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Retirees upset their names are attached to letter

Posted on: July 27, 2011 4:45 pm
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

It’s no surprise that, during the lockout, the retired players were upset at the NFL and the NFLPA. And to show exactly how angry those retirees were at the perceived lack of recognition that the players gave them and the lack of support paid to them by the league, the retired players, led by Carl Eller, filed a class-action lawsuit against both sides.

Originally, Eller had gone after the NFL, but earlier this month, he turned his attention to the NFLPA as well, alleging that the two sides had conspired to keep benefits low for retired players. Listed among the plaintiffs were a number of Hall of Famers in a show of solidarity.

Now, however, it’s come to light that many of those Hall of Famers are upset at Eller for including their names in a petition which he sent to other retired players to drum up support for the lawsuit.

“First of all, I was surprised that they came out and listed names -- my name in particular -- without me having given permission to even use it,” Hall of Famer Jack Youngblood said, via Pro Player Insider. “I had no idea what this lawsuit was all about in the first place. When I saw my name on this letter that I had not requested to be a part of, it was a shock to me.”

Perhaps part of the reason the retirees aren’t interested in pursuing legislation against the NFL and the NFLPA is because the new CBA includes a number of new benefits for those who are retired and for those current players after they leave the game.

“I just want it known that we’re for anything that’s already been negotiated,” Lenny Moore said. “And I definitely didn’t want my name hooked in with anything that was delaying this process. Now that the process has gone through, that’s where my name is linked because that’s who I am a part of.”

Other retired players felt misled by the assertion that they weren’t represented at the bargaining table to end the lockout and win themselves additional benefits.

“I was presented this like, ‘We need to get back at the [bargaining] table -- that’s what this is for.’ So everybody goes, ‘OK, we need to get back to the table.’ And I didn’t realize we already have somebody at the table,” said Art Shell.

“The problem is, there are so many entities out there that a lot of the guys don’t know who’s who. When a lot of those contracts were negotiated, at the time, that money would have been good. But now, that money ain’t close to being good for today’s world. I thought that the ownership and the players would come up with something good for the retirees. But I tell you what, guys have got to be excited about this (retiree benefits in the new deal).”

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Retirees upset their names are attached to letter

Have you ever previously in fact thought to be about along with a little bit more than just your posts? I signify, that which you say is important and more or less all.

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Retirees upset their names are attached to letter

This makes me sick.  I am sure anything will be said to discredit these guys and as to the comments above.  Yes, they want a piece of the pie.  Do you realized some of these guys are homeless or live in poverty.  Some of them make less than $200 a month for a pension.  They busted their butts to play the game for us and now they don't even have enough money to live on.  Who is going to take them for insurance?  Can you imagine how much just insurance coverage paid for on your own would cost for a formed NFL player who suffered head trauma during years of his life in football? I've read some have had quotes up to $600,000 a year.  Most of these guys are suffering with 80 year old brains in their 30s and 40s, not to mention the numerous surgeries they have to have.  They didn't make what guys today are making, millions, they made a few thousand... a year.  And now these guys are asking for help.  Many have tried applying to the NFL for benefits and are denied every year.  So, here you have guys to threw their bodies on the line, played with concussions during games to entertain all of you, didn't make enough to retire on - not even close, get substandard pensions, can't afford medical insurance and sometimes even basic necessities of life.  I think they are entitled.  For everything they have done, they are entitled and the NFL needs to take care of them.  Raising my pension from $200 to $300 isn't enough.  Shame, shame, shame on all of them.  This is just wrong!  Read this:  .  I also just read the Gridiron Greats had to help a retiried player family with a new HVAC system because they were living in FL with no air for over a year and couldn't afford a new one.  Some can't even pay rent and end up on the street and they are too proud to ask for help.  This is now way to treat our childhood heroes.  No way at all.  DO THE RIGHT THING.

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Retirees upset their names are attached to letter

Youngblood's name was on it without his permission and without him being part of the lawsuit? Isn't that a lawsuit all on it's own? It looks like the old players did everything they could to get a piece of the pie, legal or not.

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Retirees upset their names are attached to letter

Sounds like someone saw 9 billion dollars and went for a money grab.Cool

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Retirees upset their names are attached to letter

Was Carl Eller always an outspoken advocate for retired players ?

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