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Report: Ndamukong Suh to be suspended 2 games

Posted on: November 27, 2011 10:58 am
Edited on: November 28, 2011 11:18 am

Posted by Ryan Wilson

We probably won't know Ndamukong Suh's fate until Monday or Tuesday, but that doesn't mean it's still not one of the biggest stories of Week 12. Suh, one of the Lions' best players, was ejected from the Thanksgiving Day game against the Packers for stomping on Green Bay guard Evan Dietrich-Smith's arm.

On Sunday, ESPN's Adam Schefter reports that Suh is expected to be suspended for at least two games. 

Is Ndamukong Suh dirty?

After the his ejection Thursday, Suh offered up a lame excuse for his actions before apologizing a day later on his Facebook page.

Suh said he's now ready to move on from the incident.

"I want to reiterate my commitment to working to become a better player, and professional—on and off the field. My reaction on Thursday was unacceptable. I made a mistake, and have learned from it. I hope to direct the focus back to the task at hand — by winning," Suh wrote on Facebook.

But it's not enough to just say you're sorry and you're ready to get on with the rest of your life. In addition to how severely the NFL will punish him, there are also concerns in the Lions' locker room about Suh's antics. Specifically, some of his teammates are also tired of it. NFL Network's Jason La Canfora confirmed as much during Sunday's NFL GameDay Morning.

"The interesting thing, there are people in his own locker room that think [a suspension's] called for," La Canfora said.

Does a reported two-game punishment fit the crime? No idea. (Worth noting:'s Mike Freeman warns that, given NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's history of suspending players, we shouldn't expect a huge punishment for Suh.) But if it's to the point where Suh's teammates are fed up, then maybe a stiffer sanction will have a better chance of getting through to him, and in his words, help him "to become a better player, and professional—on and off the field."

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Since: Nov 27, 2011
Posted on: November 27, 2011 5:01 pm

Report: Ndamukong Suh to be suspended 2 games

Spoken like a little man behind a computer on the internet!  Tough guy!

Since: Sep 25, 2009
Posted on: November 27, 2011 4:59 pm

Report: Ndamukong Suh to be suspended 2 games

Stomping isn't even legal in American professional fighting/MMA.  Soccer kicks, stomps and knees to the head of a grounded opponent are all illegal. 

Since: Aug 24, 2006
Posted on: November 27, 2011 4:40 pm

Boring? Now that's Hysterical!

Twogrape thinks the NFL is boring if no player is stomping on another? Watch NFL games before? Think not.

What are you normally watching? WWE?

Sure, that action is fine in fake stuff like WWE. It's great in a video game.

But in play where people are NOT acting? That's dumb. Clearly you have never played the game. You know, in real life.

It's flat out ludicrous to think Suh's actions are normal at any level of football.

It is not humorous for a 350 lb. man in spikes TO STOMP ON ANY PART ON ANOTHER MAN!

Since: Oct 8, 2006
Posted on: November 27, 2011 4:32 pm

Report: Ndamukong Suh to be suspended 2 games

Brian8ball, get ahold of yourself.  New Yorkers are as soft as it gets.  New Yorkers talk and talk, Detroiters are blue collar, tough and violent.  Don't believe it?  Go look up who the number 1 & 2 cities in the USA for violent crime are. Yep you guessed it Detroit and Flint.  If you think that doesn't spill over to the surrounding area then you need to put the 8 ball down.  Detroit is considered more dangerous than Iraq.  New  Go do your high class shopping in downtown Detroit and let me know how that works out for you.  Why am I not surprised you are a Jets fan with all of the talking that team does.  Do they celebrate Devils night in New York?  Do you even know what Devils Night is?  You are a joke.

Since: Nov 19, 2009
Posted on: November 27, 2011 4:32 pm

Report: Ndamukong Suh to be suspended 2 games

I continue to be amazed by little men like yourself who hide behind the internet and make uneducated comments about subjects you obviously have no idea about.  Why don't you come to Detroit and make your BIG MAN comments in person to the people of Detroit.  I am sure we won't see you here.

Since: Apr 4, 2007
Posted on: November 27, 2011 4:13 pm

Stop the Hysteria, Look at the Film

Suh deserves to be suspended by the Lions for behaving like a child and hurting his team, but if stepping, even stomping if that's what you want to call it, on someone's arm is going to get suspensions in the NFL, then this sport is gonna get real boring real fast.

I do understand that Suh is being targeted as a high profile player - how else do you explain the fine for the Cutler hit?  and maybe this will benefit him in the long run, but woe for us all if the hysteria surrounding this is an indicator of what we have to look forward to in the future.

Since: Apr 23, 2010
Posted on: November 27, 2011 4:12 pm

Report: Ndamukong Suh to be suspended 2 games

He should feel lucky its only two games... THE NFL should make sure or not allow him to even attempt to go for an appeal... He is a repeat offender so he should be suspended without pay. I will say this though, I dont think Suh is really a dirty player, he just happens to play for a dirty, classless team and coach and in a classless city you cant expect anything less... unless Suh gets out of detriot, as long as cry baby schwartz is the coach you can bet the house that this wont be the last time Suh does such a thing... the league needs to investigate such matters a lot more... I am sure Schwartz and the people of detriot have made Suh and that team the dirty team they are... classless, overrated pieces of trash... the NFL needs to realize Detriot and the lions are the laughing stock of the NFL and the world... they shouldnt be allowed to play n thanksgiving they always get whopped and have guys do something stupid... or they need to be contracted from the NFL... or next time the play on thanksgiving or national tv, it should be blacked out all over the country

Since: Dec 12, 2010
Posted on: November 27, 2011 4:11 pm

Report: Ndamukong Suh to be suspended 2 games

There are parts in Green Bay that aren't so great .....there are thugs,crack, and hookers in every city. There are good people in Detroit area too. You got to give some Lion fans  credit....they sucked for such a long time I'm suprised they have any fans left! I hope you're not a Packer fan because your comments
 really are kind of embarrassing.

Since: Oct 3, 2006
Posted on: November 27, 2011 3:29 pm

Report: Ndamukong Suh to be suspended 2 games

What an idiot Suh is. He not only damaged his reputation with his antics, but now, assuming this 2-game suspension will go through, he really hurt his team. They NEED him in the middle of that defensive front.

Since: Sep 9, 2009
Posted on: November 27, 2011 3:20 pm

Report: Ndamukong Suh to be suspended 2 games

How about suspending this thug for the rest of the season, Roger Hitler?? Oops, I'm sorry I mean ADOLF GOODELL!!??!?!?!?!?!?!

If someone did this on the street, they'd be in jail.

Roger Hitler is an idiot and this just proves it. The worst commissioner in any of the 4 sports hands down.

Donkey Kong Suh is just another thug out of that barren craphole known as Detroit. 

Look kids, hookers, crack houses, gang bangers! Great place to raise a family. What a dump that town is.

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