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Bengals offer buy-1, get-1 free tix for Week 17

Posted on: December 26, 2011 12:11 pm
One of few loyal fans in Cincy these days. (Getty Images)
By Will Brinson

The Bengals have been one of the best stories of 2011, winning enough games so far to set them up for a win-and-they're-in situation against the Ravens in Week 17. (As noted at our playoff scenario home, Cincy's in if the Jets and Raiders both lose too.) But not enough people are taking notice, and Cincy's still struggling to fill Paul Brown Stadium.

Week 16 Recap

To make up for the woeful attendance (and to avoid a local blackout), the Bengals are offering a buy-one, get-one free ticket special between now and Sunday's game, an unheard of special for an NFL game. Oh, and the players are begging the fans to show up too.

"I just want to thank the fans who were out there today,” defensive lineman Domata Peko said, per the Cincinnati Enquirer. "We really felt you guys out there, and that helped us out big time. I really want to encourage all of the Cincinnati fans to come out and cheer us on as we try to make the playoffs."

You can't really blame the Bengals, though. On October 2, 41,142 people showed up to see Cincy play the Bills and it was the smallest crowd in regular-season history for the stadium. That was the third time in 2011 there were less than 42,000 folks at Paul Brown, including this past Saturday, when only 41,273 people showed up despite the Bengals battling for the playoffs.

Here's an alternate suggestion if the sale doesn't work out: just have Jerome Simpson do flips into the end zone at halftime.

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Since: Dec 15, 2008
Posted on: December 26, 2011 5:06 pm

Bengals offer buy-1, get-1 free tix for Week 17

This certainly makes me wonder what sort of situation the Bengals ownership has with the city.  There are dozens of other citys that would love to have an NFL franchise.  As for this weekend?  Go Bengals!

Since: May 20, 2008
Posted on: December 26, 2011 5:00 pm

Bengals offer buy-1, get-1 free tix for Week 17

Interesting post. Your story of when the Colts left Baltimore is sad but if that ever happened here in Cincy the fans and city will be celebrating in the streets that Mike Brown left. We're tired of him screwing over the city while not helping out the team.

I think Mike Brown is setting himself up to do exactly what the Colts owner did back then. Mike Brown just bought 30% more of the team and has come out with a statement saying he is committed to staying in Cincinnati. Why he came out and said that I have no clue because he has a lease with the city and county saying if they built the stadium he has to keep the team here until 2030. As we all know from watching college football a contract means nothing in these days, and him buying 30 % more of the team, well he is up to something.

I'm a Bengals fan and I say left him go, but the name and the brand stays here. That way when the Jags finally leave Jacksonville (sorry Jacksonville fans) or we do what Cleveland back in '99 we'll still have a team that can be accepted in the NFL. And besdies we still have the Bearcat football team to watch since they are the only consistant football team in Cincy outside of high school

Since: Jun 18, 2010
Posted on: December 26, 2011 4:42 pm

Bengals offer buy-1, get-1 free tix for Week 17

the bengirls have a clause in their lease, if they don't sell out, hamilton county must make up the difference.
so why have a blackout at all? mikey boy is still getting his money.
because he can't over charge for parking, soda,hats and  10 dollar beer.

Since: Aug 7, 2008
Posted on: December 26, 2011 4:41 pm

Bengals offer buy-1, get-1 free tix for Week 17

Brinson's incompetence has once again led me astray.  From the headline I thought the Bengals were buying one ticket and giving one away to fans to encourage them to show up at! The truth is Bengals fans know that this year is a fluke. Mike Brown is a terrible owner and nothing he does ever works out well. Bengals fans have been hurt so many times they are weary of celebrating now because as long as Mike Brown is in control of the team he will continue to run the team into the ground. Mark my words...Andy Dalton will be forgotten next year. 

Since: Jul 26, 2008
Posted on: December 26, 2011 4:39 pm

Bengals offer buy-1, get-1 free tix for Week 17

Fabulous post Ravenisity.  I think most who follow NFL football would agree that MB is the worst owner in the league. I'm a lifelong Bengals fan, but I dropped my season tickets two years ago and have not bought a single bit of merchandise since Jonathan Joseph got away.  Frankly, I'm sick of the ineptitude of the ownership.  I currently live in TN, but will be visiting relatives in Cincy this weekend.  I think I'm going to make an effort to get to the game.  Yes, the Bengals live in the hearts of the fans, but the truth is that they are owned by a man.  I've little doubt Brown would move the team if it made financial sense.  Punishing the team financially to get at Brown only increases the likelihood that will happen.  Our only real hope is that he retires (he's pretty well along in years now) and hands the team over to someone who cares about Cincy and cares about winning.

Since: Jun 18, 2010
Posted on: December 26, 2011 4:36 pm

Bengals offer buy-1, get-1 free tix for Week 17

hey raven,
what isn't being said.....
the lease the bengals got has a clause, if the bengirls don't draw x amount of fans to the games, hamilton county must make up the difference.
so the bengirls are drawing about 42,000 this year, mikey boy is still getting the money for 65,000.
sweetheart of a deal, all he has to do is put a COMPETIVE team on the field.
except there is no definition of competive in the lease.
oh yeah... it's spelled t     &nbs

Since: Oct 31, 2007
Posted on: December 26, 2011 4:36 pm

Bengals offer buy-1, get-1 free tix for Week 17

42,000 people at your game and you're in contention for the playoffs...Bengal fans should be embarrassed. Look at all the excuses from the Bengal fans...annoying. My Jags suck yet again but were STILL perceived as the team that can't fill it's stadium, an 85,000 full capacity stadium mind you. But we covered seats to make the capacity comparable to other NFL markets. We haven't blacked out a game in 2 years.

Since: Aug 21, 2006
Posted on: December 26, 2011 4:20 pm

Bengals offer buy-1, get-1 free tix for Week 17

Nice Post Ravenisity
That original Colt owner was Carol Rosenblum. He was a great owner of the Rams and the Rams were very successful under his reign. Unfortunately he was murdered (official record was drowned) while swimming in Florida in the late 70s. This wife Georgia Frontierre took over the Rams. This whore was a former showgirl who was on her fourth husband. She and her assistant destroyed the franchise.

She demanded the team obtain quaterbacks who were cute i.e. Namath and Pastorini. The Rams who drew average crowds of 90,000 were moved to Orange County into a baseball stadium and then St. Louis when the fans revolted.  I quit having a favorite team after the Rams left in 95. A whole generation of fans has been lost during this time. This is part of the reason USC regained it's power in the last decade. They are basically L.A.s team. College football is not popular in big cities. Look at New York, Chicago, Detroit, Miami look at the fan attendance.

Unfortunately for Bengal fans their team may go to L.A.. A stadium is finally being built. I thought the Jaguars would be moved but word out now it will be the Bengals or Vikings.    &nb

Since: May 29, 2009
Posted on: December 26, 2011 4:07 pm

Bengals offer buy-1, get-1 free tix for Week 17

It's expensive to go to a game.  Do you really blame anybody (not just in Cincy) for not wanting to spend their hard earned dollars on professional sports at these rates?  Even if it's blacked out, find a bar that has all the games and spend a fraction of the cost. 
correct me if i'm wrong, but if cincy doesn't sell out the game and it is blacked out -- it is blacked out for the NFL package in that area too.

Since: Dec 1, 2010
Posted on: December 26, 2011 3:52 pm

Bengals offer buy-1, get-1 free tix for Week 17

It's an indictment on Bengals fans bottomline. They have a new chapter with gritty youngsters and got rid of their toxic baggage. I think the Bengals have a decent future with Dalton and Green as the new faces. For a team that hasn't won a playoff game since 1990, you'd think the folks there would be stoked to watch this "playoff game" on sunday with a chance to cost Baltimore the division. Pitt isn't losing to Cleveland either BTW. 

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