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Tramon Williams only has a shoulder bruise

Posted on: September 9, 2011 5:10 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

There wasn't much from Thursday night's 42-34 victory over New Orleans that should make the Packers unhappy. But a potential injury to Tramon Williams -- the cornerback was helped off the field, holding his arm and grimacing painfully -- would certainly take some luster off the win.

Good news, then, for Green Bay, as it appears that Williams only suffered a bruised shoulder.

"It was positive from what we thought. Tramon's a Pro Bowl-caliber football player," McCarthy said, per Bill Huber of Packer Report. "He allows us to play certain ways."

You really can't classify how important the development of Williams as an elite cornerback in 2010 was. Not only did he make some huge plays, but when the Packers line up in Dom Capers' funky defensive formations, Williams being able to lock down opposing wide receivers so Charles Woodson can do his roving thing is absolutely crucial.

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Also, Williams is just, you know, really good. A step back for him in 2011 and/or an injury would be a serious problem. Fortunately the Packers avoided it. In other Packers news, Randall Cobb apparently got really, really, really lucky last night.

Not only did he run the wrong route on his touchdown reception, but he definitely did not have Mike McCarthy's permission to take the ball out of the end zone when he returned it for a touchdown.

"I just trust in God, he told me to bring it out," Cobb said. "I'm NOT supposed to bring that out. I'm NOT. Some things are just illogical and some other things are just the power of God."

Far be it from me to question the power of the Big Guy but, um, Randall, dude, you should probably slow your roll on letting your higher power dictate what you do on the football field. Otherwise you're gonna end up on the bench faster than Aaron Rodgers can hit your back shoulder.

In fact, Cobb would absolutely be in the doghouse today were it not for the broken tackle on the 25-yard-line that allowed him to spin out and take off for the end zone.

"Thank God you can't hear what we say on those headsets," McCarthy said. "Because I wasn't cheering for him until he spun out of that tackle on the 25."

So, yeah, while it's awesome that the Big Guy got Cobb into the end zone, he needs to remember that even "He" doesn't have control over the Packers depth chart.

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Tramon Williams only has a shoulder bruise

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Tramon Williams only has a shoulder bruise

My only question is "Where is God in a player's mind when they suck?" It's a rarity when a player does poorly that he says "It was in God's plan for me to suck today." Cobb gets a free pass because he scored and he's a wide-eyed rookie, but that shizzle isn't gonna happen every week.

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Tramon Williams only has a shoulder bruise

PackerBacker112, would you rather have him swear using God's name?  Would that be more acceptable?  Come on, it is an important part of his life.  He has high character, let him express it that way.

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Tramon Williams only has a shoulder bruise

I am a Packer fan but I am sorry Mr. Cobb..."God" did not tell you was your ego that told you.  Glad you ran it back but it could have just as easily been starting at the 15 yard line.  I really wish proffesional atheletes wous stop using the God thing when talking about their sport.

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