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Revis hangs up on radio show, Jets apologize

Posted on: October 21, 2011 5:14 pm
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

It’s the non-penalty call that just won’t go away, and Darrelle Revis is still being asked questions about it. Until, you know, he hangs up on his interviewer on the advice of his PR man.

If you watched last Monday night’s game between the Jets and the Dolphins, you saw Miami quarterback Matt Moore hit Revis in the numbers before Revis took the pick-6 100 yards to the opposite end zone.

And ESPN made sure to air plenty of replays before Moore released the ball that showed Revis and Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall making contact with each other, Marshall falling to the turf and Revis making the easy interception.

Analyst Jon Gruden immediately (and repeatedly) said a pass interference penalty should have been called, and at the time, I also thought it was evident there was some illegal contact.

Judge for yourself:

Revis has been adamant that he didn’t interfere with Marshall, and today on the Mike Francesa radio show on WFAN in New York, Revis got mad enough where Jets PR decided it was best if he just end the interview immediately and hang up the phone.

See the interview below (it gets heated about the 5:00 mark):

From the very beginning of the interview, after Francesa, when introducing his guest, said Revis was the only member of the Jets organization who liked him, Francesa asked him about the Marshall play. “You mugged him, didn’t you?” Francesa almost immediately said. “Said Revis: “That’s what’s everybody thinks.” Later, he said, “I did not mug Brandon Marshall.”

They moved on to other topics for a few minutes, but the conversation was steered back to the Marshall non-penalty.

Revis explained that Marshall was tripping, and Francesa laughed at the notion, asking how Marshall’s jersey wound up in Revis’ hand. Even though Revis brought up the always-stupid “Do you know football?” thing and the conversation seemed somewhat joking, it then got heated.

From part of the transcript (via CBS New York):
“You are still the only one in the world who doesn’t think that was a penalty,” said Francesa.

“I don’t care!” said Revis, who was on the verge of getting very upset. “I don’t care what everybody thinks! I don’t care what you think, I don’t care what the whole world thinks."

“You’re good at interviewing,” he said.  “I’m good at what I do. Just leave it at that!”

As Revis’ voice rose, Jets PR man Jared Winley instructed Revis to hang up the phone, and, though Francesa was shocked by the intrusion, Revis did exactly that.

Later, Winley apologized, saying in a statement (via the New York Daily News):"In my judgement (sic), given the tone of the interview, I should have asked Mike to move on to another topic, instead of instructing Darrelle to hang up the phone. That was an error on my part. I've called Mike's producer and I apologized."

All in all, not a good day for anybody involved in the interview. Except, of course, for Mike Francesa.

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Revis hangs up on radio show, Jets apologize

You can still put a comment here?

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Francesa hangs up on Jets, Radio Show Apologizes


MF was wrong, here's why:

MF 'the only Jet that will come on my show and talk to me'

MF 'the best defensive player in the NFL'

MF 'the defensive player of the week in the NFL'

MF 'DR your 100 yard interception return should have never happened because you committed a penalty, even though it wasn't called a penalty by the official'

That is BS in any rational persons view, he showed himself to be a hater and bafoon.  MF let his ego get in the way of a good interview, again the media always wants to make the story about them and not about the sport, the player, the team or the event.  The media always feels compelled to thrust themselves into the story.  

The lines have blurred, are you the audience or the actor, this was truly the 'theatre of the absurd'

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Revis hangs up on radio show, Jets apologize

Gruden and Francesa should team up with "Mike and Mike", aka, "Dumb and Dumber in the morning".  When they interview Me-Shawn, Gruden could say, "This Guys the best WR ever!!" and Golic and Green-Pimple would agree, then Francesa could interrupt and ask Me-Shawn about "the flashlight- Waybe Chrebet", and Me-Shawn would hang up on him. The Green-Pimple would begin reading a Subway commercial.  

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Revis hangs up on radio show, Jets apologize

Wow, Gruden said it was a penalty. He's not too over the top. "This guys" the best, "that guys the best", everyone is the best at their position to Gruden
 Gruden is the character everyone says he is. Instead of chopping up co-eds, he chops up the English language. I'm glad ESPN re-signed him to a 5-year deal since I never watch their MNF(unless the Jets play) and when I do(Jets games only) it's with the sound off.

I say hook him up with that other mangler of English, Keyshawn Johnson. Didn't Chuckie put him in his doghouse, then cut him?

This just in...

ESPN killed the MNF franchise.

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Revis hangs up on radio show, Jets apologize

Watched both the replay and the interview. As for the play it was incidental contact, which is initiated by Marshall. Marshall trips over his ownself and runs into Revis. Revis holds on to Marshall's jersey for a moment, and look to me he altered Marshall's route. It was a good no call. When you have incidental contact the refs shouldn't throw a flag, which they didn't. As for the interview I don't mind the interviewer having an opinion that differs from the interviewee, but generally speaking when it comes to sports interviews it should somewhat benign unless you're trying to do some real investigative reporting. That's not what radio talk shows are designed for. Francesa came across as rude and condescending. He should have let it go. I'm not sure why he would want to discredit Revis on the play, especially since the Jets are on of the hometown teams. No wonder no players from the Jets organization want to talk with Francesa. Revis may have wanted to use another tact, but I bet you he learned from that one.
 2 points...

1) Spot on post!

2) Staubach does rock. IMO, a top 5 all-time QB, only trailing Montana, Elway and Unitas. If he didn't miss 5 years, he may have been #2.

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Revis hangs up on radio show, Jets apologize

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Revis hangs up on radio show, Jets apologize

Are you sure it was the Westies?  I can't believe you anymore because you've proven to be ignorant.  Maybe it was the Scotties, or Pomeranians, or Chihuahuas.  They are all equally scary sounding when compared to Westies.  Maybe you're confusing something you saw at the Westminster dog show.   It's hard to know because none of your facts are right.

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