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Plax: Tiki 'better than half the backs' in NFL

Posted on: September 30, 2011 1:02 pm
Edited on: September 30, 2011 3:45 pm
Posted by Will Brinson

A few years ago, Tiki Barber and Plaxico Burress were teammates. This summer, they found themselves together in the rare "left the game, got older and returned as free agents after being released by their old team for obvious reasons" category of players.

As we all know, Plax got signed (by the Jets) and Tiki landed just one tryout (with the Dolphins). The lack of interest in Tiki cemented what seemed obvious: he's too old to play running back in the NFL. As it turns out, though, his buddy Plax disagrees.

"It's crazy," Burress said to the New York Post about Barber not getting run with a team. "He's better than half the backs in the league."

OK, that's just wrong. Like, factually incorrect -- there are 90 running backs that have one or more carries this season. Guys who are listed lower than 45 (half!) include Steven Jackson, Darren Sproles and Arian Foster.

Tiki Barber is, quite clearly, not better than any of them.

The real problem is that Burress probably remembers Barber as the guy he played with back in New York, and not the guy who's been out of football for a few years and is now 36, an unacceptable age for a starting running back in the NFL.

Additionally, Burress doesn't seem to be taking into account the fact that Tiki is a) looking for money, so he'll be relatively expensive and b) a huge danger to be a locker-room distraction.

Oh yeah -- also on that list above? Larry Johnson. Who because the Dolphins signed him not once, but twice -- instead of bringing Barber in -- serves as perfect proof that Tiki's time is done in the NFL.

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Plax: Tiki 'better than half the backs' in NFL

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Plax: Tiki 'better than half the backs' in NFL

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Plax: Tiki 'better than half the backs' in NFL

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Plax: Tiki 'better than half the backs' in NFL

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Plax: Tiki 'better than half the backs' in NFL

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Plax: Tiki 'better than half the backs' in NFL

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Plax: Tiki 'better than half the backs' in NFL

anyone remember why the Giants won the super bowl a couple years ago?

they got rid of 2 of the worst clubhouse influences in pro sports.....

Tiki barber and jERMEY SHOCKEY.........Giants were SO much better after those two jerks left!

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Posted on: September 30, 2011 2:03 pm

Plax: Tiki 'better than half the backs' in NFL

AFC Running backs (tandems are listed as such)
AFC East- Woodhead/Ellis, Thomas, Jackson, Green/Tomlinson
AFC West- McFadden, Charles, Matthews/Tolbert, McGahee
AFC North- Benson, Hillis, Rice, Mendenhall
AFC South- Johnson, Addai, Foster, MJD


NFC East - Jacobs/Bradshaw, Jones, McCoy, Hightower
NFC West - Lynch, Gore, Jackson, Wells
NFC North - Forte, Grant, Best, Peterson
NFC South - Turner, Ingram, Blount, Williams/Stewart

Obviously I am not accounting for injuries. Maybe KC will need him, but I don't see one back on this list that right now isn't better then Tiki (not Tiki in his prime, Tiki right now).

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Posted on: September 30, 2011 1:17 pm

Plax: Tiki 'better than half the backs' in NFL

Tiki is a great example of why you shouldn't be arrogant and burn bridges everywhere you go.  If he was a great teammate and a nice guy that just hit some sort of misfortune more teams would be willing to atleast bring him on as a mentor or RB coach.

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