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Michael Vick's contract has no 'conduct language'

Posted on: August 30, 2011 10:35 am
Posted by Will Brinson

On Monday night, Michael Vick became the first player in NFL history to sign a second nine-figure contract, getting a six-year, $100 million contract from the Eagles that makes him one of the highest-paid quarterbacks in the NFL.

Given his past -- ahem -- transgressions, it wouldn't be surprising to find out that Philadelphia guarded themselves from getting torched by Vick through specific language in the contract relating compensation to conduct.

But they didn't. Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports report that Vick's deal contains "nothing other than the usual stuff," has "normal" stipulations on conduct and is "no different" than other player contracts.

Vick's Second Life

So, clearly, the Eagles weren't pressing Vick (or couldn't?) to include a pile of stipulations in the deal about his behavior off the field. Obviously that's something the Falcons wish they'd done, as it would have made recouping money much easier than actually, you know, suing Vick.

For Philly though, it might not have made any sense to do so. They clearly believe that Vick's a changed man -- and if a cynic like Prisco believes it, can you blame them? -- and the more risk for a player that's included in a contract like this, the more money that's required from a team to make said player take said risks.

If the Eagles don't believe Vick will go back to his old ways, and they quite clearly do not, then there's no reason to push the negotiating envelope on player conduct clauses.

Bonus nuggets that are interesting about Vick's contract: if he's fully paid, it's believed that his creditors will also be fully paid. That's annoying for Vick, since it means giving up a lot of $100 million, but it also means that this deal fully guarantees him freedom from bankruptcy well in advance of the timeline that was set when he left prison.

And, because Vick's making so much money, the Eagles now have the highest-paid lineman in the NFL (Jason Peters, who makes $12.8 million a year), the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL (Nnamdi Asomugha, who makes $12 million a year) and the highest paid quarterback in the NFL in Vick.

That's indicative of the Eagles willingness to spend this offseason, but give them credit -- if you're going to pick three positions to truly pay a premium price in the NFL, those three are excellent choices.

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Michael Vick's contract has no 'conduct language'

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Michael Vick's contract has no 'conduct language'

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Michael Vick's contract has no 'conduct language'

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."  -Gandhi 

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Michael Vick's contract has no 'conduct language'

To comment on Vick's past is just over with. The man made horrible mistakes and paid a huge price. He paid his debt by serving his jail time and performing community service. He is paying back the money he owes and has been a model citizen. At what point do you say the guy deserves a second chance. Can anyone truely sit here and say that they are mistake free in life. Can you say that trashing Vick's image and pointing a finger at the things he was punish for makes you feel like a better person then him. He is now also keeping the fight going to stop dog fighting which will save animals. He can't go back and change what he did and I don't like what he did. But I respect the fact he is trying to make right.

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Michael Vick's contract has no 'conduct language'

Now that Vick is getting paid again, why would he be motivated?  $40 million guaranteed?  Welcome to 8-8 and third in the division Philly.

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I'm sure he won't do anything bad, such as:

- financing an illegal interstate gambling ring
- running an illegal interstate gambling ring for six years
- fighting dogs
- killing dogs
- killing dogs in especially fun ways, like electricution and drowning
- knowingly giving a woman herpes
- sneaking marijuana on a plane
- owning a waterbottle that has a marijuana smuggling compartment
- providing a vehicle for drug dealing
- giving the double bird to kids after a game
- blew off off-season workouts
- stealing money from a pension fund
- having someone shot at his birthday party
- lied about leaving "hours" before someone was shot at his party
- being a coach killer
- being a big jerk
- hiring an agent while still in college
- Marcus Vick
- not paying back his creditors because he needs two houses (one of which was built while he was in prison)
- lying about dog fighting
- screwing over that sweet old man Arthur Blank
- missing 14 games with a 4-6 week injury - the same injury that forced him to miss only one game at Virginia Tech
- Ron Mexico
- providing a house for drug dealing (the original reason Bad Newz Kennels was raided)
- failing a drug test
- being accused of using steroids
- can't read the blitz
- can't hold onto the ball
- can't throw accuratly
- can't put touch on the ball
- can't complete the short pass
- can't audible  
- children out of wedlock
- last one in the building for practice
- first one to leave the building after practice
- cheated on his girlfriend (re: Ron Mexico incident)

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Michael Vick's contract has no 'conduct language'

I love the picture there of Vick praying that next time he won't get caught.

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