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49ers sign Josh McCown, not Daunte Culpepper

Posted on: August 17, 2011 7:00 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

The 49ers are a team that's making no bones about their quarterback situation: they brought Daunte Culpepper in for a workout on Monday and on Wednesday they signed 32-year-old Josh McCown to a one-year deal, the team announced Wednesday.

Per our 49ers Rapid Reporter Michael Erier, the deal is worth the veteran's minimum of $810,000.

McCown has 31 starts in his NFL career and has played with the Cardinals, Lions, Raiders and Panthers since he entered the league in 2002. McCown's completed 57.7 percent of his passes over that time while throwing 35 touchdowns against 40 interceptions.

So, pretty pedestrian.

Which is heavily indicative of the problems that San Francisco has with its quarterback position -- Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick were supposed to provide a bridge to the future and the future, respectively, but it's patently obvious at this point that Jim Harbaugh doesn't trust either to help the 49ers succeed immediately.

It's also let's the world know just how good Culpepper looked in his workout on Monday. Which is to say, "not very."

It's hard to blame Harbaugh for his desperation, given that Smith has struggled mightily since being drafted first overall in the 2005 NFL Draft and Kaepernick's just a rookie.

The cynic will tell you that the "good news" is the 49ers are in prime position to make a run at top prospect (and former Harbaugh protégé) Andrew Luck.

The optimist will tell you that it's a good thing Smith only signed a one-year deal this offseason.

But good luck finding an football-related optimist anywhere near the San Fran metro area.

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49ers sign Josh McCown, not Daunte Culpepper

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49ers sign Josh McCown, not Daunte Culpepper

Permit us hope this just disappears certainly. Even so, designed to need the Vikings to start out out gaining and I do not like that both equally.

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49ers sign Josh McCown, not Daunte Culpepper

I really think the peices are there on offence gore is gore he will always be a beast, V. davis has really stepped up and become one of the premier TE and When crabtree stays healthy and gets someone in there that can get em the ball he's gonna blow up especially with the addition of B. Edwards! I still think A. Smith is your best bet and he could still have a pretty good year but i have temperd my expectations with what he will ever be able to do in SF. With the West being wide open i hope they can come together as a team and put some wins up on the board and get that playoff spot. Go Nine's baby!

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Posted on: August 19, 2011 1:41 am

49ers sign Josh McCown, not Daunte Culpepper

It hasn't really been that way, that is just the narrative that sports writers have been putting on it for the past several years.  We went 7-9 last year, and lazy analysts will say it is all about the QB.  Hogwash.  QB is a big part of it, but we have had disgustingly bad pass defense the past few years.  It's been huge, because we had a good running game and great run defense, and basically whenever the other team feels like converting a 3rd and 12 they can.  And I cannot think of anything more frustrating as a fan than awful pass defense.  Pass protection has not been good at all.  It's hard to say where the bad QBing ends and the 2 second clock our line gives him begins.  If you take an average QB and stick him behind crappy protection, you get a terrible QB.  And then there has been the offenseive coaching, which is just dying for some continuity.  This can be a good team, but it needs help.  It's not like we have been waiting to plug in a QB and that is all we need to be a contender.

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Posted on: August 18, 2011 7:59 am

49ers sign Josh McCown, not Daunte Culpepper

I'm just loving this! My brother is a die-hard niner fan, for years I had to hear about how good they were, with there all star qb's....oh how the tables have turned.......Alex Smith for 5 million...and now McCown....priceless.  Find it crazy how one single position can have such a drastic affect on your franchise.

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Posted on: August 18, 2011 7:33 am

49ers sign Josh McCown, not Daunte Culpepper

For what it's worth Bill Walsh, Harbaugh's most compared-to predecessor, went 2-14 his first year with the 49ers. And we all know what happened two years later. It is going to take time to get rid of all of the crap from that San Francisco locker room and replace it with good schemes and good attitudes. The QB position is obviously no exception. So long as Harbaugh and GM Trent Baalke keep making good personnel moves along the way things are going to change. Pairing Braylon Edwards alongside Michael Crabtree and tight end Vernon Davis in the slot is a solid start.

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Posted on: August 18, 2011 12:12 am

49ers sign Josh McCown, not Daunte Culpepper

I usually don't call out writers, but this is the second or third stupid peice I've seen by Will Brinson.  The second half of this article shows a total lack of understanding of, well, anything.  San Francisco is not going to enter the season with Smith, Kaepernick, and Masoli or that other kid at QB.  They are unimpressed by the other two rookies and added McCown to be a veteran backup considering that Kaepernick (typing that name is going to get really old) was a project anyway coming from the WAC and that was before we lost half the offseason.  I don't think either McCown or Culpepper were going to be given a shot for the starting job, and if they were it would be a formality.  Also, the 49ers are not even close to being in contention for the worst record in the NFL this year.  The team won 7 games last year, they would have to regress by 4-5 to get into the Luck derby.  Not happening with a solid defense and a weak division.

So in short, this is the worst analysis I have ever seen.  Please stop writing these.  It seemed benign when you were wrong about other teams, but now that it is about my team it is suddenly a lot more aggravating.  I would say you are spreading lies but I think you really believe the garbage you wrote here.  You are wrong about everything.

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