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Scobee and Jackson in Twitter disagreement

Posted on: November 22, 2011 8:28 pm
Posted by Josh Katzowitz

You could understand why Eagles fans -- not to mention the team’s coach -- would be upset by DeSean Jackson these past few weeks.

After all, he slept through a Saturday special teams meeting, leading Andy Reid to bench him in Week 10, and then last week, after making a 50-yard reception, he flipped the ball to Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell, drawing a personal foul penalty and losing the entire gain.

But you know the moment you’ve really crossed the line? When another team’s kicker comes at you sideways on Twitter.

Scobee tweet

On Sunday, after Jackson’s ball presentation to Fewell, Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee tweeted the following: “Desean Jackson is a punk. #growuputinybastard.” To further clarify his thoughts, Scobee then wrote: “Relax people. He’s just a punk which means to me he doesn’t respect anyone or anything around him. Therefore I don’t respect him.”

On Tuesday, Jackson finally got around to responding, and he didn’t take to Scobee’s opinion all that kindly, writing, “This man @joshscobee is Waaaaaaay outta LIne!! Stick to ya Own business.. Mind ya own!! I don't respect what u sayin.. Lil Boi status.”

Jackson tweet

As the Big Lead points out, the tale of the tape if the two ever got into the boxing ring favors Scobee, who’s 6-foot-1 and 192 pounds compared to Jackson’s 5-10, 175-pound frame.

On Monday, Scobee backtracked by writing, "Shouldn't have called Desean Jackson that, I used the wrong words to try and make my point."

Maybe in order to settle this, Scobee could attempt really long field goals, and if they fall short, Jackson could attempt to run them back for touchdowns. Other than that, this is just a good ol’ Twitter feud that, unlike Osi Umenyiora vs. LeSean McCoy, is likely to end sooner rather than later.

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Since: Sep 29, 2008
Posted on: November 25, 2011 7:37 am

Scobee and Jackson in Twitter disagreement

Retarded? 2011 Bro wake yo ass up. I hope God sees fit to bless you with a Special Needs child. Then you'll know why retarded to describe a football player with a fine IQ is despicable. Yes, despicable. Smarten up because Karma has a long memory and will be coming...

Since: Jan 31, 2011
Posted on: November 25, 2011 2:32 am

Scobee and Jackson in Twitter disagreement

and i thought chris johnson was retarded. d-jack here is hood rat lol

Since: Mar 23, 2009
Posted on: November 25, 2011 1:14 am

Scobee and Jackson in Twitter disagreement

Well, Jackson is a punk.  An overrated punk who's obviously taken a few too many to the head.  I'd kinda love to see the kicker knock his lights out.  He'd go down as one of the greatest turkeys in turkey history.

Since: Nov 6, 2006
Posted on: November 25, 2011 12:02 am

Scobee and Jackson in Twitter disagreement

Jackson butchered the English language.

Since: Nov 24, 2011
Posted on: November 24, 2011 11:34 pm

Scobee and Jackson in Twitter disagreement

D. Jackson is extremely talented and has teh blue boy's number. He beat you punks with one of the most incredible punt returns in NFL history last year and he kicked your As$es again last week.  And yout G-boys are goiing nowhere,  THey will be lucky to finish 9-7

Since: Jul 30, 2008
Posted on: November 24, 2011 11:31 pm

Scobee and Jackson in Twitter disagreement

When was the last time the Eagles won a title???

Since: Nov 24, 2011
Posted on: November 24, 2011 11:27 pm

Scobee and Jackson in Twitter disagreement

Hey ciciahoy! You appear to be a typical loser Giants fan.  Let's face it.  D. Jackson is a very talented player who single-handedy beat yor boys of blue with that punt return last year.  And he almost did the same thing again last week. Boo-hoo!  He threw the ball at my loser dfenseive coach!  He is so bad. Just focus on your boys in blue who will lose to the Saints and the Packers and at least once to the Cowgirls and loser coughlin will yet again flounder in Nov/Dec.  LOOOOOOOUUUUUUU-ZER

Since: Jul 30, 2008
Posted on: November 24, 2011 11:07 pm

Scobee and Jackson in Twitter disagreement

Trust me I would not be afraid of that pencil neck prick from California. There's millions of Giants fans in NY who would give him a piece of their mind if he ever walked down a NYC street, which I KNOW he aint man enough to do. My anger with him is from years of watching him be a punk on the football field, which he topped this past sunday with his antagonizing of the crowd before plays and tossing a football at Fewell.

Since: Oct 30, 2011
Posted on: November 24, 2011 10:03 pm

Scobee and Jackson in Twitter disagreement

As a giants season ticket holder I am a leader in the "Jackson is a punk" fan club. I actually think that's being kind on a "boi" who is the biggest piece of garbage I've seen in a long time in sports. The dude has no class and needs to get laid out on the football field. I would spit in his face if I ever saw him on the street. If all athletes were like him I'd find another hobby and stop watching sports. Pay back is coming for you Buddy!
Lol yeah im sure. Someone mad that they lost ):?? Is it time for Eli to wake up and remember who he is? Hahaha If you saw DeSean Jackson on the streets youd freak out and suck up to him so much hahaha. Hes the punk yet he didnt even start this argument. Yet im sure osi and all the other giants that started talking crap on the eagles FIRST aren't punks right? Get your biased opinion outta here you homer.

Since: Nov 15, 2008
Posted on: November 24, 2011 6:35 pm

Scobee and Jackson in Twitter disagreement

He would "run a train" on Scobee? Really lol. What kind of ridiculous thoughts must run through your head to come up with that idea. Would DJ be leading that train? What does that make him? You should suggest that to Jackson, I'm sure he'd be into love that idea....

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