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Jackson upset by officials' treatment of Raiders

Posted on: November 21, 2011 10:14 am
H. Jackson has a problem with the officials who are on his games (US Presswire).Posted by Josh Katzowitz

As per usual, the Raiders lead the league in penalties. Coming off their 12-flag, 117-yard day against the Vikings, the Raiders have amassed 114 penalties and 892 yards on the season, and that works out to an average of 11.4 for 89.2 per game -- much higher than Raiders opponents, who average 7.2 for 57.9.

That makes Oakland coach Hue Jackson mad, and after his team’s 27-21 win against Minnesota, he let loose, possible league fines be damned.

It’s not just that the Raiders are heavily penalized, he said. It’s the way Jackson feels the referees are treating him.

"I understand that I am a rookie coach and maybe I don't get all the calls," he said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. "But there is no way some of the things that happened should happen.

"Sometimes I would get talked to as if they didn't know what I was asking. I just don't think it was fair. I asked several times for explanations and wouldn't get them. ... We can't get the ref over here when there is a break in the action, but he is over there on the other bench having conversations with them. I have a hard time with that."

A couple of calls Jackson might have been angry about Sunday included personal foul flags on Tommy Kelly and Aaron Curry, as well as a situation where the officials had to change a fourth down to a third down for the Vikings because of an oversight that occurred two plays earlier on the drive.

Jackson says he’ll call the league about the matter today.

"I want us to have the same opportunity that everyone else has in this league,” Jackson said.

Or, at the very least, he just wants somebody to listen.

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Since: Sep 20, 2006
Posted on: November 22, 2011 11:48 am

Jackson upset by officials' treatment of Raiders

Is it merely a coincidence that teams with black coaches seem to get penalized much more often?  I know the Raiders have long had a reputation, but it seems that this year they have had many ticky tack calls go against them that would not be called on other teams.  The Vikings were never known for being a heavily penalized team until Frazier took the helm.  It seems unlikely that black coaches are all undisciplined...logic dictates that something is up.  Tampa Bay was not penalized as much when Gruden was coaching as now with Morris at the helm.  I'm not making any accusations...for all I know, Morris is just lax on his discipline...but it is note worthy and a fair question to ask and something to think about...Tampa was not penalty heavy, but some might not consider Tony Dungy all that black(joke, I'm black). 

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Posted on: November 22, 2011 10:16 am

Jackson upset by officials' treatment of Raiders

Been saying it for years that the officiation sucks. This last week game between Tampabay and Greenbay was really bad. Josh Frreeman was horse collard attempting to throw the ball to take the lead.  I mean come on it was obvious if the ref were even looking at the QB that he was being pulled down from behind.  Doesnt an official have the duty to watch the qbs backside.  Also in that game Driver wrapped up the defender in the endzone and then acted like it was the defenders fought and drew a penalty on the defender.  Greenbay is a bunch of actors not actually a good football team.  In the bears game a San Diego reciever caught the ball in the endzone but by the time he was done the ball was next to him on the ground but was called a touchdown, you cant have different rules for different teams. oh yeah go back and watch were Jay Cutler gets his thumb broken #56 has him by the facemask shaking his head back and forth no peanalty. The officials suck.  Grerenbay is always treated like they do nothing wrong or they cause the penalty  and act like it was the others guy fault.  There must be a great acting school up there in Greenbay.  Put in real refs not on the take and Greenbay would not be undefeated right now.

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Posted on: November 22, 2011 7:42 am

Jackson upset by officials' treatment of Raiders

Sorry Hue (btw, what do you call yours?) but you can't have it both ways. You come out early in the season declaring that you're "building a bully" yet you cry when refs are influenced by the statement. Maybe you need to keep your pie hole shut and just let your players play? Oh yeah, you're like your fans - you can't stop running your mouth about your team's delusionary greatness. Your team will be one and done in the playoffs, like mine was for so many years.

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Posted on: November 21, 2011 11:30 pm

Jackson upset by officials' treatment of Raiders

Coach Jackson has hit upon a pet peev of mine, NFL officials. The NFL makes an incredible amount of money. So why can't they invest in FULL-TIME officials? 40-55 year old, professional people? Bankers, Stock Brokers, Teachers and on and on. The game is almost to fast for some of the players, let alone refs that have been getting run over this year, at a record pace. Why? Because they are either to slow to get out of the way, or they aren't processing information fast enough to get into the proper position. Watch a football game this week, and when you see a run by a running back that goes downfield, watch where he gets tackled or most often goes out of bounds. Then watch where the refs place the ball, the two are almost always different, sometimes by more than a yard or two. Another part to watch is when it's 3rd or 4th and 1, they seem to have no clue where to mark the ball. I don't know if they can't see, are blocked from seeing. But their guesswork, is going to cost a team bigtime.

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Posted on: November 21, 2011 8:05 pm

Jackson upset by officials' treatment of Raiders

This is what the Raider Nation goes through every year! This year is worse because of the way they are just giving these very poor football teams a chance to stay in the game! Oakland gets hit with a personal foul blow to Christian Ponders head! Everyone seen it was to his shoulder! Personal foul for hitting a defenseless receiver when the player has the ball and running up feild what are we supose to let them run 15 yards before hitting them? Then the best was a pesonal foul blow to the head about 5 plays after Darrius gets whammed in the back of the head and carted of the feild on a stretcher!! NO CALL!! Accident or not it is a blow to the head!!! Refs need to start getting fine heavily for crap calls!!! ONE NATION RAIDER NATION!!!

Since: Nov 21, 2011
Posted on: November 21, 2011 7:15 pm

Jackson upset by officials' treatment of Raiders

Question:  With regards to the officiating, which stadium can you travel to and still have "home field advantage"?

Answer:  Oakland Coliseum.

It's proven. Can't be denied.

Since: Nov 21, 2011
Posted on: November 21, 2011 6:32 pm

Jackson upset by officials' treatment of Raiders

If I could spell,I would be dangerous ! IMAGE damn!

Since: Nov 21, 2011
Posted on: November 21, 2011 6:29 pm

Jackson upset by officials' treatment of Raiders

You cannot watch a game involving the Raiders without realizing something is different than watching ANY othe NFL game. If you cannot be objective on this subject,then it does not matter anyway. Every teams wants to become MORE physical when playing the Raiders and they are allowed to do that. But if a Raider player matches that type of play...they are deemed to be un-nessesarily rough and penalized. Imagine? maybe. But the days of that imagine HAS been matched over the years..ex Ray Lweis(Balt) Willis (SF)....The Raiders used to look and get those type of players in many years past,and like everything the Raiders seem to be the pioneer of,,,the other teams have long caught up and in cases exceeded that rough physical intimidating type of play. And its to every coaches advantage to continue to be in the "ear" of the officials to remind them of the Raiders rep.(Marty Schotenhiemer)(KC) and the list will keep going strong as long as a referee or league cannot be objective or smart enough to call a game with out pre-concieved ideas of one teams imagine one way or the other. Every team gets bad calls during the coarse of a game so every fan can relate and gripe about those calls....but just try watching a Oakland game once...they say you can call holding on every play if you want to...well how about calling 12 ,13 14 penalties on one team and oh say ...4 or 5 on the other....I'm not buying it before or now...the Raider teams are NOT that much more "un-disciplined" than any other team...its just been too easy to look at the penalties called and say "see"?  Hue Jackson as every right and reason to ask for answers to questionable calls and attitudes. All ya gotta do is watch .

Since: Oct 11, 2006
Posted on: November 21, 2011 5:14 pm

Jackson upset by officials' treatment of Raiders

Every Team has its fair share of bad calls, it's part of the game.

The biggest problem now is the personal fouls and "illegal hits" being called which are clean TEXTBOOK Hits.

If the NFL wants to mimick the Ladies Lingerie League, they are doing a heck of a job.

Since: Apr 3, 2007
Posted on: November 21, 2011 4:52 pm

Jackson upset by officials' treatment of Raiders

I agree - the defenseless receiver call was a travesty. You have a WR catch the ball, and "make a football move" by turning upfield with it - he just happened to turn right into a defender, who rightfully clocked him. That's absolutely and 100% NOT "defenseless receiver" - that's a legal tackle on a WR after the catch. Yet the Raiders got hit with a 15 yard personal on that? What an utter joke.

Even the guys calling the game from the booth said, "he made a football move, I don't even know what they're calling any more". That tells you everything. 

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