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Top Ten with a Twist: Why Broncos will beat Pats

Posted on: December 15, 2011 11:12 am

By Josh Katzowitz

In one of the premier matchups of the week -- and if you don’t believe us, check out Peter King’s MMQB in which he details the fight between NBC and CBS for the right to broadcast the game -- the Patriots travel to Denver to face the Broncos in a battle of first-place teams.

It’s Tom Brady vs. Tim Tebow. It’s the Chosen Son (Tebow) vs. God’s Gift to Quarterbacks (Brady). It’s Good vs. um, the Very Good. It’s the hottest team in the NFL vs. one of the best teams of the past decade.

It should be fun to watch, and considering the Patriots are about a touchdown favorite for their road game, New England should win the matchup. Of course, we’ve been saying that about most Broncos opponents for the past two months, and with the exception of the Lions, Denver has vanquished every team it’s played since Tebow took over the quarterback spot. If I had to bet my mortgage on the outcome of this game, I’d put my money on the Patriots.

But … it’s possible Denver somehow pulls off the win, especially given its amazing run during the past eight games. Thus, in this week’s Top Ten (with a Twist), I’ve come up with 10 reasons why the Broncos will win. Sure, Denver will probably need to play the perfect game while catching New England on one of its lesser days in order to pull off the upset, but as we’ve seen, you always should believe in the power of Tebow.

10. The running game: Willis McGahee has to be considered a contender for the comeback player of the year. He’s rushed for 920 yards this season, and considering he combined for 924 yards as a Ravens running back in 2009 and 2010 before he was deemed washed up, his contribution has been a bit of a surprise. But with the loss of Knowshon Moreno, McGahee has picked up the load. Except, of course, when Tebow is running the ball (his 517 yards rank him third among quarterbacks in rushing), because, as Brian Urlacher knows, he’s also a “good running back.” If the Broncos can keep the ball on the ground and keep Brady off the field, that obviously would be ideal for Denver.

9. The Broncos are best closers in the league: They came back in the fourth quarter against the Dolphins, against the Jets, against the Chargers, against the Vikings and against the Bears. It’s Tebow Time, and it’s been the most fun storyline of this NFL season.

8. Broncos home field advantage: When Denver began its late-game comeback against the Bears, the stadium got loud. Real freakin’ loud. The Broncos fans will be loud Sunday -- at least to start the game. The trick for Denver is to keep those fans engaged throughout the game, to keep it raucous when the Patriots are on offense. Hey, there’s a reason Brady is 1-3 in Denver during his career (and 1-5 against the Broncos overall).

Brady, Tebow

Tebow7. Tebow has better hair than Brady: OK, in the above photo, they’d probably fight to a draw, although personally, I give Tebow an edge because his style is less Bieberish. No, I’m talking about the photo at the right. That was the handiwork of Wesley Woodyard last year when the Broncos hazed the man who would eventually become the Boy Wonder. Not that Tebow minded his friar’s haircut at the time. "I think all the rookies had a good time with it. It was something to give everybody a laugh, something also to build chemistry.". By the way, if you Google image “friar hair cut,” Tebow pictures are the first three results. But getting back to the point. Could Brady pull off this look? I’m guessing no.

6. Broncos opponents are dumb: Or, at very least, they do dumb things when they play Denver. You might recall the tiny issue of Cowboys running back Marion Barber stepping out of bounds late in the fourth quarter last Sunday allowing Tebow the chance to tie the game and send it to overtime. Suddenly, defensive coordinators, late in games, play prevent defense -- Tebow has proven that those kind of schemes are not tough for him to figure out. Suddenly, teams send all-out blitzes against him and fail to contain the edge. Suddenly, nobody knows exactly what the Broncos are going to do on a two-point conversion. Tebow’s power is so great apparently that he turns the minds of opponents to mush.

5. Much-improved defense: Before Tebow took over the starting role -- and this was unfortunate for Kyle Orton -- the Broncos defense allowed 23, 22, 17, 49 and 29 points through the first five games. Since Orton was booted to the curb, Denver’s defense has allowed 15 points or less on four different occasions. The Broncos defense still is less than mediocre -- Denver ranks 22nd in points allowed and 19th in yards allowed -- but man, what any improvement it’s made.

M. Prater has won four games since T. Tebow took over (US Presswire).4. The kicking game: Falling far down on the list of why the Broncos are successful (behind the defense, the running game and Tebow) is Matt Prater. He was our near-unanimous Eye on Football special teams player of the week selection after blasting a 59-yard game-tying field goal at the end of regulation Sunday and then nailing the 51-yarder in overtime to win it. Since Tebow took over eight games ago, Prater has kicked four game-winning field goals. That’s a decent percentage. It’s almost like Prater is the Tebow of place-kickers.

3. Fox has been the better coach this year: Look at what he’s done. He’s recreated the starting quarterback who probably shouldn’t be starting at quarterback at all and helped build an offense that has allowed the Broncos to win seven of eight and put themselves in position to win the AFC West. Meanwhile, Belichick’s defense, which doesn’t officially have a coordinator, has been terrible. Belichick is one of the best coaches in NFL history, but Fox has been more adaptable this season.

2. Patriots pass defense: Look, it will take a huge effort from the Broncos defense to keep New England’s offense from taking over the game immediately. But if that happens, Tebow -- not necessarily known as the most accurate of passers --could find success against the Patriots, who boast the worst defense in the league AND the worst past defense. His receivers need to play cleanly (they had WAY too many drops last week), but Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker have shown big-play capabilities since Tebow took over the offense. With a rotating line up of journeyman defensive backs in New England, the Broncos could make life difficult.

1. God loves Tebow the mostest: So say these people, anyway.

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Posted on: January 11, 2013 9:33 pm

Top Ten with a Twist: Why Broncos will beat Pats

LOL, I love coming back a year after the fact and laugh at the predictions

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Posted on: December 16, 2011 12:38 pm

Top Ten with a Twist: Why Broncos will beat Pats

If you believe that God has anything to do with football or Nike, you are in need of therapy.

<span style="color: black; font-family: Courier New,Courier,mono; font-size: small;"> Twas the week before Christmas, when the Pats went to play,  a team that had a QB, that played the ol fashioned way. When his horses started out, they were one and four, and now near the playoffs, they are busting down the door. Some say it's his faith that makes him so great, but most say it’s the defense, or opponents that let him win late.
Regardless of why, it has happened just so, and up at mile high, the wind will sure blow. The white stuff will fall and cold it will be, but when launched through the air, no catches to see. On LawFirm, on Woodhead the team would rely, but the Broncos would stop it, as the clock's ticking by. Timmy T would tuck it and then he would run, to the end-zone he’d go like being shot from a gun. The coaches would yell,  when the game’s out of hand, Tom’s only reply was to say "Go to -ell!"  as he makes one last stand.  The 4th qtr is done as he's shedding a tear, because the scoreboard says it all, and this he does fear. Tim Tebow has won and it was quite a fight, and as you know, he exclaims,  "God Bless you all, and to all Goodnight"  

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Top Ten with a Twist: Why Broncos will beat Pats

I would like to add some additional data beyond the 10 points that are equally as relevent.

Hypoxia, scientifically explains Brady's poor performance at Mile High (look at Brady's
stats, empirically it proves this point). Regardless the personnel on the field from Denver, Brady's numbers are
well below his average whenever he plays at Mile High.


Miller & Dumervil, a rushing combination in which Brady has never faced from the


Brady sucks when flushed out of the pocket--never has performed well when pressured (Giants
Superbowl loss one example).


The combination of these three facts will make for a close game against the Broncos.  The fourth quarter will determine the game
with the Patriots defense dealing with oxygen deprivation from chasing Tebow in
their no huddle offense, and Brady's hypoxia getting the best of him--Bronco

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Posted on: December 15, 2011 2:34 pm

Top Ten with a Twist: Why Broncos will beat Pats

Feel like I stepped into a time machine, barber plays for the cowboys still?

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Top Ten with a Twist: Why Broncos will beat Pats

Is Denvers Jesus better than New Englands Jesus? Thats why they play the game. (btw: I am a little concerned about the Pats secondary)

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