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Owens: DeSean should 'absolutely not' play Sunday

Posted on: September 7, 2011 10:56 am
Posted by Will Brinson

Once upon a time, Terrell Owens -- unemployed potential Hall of Famer -- was a wide receiver for the Eagles who wanted a new contract. If the latter part of that sounds familiar, it should, because it's basically DeSean Jackson these days, even down to the fact that both men are repped by Drew Rosenhaus.

The difference is that Jackson, despite a brief holdout, has been less vocal than Owens in wanting a deal (which may be why the Eagles recently said it was doable). But that's not going to stop Owens from giving him some advice and telling him not to show up for work.

"Absolutely not," Owens told 97.5 The Fanatic on Tuesday when asked if he'd take the field Week 1 if he were Jackson. "I would have to better myself and my family and my situation. That’s ridiculous."

If there's one thing we know about Owens, it's that he's unafraid to speak his mind. If there's another thing we know, it's that he's willing to make a stink about a contract.

But if there's one thing Drew Rosenhaus knows about the Eagles, it's that they don't care how smelly you get over a new deal.

And Owens knows that and pointed out that Jackson was probably told "to go in there, be a man about it and play under the existing contract that he has." Which, clearly, Jackson has been told to do. Otherwise he wouldn't be there.

"But I guarantee you — if he goes out and gets hurt, God forbid, he’s not going to get the contract that he probably would have gotten if he held out," Owens added.

This is also true. If Jackson is seriously injured and doesn't have a big season, he will not make as much money as he would have if he made the Pro Bowl as a returner and a receiver. Again.

No one disputes this, so it's surprising that Owens thinks he's breaking ground with such an opinion -- injuries are not good for contract negotiations. They never have been, and they never will be.

And while Jackson might be putting himself at risk, the real advice he should glean from Owens comes from simply seeing what happened when the last big-time receiver in Philadelphia refused to play without more money.

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Since: Jul 11, 2011
Posted on: September 7, 2011 1:23 pm

Owens: DeSean should 'absolutely not' play Sunday

 The Eagles will get him signed and it will happen this season. They will not use the franchise tag on him. Getting Vick signed was a big step to making that happen. The Eagles,yes my favorite team, do not play those games with players. D Jack is a huge part of our offense and will get payed that way. But he needs to understand as Rosenhaus has started to with the birds, that you holdout they let you walk, and I have seen it a ton of times, Trotter, Clements, Dawkins, etc.... the player doesnt always make the system, Soemtimes the system makes the player. So D-Jack not that you give a shit what I think but keep doing what you are doing, play the game like you have been playng it, you will get paid.  

Since: Aug 24, 2008
Posted on: September 7, 2011 1:06 pm

Owens: DeSean should 'absolutely not' play Sunday

LOL I know T.O is just too funny

Since: Sep 14, 2006
Posted on: September 7, 2011 12:50 pm

Owens: DeSean should 'absolutely not' play Sunday

Fellow Bolthead, TO is not playing for anyone because of injury (blew out a knee). If he were healthy, I'm sure he would have gotten a sniff from someone.  No sense signing a guy that you know won't play until late November or December.

You comment is a bit off the mark.

Since: Sep 28, 2006
Posted on: September 7, 2011 12:18 pm

Owens: DeSean should 'absolutely not' play Sunday

You tell him Terrell Owens.

Yo T.O. who are you playing for right now?

Ooooooh Yeaaaa

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