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Terrelle Pryor to appeal 5-game suspension

Posted on: September 4, 2011 11:32 am
Edited on: September 4, 2011 11:52 am

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Terrelle Pryor has notified the NFL and the NFL Player's Association that he intends to appeal the five-game suspension handed down by commissioner Roger Goodell as part of the league's decision to allow Pryor to be eligible for the supplemental draft last month, the NFL Network's Albert Breer is reporting.

If nothing else, you have to appreciate the timing. On Friday, the Colts hired Jim Tressel, Pryor's coach at Ohio State before a scandal led to Pryor leaving school and Tressel resigning, as a game-day consultant. The problem: the move was made without the approval of the league office, and according to a source, the league must give the OK before all hires become official.'s Doug Farrar tweeted Sunday morning that it was a "Smart decision by Pryor and his people to appeal five-game suspension now. NFL has to address Tressel, change the [suspension], or REALLY look bad."

As we found out with the lockout, these things are as much about right and wrong as they are about winning the public relations battle. Then again, Goodell has shown in the past that he's willing to make unpopular decisions. Steelers backup quarterback and longtime Pryor mentor, Charlie Batch, recently told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that Goodell has too much power.

"He took it to another level when he said he was going to suspend Terrelle Pryor for five games and he wasn't even in the NFL last year," he said. "How can you do that? It's not right. It's not right at all."

Pryor's Journey to Oakland

Players have also taken issue with Goodell arbitrarily meting out punishment, perhaps none more vocal in recent years than Batch's teammate, linebacker James Harrison. (More proof that there appears to be no method to Goodell's perceived madness: he didn't suspend Kenny Britt or Aqib Talib for serious and persistent offseason incidents.)

Pryor's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, said on August 24 that Pryor would not appeal the suspension. Clearly, that has changed.

Now, in addition to the Tressel situation, the league will also have to deal with Pryor appealing his five-game suspension. As for the former, PFT's Mike Florio notes that it's not a question of if the NFL will allow Tressel to work for the Colts, but when.

"In Tressel’s case, the league faces a tricky decision," Florio wrote Saturday. "Notions of fairness and consistency require the league to treat Tressel, who resigned from Ohio State under duress after admitting that he failed to share with the NCAA information regarding activities that jeopardized the eligibility of Pryor and other players, the same way that it treated Pryor. By delaying Tressel’s entry to the NFL, the league would be bolstering the perception that overt favors are now being done for the curators of the free farm system.

"The question doesn’t become relevant until the Colts submit Tressel’s contract for approval by the league office. It hasn’t happened yet. Once it does, Tressel’s fate will be in the Commissioner’s hands."

The easiest way for the league to avoid the potential PR fallout? Punish both parties in a manner than most people would deem fair. History suggests that Goodell doesn't fully understand that dynamic. Or maybe he does and he doesn't care. Either way, the commissioner now has two more things on his to-do list with the start of the season less than a week away.

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Posted on: September 4, 2011 11:29 pm

Terrelle Pryor to appeal 5-game suspension

Stick to the facts and respond in kind.  Everything you say I assume is true.  And I respond based on the facts you espoused.  You cannot counter any of my arguments so you try to discredit me.  If your business is not successful it is not because of unions and labor costs, you fail because of yourself.  If I do not make sales in my business I will not get any revenues.  I cannot blame unions and workers or Obama, or the tea party for that.  If I hire a few more telemarketers to make calls for me and it does not increase my sales then that means I made a bad investment, nobody's fault but my own. Take responsibility for your failures and congratulate those who have the talents to succeed with hard work and dedication.  Dont be a hater or a crab.  The mindset that you have is poison, and you cant defend it and when faced with it you play the sympathy card.

Since: Jul 30, 2011
Posted on: September 4, 2011 10:24 pm

Terrelle Pryor to appeal 5-game suspension

I have 28 employees. They get paid every 2 weeks. I get paid when there is money left over after everything and everyone is paid. I have 2 sales persons and both of them made more than I did last year. I could go sale for someone else tomorrow and make more than I do today. But I made a choice and a comittment to my family not to travel. Our standard of living has diminished in this short term.  I have given 28 families an income this year, and to have you make accusations like profits funneling to me tells me that you have NEVER started a business and are FOS. By the way, I am not a person of power. I actually work on the floor much of the time with my employees. You are a piece of work!!

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Posted on: September 4, 2011 9:52 pm

Terrelle Pryor to appeal 5-game suspension

Uh, if it is his "Profession" then he is not by definition an Amature athlete.


Lets be realistic, the system is broken, amateurism is a broken system that is being taken advantage of by some people to get rich.  Yet when athletes want to directly benefit with dollars like everyone else they get thrown into the restraints of a broken system(amateurism) that exploits them. 

"These guys are not playing for free. The majority are getting an education that they otherwise would not have the opportunity"

If the compensation is no longer adequate at what point should it change?  In a hundred years, when?  Colleges and institutions are making billions, your worldview would dictate that the most important worker(athlete) should get the same compensation that they received 50 years ago.   The compensation(free education for 1 year if you produce) is no longer adequate.

" The employee's can not run the business, or business will fail!! Fortunately my business is in a right to work state and not likely to being shut down by the Unions that have destroyed this country."  

cpt-atl, I knew you were the this type of person to blame the worker, and unions for what is wrong with America.  You want to go back to the early 1900s when labor was cheap and laws were lax.  But I am a small business owner and I do not see people or labor as just an expense.  Business owners need to realize that the better the American worker does the better all businesses will do, because people will spend. Unfortunately your business model does not compensate its workers for increasing profits in your business.  It all goes to you huh?  When do you let some of the profits trickle down. This is the problem that is wrong with the American economic system.  The wealth is being hoarded at the top, and the workers are getting less and less.  This model is not sustainable, and it is not the fault of unions and workers.  Next your gonna say that the minimum wage is destroying this country.  No, greed by people in power like yourself is destroying the country.  College coaches make 4-5 million a year and the athlete cant even get free movie ticket, come on get serious.  Business fails because of bad business owners, take responsibility.

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Posted on: September 4, 2011 7:15 pm

Terrelle Pryor to appeal 5-game suspension

Not exactly. They get a check every two weeks. Sometimes I do, sometimes I dont. Most young company's don't make money the first few years. February will be 3 years for mine. Accelerated depreciation helps. As the company stabilizes in a down market, growth is minimal. As the economy improves and the company grows we will see volume efficiencies that will make it more profitable. The model affords for larger labor budgets on increased volume. That budget will be paid out in bonus and incentives to top producers, not across the board pay raises. Those types of raises are good for short term moral, but in lean times will lead to lay offs. I hope the intelligent poster does not think that all business owners are rich. They carry morry stress than you can imagine as they are responsible for a lot of family's. The average person has no idea.

Since: Sep 4, 2011
Posted on: September 4, 2011 6:35 pm

Terrelle Pryor to appeal 5-game suspension

Amen brother! Never share the wealth with those who made you rich.

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Posted on: September 4, 2011 6:33 pm

Terrelle Pryor to appeal 5-game suspension

Pryor made his decision when he thought the rule would apply to all, as of right now it doesn't. I think his appeal has merit, though it might not be right.

Since: Jul 30, 2011
Posted on: September 4, 2011 5:43 pm

Terrelle Pryor to appeal 5-game suspension

If an amatuer athlete breaks rules he is then prevented from earning a living in his profession upon leaving college.


Uh, if it is his "Profession" then he is not by definition an Amature athlete.  

Even though amatuer athlete has made everybody around him a lot of money over years of playing for free, he should have another barrier to prevent him from reaping the benefits of his talent. If college football wants to become the minor leagues of the nfl then their needs to be some compensation paid to all parties involved.

These guys are not playing for free. The majority are getting an education that they otherwise would not have the opportunity. That is why the are refered to as Student/Athletes and not Amature athletes. They are getting housed and feed for 4+ years. How is that free? Some are getting a Harvard or Yale education, some are getting one from Marshall (no offense to the fine people of Marshall), is that fair?  Where do you draw the line on payments? Do student trainers get paid too? Do players at Alabama make more than players at Montana? How about the Womens Lacross team? Do they get a cut of ticket sells for their games?

Pryor CHOSE to accept the suspension in return for eligibility into the draft. If the CFL and Arena league had rules in place that he did not qualify for and they were willing to negotiate, then yes, it is there perogative. He and his handlers made a choice. They renigged on their word. You tsurge, as well as everyone else, has a choice everyday if you have not agreed to a contract. If you dont like what you are being paid, then you can quit and go work for someone else or yourself. My business has had to let good people move on because they excelled in their positions and wanted more money. We have a labor budget. If we can pay them more and stay within that budget, we will. Otherwise we wish them luck, promote someone else into that position and bring in an entry level replacement. That is how real business works.  The employee's can not run the business, or business will fail!! Fortunately my business is in a right to work state and not likely to being shut down by the Unions that have destroyed this country.  

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Posted on: September 4, 2011 5:40 pm
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Posted on: September 4, 2011 5:35 pm

Terrelle Pryor to appeal 5-game suspension

Um, real quick, but does this 5 game suspension include missing practice?
if you dont know what the suspension is and whats included why are you even posting your input on it? if you would read or turn on a sportscenter even once a week you would know that it includes practice and wont be at practice with the team for the 5 weeks. please inform yourself if you are going to post instead of being clueless

Since: Jun 14, 2008
Posted on: September 4, 2011 5:34 pm

Terrelle Pryor to appeal 5-game suspension

Pryor should not be in the NFL. He should not have been allowed in the suplemental draft. He needs to get a clue as to where he is at, be thankful for what he has and move forward in 5 weeks after the suspension. It is no different than being on the PUP list at the beginning of the season. If the Raiders need him now, they will still need him then.

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