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Pierre Thomas fined $12.5K for Xmas celebrations

Posted on: December 30, 2011 10:13 am
Merry Christmas, Mr. Thomas. (Getty Images)
By Will Brinson

The day after Christmas, Saints running back Pierre Thomas found the end zone against the Falcons and pulled a gold bow out, stuck it on a football and handed it to one lucky fan in attendance for New Orleans 45-16 romp against Atlanta.

Now Thomas has gotten his own presents from the league: a pair of fines that total $12,500 for his holiday spirit.

Per our Saints Rapid Reporter Larry Holder, Thomas was tagged with a $7,500 fine for the bow he carried on his uniform and another $5,000 for wearing green and red tape on his uniform.

As Holder notes, Thomas stuck the letters in the Saints locker room on Thursday, displayed by his locker "with a huge red bow stuck to them for visual effect."

Because Thomas was fined for the red and green tape, anyone else on the Saints who wore the illegally-colored tape -- and there were several players -- can expect to see similar fines from the league.

Yeah, it's unfortunate that this sort of good fun, especially around the holiday season, has to be punished. But hey, someone's got to play the Grinch.

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Posted on: December 30, 2011 12:10 pm

Pierre Thomas fined $12.5K for Xmas celebrations

Shame on you NFL! Yes, it was established that pulling a prop out during a game or TD celebration will result in a fine but come on. It's not like anyone could have been injured by the gold stick-on Christmas bow that PT concealed in his uniform. I think that what Thomas did during a Holiday weekend was a nice gesture for that lucky fan who spent their hard earned cash to attend a game during these trying times, especially around the holidays. I think that every TD should result in one lucky fan being the recipient of the game ball, we all know you could spare the few hundred dollars that each ball cost from the gate, concessions, parking, merchandizing, TV rights, and every where else you can pinch from. This would show the fans that your more than just your checkbook. Try giving a little back instead always trying to take, it's what this holiday season is about. What Thomas was doing was giving back a little to the fans and again, there's the NFL with their hands on somebody else's wallet.  

I know you(NFL) wouldn't notice but the rest of the economy is struggling and unemployment rates are at ridiculous levels. You priced me and my family out of possibly attending an NFL game. I just can't see spending $500-$600 dollars for a 3 hour weekend show. If Thomas wants to reward a fan, who spent their money keeping you employeed, let him and leave him alone. If any player wants to go to the sidelines and Autograph a football and toss it into the stands, let 'em and instead of looking for your cut, say thanks because someone who supports your wellbeing just got lucky and one of these extreme talented individuals did something nice to enhance your image, not tarnish it. I think your making enough money to give some back or turn the other way and let situations like these be left well enough alone.  

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Posted on: December 30, 2011 12:03 pm
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Posted on: December 30, 2011 10:53 am

Pierre Thomas fined $12.5K for Xmas celebrations

OK, NFL, when do the rules move out of the "spirit of the law" and into the "letter of the law"?  I don't see how making a fans day by putting a bow on a football and giving the football away, should be fined.  That's really kind of ridiculous.

Granted, most of the $12,500 will be covered by the team, I'm sure, and, as far as PR moves go, this one was a dandy!

Even as a Colts fan, who saw a Super Bowl go up in smoke to the Saints, is enjoying the Saints right now. I also like that they went out of their way to go get the record so that they would quit getting hammered about it.

And, the way the Falcons reacted after the game, showed me that the Falcons were the team the record should have been broken against...the Falcons apparently need the character building!  :) 

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Posted on: December 30, 2011 10:51 am

Pierre Thomas fined $12.5K for Xmas celebrations

I just think this is SO ridiculous!  You get a fine like this for a bow and a similar fine or no fine at all for some of the hits that are made. The NFL is SO whacked!!

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