than saying that the union will just kind of screw around and that it’ll be discussed over multiple cocktails. But it also means that everyone involved -- including fans -- may have to wait for football a little longer, with recertification becoming another possible impediment to a new deal.

Previously,'s Mike Freeman reported that Patriots G Logan Mankins and Chargers WR Vincent Jackson -- and their demand for $10 million -- have been the cause for the delay in the NFLPA agreeing to a settlement. And some say it’s NFLPA Jeffrey Kessler who is gumming up the works.

But if the trade association decides NOT to recertify, there's no guarantee that the owners would agree to strike a deal at all, especially since the league then would be subjected to anti-trust legislation.

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Recertification of NFLPA becomes major issue

Do the players not remember the times prior to players unions in all leagues?  Sure the superstars will be taken care of while they are at their best.  What is that in the NFL, 3 maybe 4 years, after that goodbye.  If your not a superstar you will have "0"clout.  Here is what we will give you!!  Good luck with your negotiations as an individual.  Welcome to the world of employment of professionals outside of a union.  It might be as enjoyable to watch the "cold water " realization of the players as itis to watch a NFL season!  Not really but I get the feeling the players, (or maybe the lawyers), are getting that feeling that the relationship is soooo one sided they can do what they want.  These owners are smart money men.  They are looking at long term.  The public wants competitive football and they will take the best the market has to offer.  It takes two to tango.  If you can not agree on how to split $9B and all the dirty greedy details; Good Bye & Good Riddance.  I will follow NCAA more closely.

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Recertification of NFLPA becomes major issue

If this is the case, then the players should be replaced.  Everyone knew that the reason the players "disbanded" the union was so they could file the anti-trust suits.  It was a strategy that they were going to use that people knew about 6 months before it even happened.

Now that this is close to being over, reform the union because the NFL is not going to want to deal with lawsuits every day from players that feel that they have been taken advantage of for some reason.  Or players that enter the draft. Or players that don't get drafted and don't get signed and then file a suit for collusion.

In regards to Mankins and Jackson, the other 1700 players should take them to the woodshed.  They shouldn't get any more than anyone else.  Even though I know that the team I follow could use them and they would be an improvement for my team, I don't want them.  They are a cancer and will just bring down everyone around them.

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Recertification of NFLPA becomes major issue

At this point neither side probably has a lot of sympathy for their side, but what little there is is probably on the players side and they are gonna blow it if they let anything get in the way of approving this deal.

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