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Report: NFLPA agreed to let NFL punish 8 players

Posted on: September 24, 2011 5:11 pm
Edited on: September 24, 2011 5:36 pm
Talib and Britt were two of the eight names on the NFL's suspension list. (AP/Getty Images)

Posted by Ryan Wilson

Earlier this week, the NFL suspended Bengals running back Cedric Benson for three games for player-conduct violations that happened during the lockout. It seemed peculiar that Benson would face sanctions while Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib and Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt -- two players who found plenty of trouble this offseason -- had avoided NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's wrath.

Turns out, Talib and Britt aren't in the clear yet. According to's Jason Cole, "Talib, Benson and Britt are among eight players who the NFL and the NFL Players Association agreed could be suspended under the league’s personal conduct policy for incidents during the NFL lockout."

The other names, according to two sources: Albert Haynesworth, Clark Haggans, Brandon Underwood, Johnny Jolly and Adam "Pacman" Jones.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello declined to discuss the report with NFLPA spokesman George Atallah said in an email that “I don’t believe any of those players received any discipline, correct?” but Cole writes that Atallah didn't answer when pressed about the NFLPA's involvement.

But Atallah tweeted Sunday that "[S]tory that De(Maurice Smith)/NFLPA agreed to a list of players being disciplined for stuff during lockout is false." Which prompted's Mike Florio to tweet in response, "@GeorgeAtallah..., George, I have the letter. De's signature is on it. He agrees to allow 8 players to be disciplined."

During a July radio appearance, former NFL safety Darren Sharper was asked whether Steelers linebacker James Harrison should be suspended for disparaging comments he made about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, even though those comments were made during the lockout. Sharper said the NFL Players Association "would have an issue if (Harrison) were suspended or fined."

While Harrison wasn't one of the eight players listed above, we're guessing Sharper's general point still holds: the NFL's overreaching its authority when it starts disciplining players during a lockout.'s Florio wrote in July that "one source with general knowledge of the dynamics recently suggested that Goodell and NFLPA* executive director DeMaurice Smith already have come to an understanding on the point."

Two months later, that now appears to be the case.

Florio added: "But we’ll have trouble understanding any understanding that allows the NFL to punish players for arrests occurring during the lockout. Indeed, a decision by the NFLPA* to expose players retroactively to responsibility for violations of the personal conduct policy could open the door for a fairly potent lawsuit alleging breach of the duty of fair representation, which could open a fairly significant can of worms given that the labor deal will have been negotiated at a time when, technically, the NFLPA* has the power to represent no one."

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Report: NFLPA agreed to let NFL punish 8 players

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Report: NFLPA agreed to let NFL punish 8 players

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Report: NFLPA agreed to let NFL punish 8 players

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Report: NFLPA agreed to let NFL punish 8 players

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Report: NFLPA agreed to let NFL punish 8 players

unfair standard dude if I got arrested I can gaurentee I would lose my job and a lot more.  They aren't being held to a higher standard its the normal thing for anyone, break the law and get punished.  You dont want to get punished do be stupid and get arrested.

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Report: NFLPA agreed to let NFL punish 8 players

Yes this seems very cut and dry. The NFL is just waiting for an outcome to these guys legal issue's then suspending them. For Cedric Benson this is his third arrest and second arrest that has located him at or near a bar/club, and  alcohol was involved. And the idiot that says Plaxico Burress was never suspended, that is incorrect. He was suspended for the final 4 regular season and any playoff games the year he shot himself. So in fact for his first criminal arrest in his life ever he recieved more of a suspension then a guy that has a multiple arrest record. And Burress spent years in prison. So really Burress was screwed hard for someone who had been a lawbiding citizen, and made 1 mistake. Benson has had 2 offenses that required jail time and only did 2 days on his second offense. The first time they gave him time served, the excuse was the jail was overcrowded. Now that is what i call BS. Benson should be suspended for 10 games not just 3.  

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Report: NFLPA agreed to let NFL punish 8 players

"rapistberger" crap is getting old get over it idiot.

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Report: NFLPA agreed to let NFL punish 8 players

In a related story, RogHERR GODell will be scheduling NFL players for suspensions, in alphabetical order, for infractions that they may or may not commit in the future. This plan, known as the "Short Hairs" program, will deduct "pre-offense" fines from all players on a yearly basis. The league plans to use these fines to (A) Pay the salaries of even more idiots to come up with even more stupid ideas. (B) Finance the re-election campaigns of their lawmaker friends who make it legal for ownership to continue to screw the players (and all our nations's employees) so effectively, (C) Create a fund from which to pay these lawmakers a "yearly consultancy fee" for life, beginning at the end of their congressional term, and (D) Create a "scapegoat fund" from which NFLPA leaders will be paid for overlooking their duties to the players by turning over for punishment an "undetermined number" of "possible offenders" (definition tbd) on a yearly basis. This agreement will be binding for the next 5 CBAs, and at any time, the league can change any or all clauses in the agreement, after which the NFLPA will have 24 hours to re-negotiate any of the league's changes, after which the league's new changes remain in effect for the duration of the agreement. Godell concluded his assesment of the program by saying "This agreement will allow the league to at least break even. It was necessary in order to save the game of football; it is good for the fans, the players and the league." Apparently, Jerry Jones told Godell a good joke at that time, because Godell stumbled briskly from the podium, laughing uncontrollably and high-fiving the Cowboy's owner as they disappeared behind the curtain.

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Report: NFLPA agreed to let NFL punish 8 players

Or stop holding players to an unfair standard.

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