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Simms doesn't know if Rex can alleviate pressure

Posted on: October 6, 2011 10:47 pm
M. Sanchez got crushed during the Baltimore game (US Presswire).

Posted by Josh Katzowitz

The Jets have the most important game of their young season this Sunday when they travel to New England to face the Patriots. Lose, and they’re 2-3, stuck behind the Patriots and the Bills (and maybe in not that exact order!) in the AFC East with about 1/3 of the season gone. Win, and they give New England their second loss and, if the Bills lose, New York would join a three-way tie for first place.

But with the way the Jets were embarrassed last Sunday vs. the Ravens, is there really a reason to believe they can recover to beat New England? Can Rex Ryan save the day?

“I don’t know if he can take the pressure off his team this week,” said “NFL on CBS” lead analyst Phil Simms, who will be covering the New England-New York game. “Everything has changed.  He’s in a scenario now that he has never been in since he’s been a head coach.  It will be interesting to see how they approach the game and what their overall philosophy will be for this game.  How is Rex going to manage it?  Do they still think they’re going to open up the offense and be a throwing team?  Or are they going to go back -- it’s hard to switch in mid-season?  It can’t be cured in one week.  They just have to get the ship going in the right direction this week.”

One problem with the Jets opening up the offense with the pass is that quarterback Mark Sanchez was dominated by Baltimore last week.

In the Jets 34-17 loss, Sanchez was 11 of 35 for 119 yards and an interception and seemingly was put on the ground after every play. But this week Ryan promised a return to the ground-and-pound game, which will take pressure off Sanchez and make New York much less one-dimensional.

“When your offensive line is in trouble, your quarterback is going to be directly affected by how many times he gets hit, and that shows in his performance,” Simms said. “ Look at what he did against the Baltimore Ravens.  If you go back and dissect that game, there were probably nine throwaways, minimum, and at least six throws he had no idea where he was throwing because he was getting hit upside the head at the same time.  I’m not exonerating him from everything, but you surely can’t judge what he’s doing based on what he was presented against the Baltimore Ravens.”

Simms makes a good point about New York’s offensive line. With Colin Baxter struggling at center to replace Nick Mangold – who is slated to return this week – and with Vladimir Ducasse in the game, New York couldn’t stop Baltimore’s front seven from doing whatever it wanted, whenever it wanted vs. the Jets.

“In the NFL, when there is a weakness in your offensive line, it doesn’t hurt your offense, it hurts your whole football team,” Simms said. “It hurts your quarterback, the receivers, the running backs, the situations your defense plays in.  Right now, the Jets have a few obstacles to overcome. “

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Simms doesn't know if Rex can alleviate pressure

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Simms doesn't know if Rex can alleviate pressure

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Simms doesn't know if Rex can alleviate pressure

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Simms doesn't know if Rex can alleviate pressure

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Simms doesn't know if Rex can alleviate pressure

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Simms doesn't know if Rex can alleviate pressure

Why does the media keep making excuses for Sanchez?  Lots of QBs take more hits and have no time and they don't perform like Sanchez did.  Vick gets tackled on HANDOFFS but doesn't go into a shell like Sanchez did.  Romo has been absolutely BLASTED by defenders with a clear path and a full head start, but he gets up and continues to perform.  Guys like Rodgers and Brees constantly have a guy on them, but they escape the pressure and get the ball out quickly.  Peyton has rarely had a great O-line but he just gets the ball out so fast that he doesn't get hit.

There are so many of these examples if you actually watch football.  Flacco was getting pressure too that game and sucked, but people aren't making excuses, they just admit he sucks.  Sanchez (and Flacco) are not NFL QBs.  The sooner their franchises figure this out and move on the better it is for them.  No excuse for Sanchez' performance.  There is a difference between having a ton of pressure preventing you from playing a good game, and there is just being clueless and giving up.  Sanchez gave up.  I wouldn't want a QB like him on my team.  Honestly I'd have seriously considered cutting him after that, he's a little boy in a man's game.  Absolutely gutless performance.

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