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How to buy Green Bay Packers stock (right now!)

Posted on: December 6, 2011 11:01 am
By Will Brinson

If you've always wanted to be a partial owner of an NBA team, but just didn't have the mustache money to make it happen, you have your chance on Tuesday. The Green Bay Packers are currently offering up for sale 250,000 individual shares of the team's stock for $250.

We previously mentioned that the stock would go on sale Tuesday, and it can now be purchased at

We should note precisely what the website notes, which is "common stock does not constitute an investment in 'stock' in the common sense of the term." Which, put more simply, means you're not making an "investment" per se. If you purchase one of these shares, you shouldn't expect the Packers to win another Super Bowl and then get a bunch of dividends in return.

Instead, you're going to "help fund the Lambeau Field expansion project."

But it's not all just donating. You will be "invited to shareholder meetings and have voting privileges." Each piece of stock also comes with its own $25 "handling fee," so that's something too. (Wait, that's bad. Nevermind. But it's there.)

And the Packers, per their Offering Document, can actually offer up to 880,000 shares this time around, depending on how well the shares sell on Tuesday.

Basically, it boils down to the idea that the Packers are a publicly-owned company, they need money to make their awesome stadium even more awesome and they're offering fans a chance to "buy in" to the company just 19 days before the biggest gift-giving day of the entire year.

If you're a life-long Packers fan, it's a pretty cool thing to hop on, because you'll end up getting a locker room tour and a nifty little certificate that says you're an owner of the NFL's only publicly-run franchise.

Just don't think you're going to end up making any money out of it, or get to tell Mike McCarthy when he should go for two.

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Since: Sep 26, 2007
Posted on: December 6, 2011 11:47 pm

How to buy Green Bay Packers stock (right now!)

Poor Silky Smooth - He hates and cuts down something because he can't be a part of it.

Our Packer organization is unique and loaded with tradition and lore. Legends from OUR organization permeate the very fabric of the NFL. Our shareholders are also part of the history and other fans from other teams would jump at the chance to own a piece of their teams.

Like a co-op our money goes back into the team for the benefit of the community. Our team means many millions of dollars to our community and the $250 paid for the "share" comes back to us 100 fold. 

That poor Silky Panther fan can not, nor can he ever understand what we have as he has nothing even close. Maybe he will understand a little when the Panthers owner demands a new stadium from the State and its either all pay the tax or they move to another state. Meanwhile our Packers will be sold out for 70 plus yrs and running - win or lose we love em because they are ours. 

Maybe Silky is hateing because we whuuuuuped his team, or we are the reigning, or we have so many titles and he has none. Bottom line is we are Proud, Loud and well-endowed!! Poor Silky! 

Since: Apr 27, 2008
Posted on: December 6, 2011 7:04 pm

How to buy Green Bay Packers stock (right now!)

Here is a little task for everyone.  Make a list of EVERYTHING you have EVER spent $250.00 on in your lifetime this includes dates, bachelor parties, weekends in Vegas, dinners with friends, clothing, cars, Bikes, stereos, video games everything.  Now look at that list and see how many you still have.  Of those you still have how many do you realistically think you could sell for $250.00.  How many of those that you still have are most likely worthless in monetary terms.  Now look at the ones you no longer own (this would include most of the social events unless you ended up with a kid out of the weekend in Vegas) of these, how many did you get at least $250.00 cash for.  Of the ones you no longer have how many did you not get any money for.  I think the results would surprise you.

Its the same thing here.  For $250.00 you are getting a piece of paper that legally makes you a part owner in a NFL team.  You will never get $250.00 back for it but you didn't get anything back from many of the things you spent $250.00 on and you don't even own them any more.  At least as long as the Packers are around you will ALWAYS be a part owner.  

Besides that, I wonder how much one of the original stock certificates would sell for.  I know that the share is not transferable but the piece of paper certainly could be sold.  How much would some rich Packer fan pay just to have one of the original stock certificates to hang on his wall even if the stock is not in his name.  I'm not particularily interested in buying one of the new shares just like I wasn't interested in the last time they did it but that is simply because, to me, there are many more Packer related items I would rather have.  Now if I were to have the opportunity to purchase a certificate from one of the first three sales that would be a different story.  I'd pay someone well over what they paid for it I'm sure, even if it were not in my name.

If I buy a share in this sale I am not buying it as an investment.  In fact I am being told by everyone involved in the sale that it is NOT an investment.  I am buying a piece of NFL history.  I am buying a piece of Green Bay Packer History.  I am buying a neat little piece of memorabilia to hang on my wall and the Green Bay Packers are getting every dime of the money I am spending unlike a lot of the other NFL merchandise that is shared by all 32 teams. 

As long as you look at it as an investment, which it is not, it will seem like a bad idea.  If you look at it like it really is it is no different than any number of things each and every one of us has spent $250.00 on and thought was well worth every penny.  Of course I don't expect the envious among you to understand that.


Since: May 11, 2007
Posted on: December 6, 2011 7:04 pm

How to buy Green Bay Packers stock (right now!)

It funny how so many fans from other teams say, it`s a waste of money, and They would NEVER buy stock into Their team. But you know, they`re jealous, and it they actually had the opportunity, they`d buy in a second. They may deny it, but everyone knows they would.

Since: Mar 23, 2008
Posted on: December 6, 2011 6:47 pm

How to buy Green Bay Packers stock (right now!)


the city of Green Bay doesn't own the Packers...the stockholders own the Green Bay Packers. 

You wanna be able to say you are an NFL owner then buy a share....if not then fine. 

It's not like our rivals over there inn Minniesota who go to the taxpayers and hold out their hands..

As a taxpayer in Wisconsin I am glad that if I wish to support the Pack I can buy a share or two but if I don't want to (or don't really have the money) the Packers are not holding out their hands expecting taxpayers to foot the bill.  

Since: Dec 6, 2010
Posted on: December 6, 2011 6:46 pm

How to buy Green Bay Packers stock (right now!)

Put your little pockets together when Aaron Rodgers inks his next will need to.  I had the displeasure earlier this year to visit Charlotte and go to the Packer vs. Panthers.  My hotel was predominately filled with Packers fans which I found to be loud, boorish and intoxicated from thursday through sunday.  I don't consider packer fans good or even extropilate them out to David vs. Goliath or good vs. evil only someone overserved does that.  Enjoy last year, inject some humulity and when the city of Green Bay is short on cash how about a bond initiative not a shill! And be prepared for a new SB Champion not a repeat.

Since: Dec 6, 2010
Posted on: December 6, 2011 6:33 pm

How to buy Green Bay Packers stock (right now!)

The rest of the NFL fans and INVESTORS could care about you SAVING your team.  If the Packers never win another game my life won't change.  But if the city of Green Bay wants to sell a piece of the Packers to the general public they should be expected to pay a dividend.  Only idiots buy worthless paper anymore these days ie Fanny and Freddy.  Its great that Green Bay fans have propped up their franchise out of their own pockets but if you want some of private investors money expect to pay a return on investment or limit sales to only Green Bay fans and citizens of Wisconsin.  Call the "shares" what they really are worthless to the holder.  Somebody is making money on the deal for sure and its not the little guy in Green Bay, Racine or Fond du Lac that has a "nice" piece of memorphilia on his wall!

Since: Dec 6, 2010
Posted on: December 6, 2011 6:17 pm

How to buy Green Bay Packers stock (right now!)

If I'm buying something for $250 a share I want a return quarterly on that investment.  If I happened to live in the area I would like to go to a state of the art stadium domed of course so I don't freeze my butt off.  Enlarging Lambeau does not seem to be in the works so more tickets can be sold so more people can get in without one of their relatives dying and leaving them season tickets in a will.  This is just a shill by the city of Green Bay to shore up their municipal workers retirement accounts and infrastructure not an investment for venture capitalists. When I have money to burn on nothing I'll burn it not some city I have no affinity or association to.

Since: Sep 26, 2007
Posted on: December 6, 2011 5:49 pm

How to buy Green Bay Packers stock (right now!)

When I was a young kid there was nothing I enjoyed more than going over to my Grampa's house for the weekend. He was basically my dad as my real dad was off fighting wars. On Sunday we would never miss the Packer game - and in the 60's the Pack rarely lost. My grandpa was extemely proud of his "share" hanging on the wall. He told me of how the people owned the team not some rich guy that could pour his own money into buying players and such. He had a part in saving our team by buying that "share". He was proud and said he would do it again. I bought a share to help my team in the 90's and now I am buying shares for my children and grandchildren - and am proud to do it!!!
Those were some of the greatest memories of my childhood being with Grandpa and watching the Pack. Now I make memories like that with my own children and grandchildren. 
I don't care how any Bear fan feels or anyone else.
We will put our little pockets together as Packer owners to help our team. I don't care about making money off of my "stock" and am proud to go to shareholder mtgs, vote in the elections for Board of Directors and get my tour of facilities.
The Green Bay Packers are the best story in all of Professional sports. The smallest market competeing with all the big cities - David vs Goliath - Good vs Evil!!!  

Since: Sep 5, 2011
Posted on: December 6, 2011 4:51 pm

How to buy Green Bay Packers stock (right now!)

I cant complain about people spending $250.00 for a piece of paper, i spent $76,000 for my piece of paper (Degree) and still paying it off!!!

Since: Feb 6, 2008
Posted on: December 6, 2011 4:49 pm

How to buy Green Bay Packers stock (right now!)

People need to stop perceiving this "Stock Sale" as a typically piece of "Stock." More than anything this is basically like any "limited edition" piece of memorabilia auction. The Green Bay Packers are a storied franchise that started with minimal means and it relied on the generosity and support of the community to continue. Without the first 4 stock sales and those "investors", the Packers wouldn't be where they are today. This process is simply recreating history and offering today's fans the opportunity to support the team and gain a piece of memorabilia in the process.
Not sure why those that aren't Packer fans think this is such a crime.
Sincerely, Co-Owner of the Green Bay Packers

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