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What does the Caldwell firing mean for Manning?

Posted on: January 17, 2012 5:33 pm
Edited on: January 17, 2012 5:51 pm
Manning, Irsay

ManningBy Josh Katzowitz

Now that Jim Caldwell has been fired as the Colts head coach, what does that say about what will happen to the face of the franchise for the past 15 years?

Well, it’s probably not great news for those who would love to see Peyton Manning back at the helm of the Colts offense.

As we came to understand this year, Caldwell’s job absolutely depended on Manning playing* – though you have to wonder if Caldwell had gotten more out of his team like, say, a 4-12 season instead of a 2-14 record, maybe Irsay would have kept him – and without that safety net, he was exposed as something less than stellar.

*You know how so many people joked (or maybe they weren’t joking) early this season that Manning should be the league MVP this season because of how different Indianapolis was without him? On that same note, you could make the claim that Manning has done the most damage of anybody in the Colts organization. I mean, look at how many people have been fired because Manning didn’t play this season, including a potential Hall of Fame executive in Bill Polian.**

**Obviously, I’m joking (or maybe I’m not).

But now that Caldwell is gone, along with Bill and Chris Polian, will the Colts decide to bring back Manning for another season and pay his gargantuan salary to do so? Or, will Indianapolis completely begin to reconstruct the franchise without him?

We already know what Manning prefers. His father Archie Manning said Sunday that, “Peyton kind of likes his roots in Indy. … We’ll see what happens there. If that doesn’t work and he can get healthy we’ll see. That’ll all work out. He’s just trying to get healthy.”

While new general manager Ryan Grigson said today that he and the ownership haven’t discussed Manning or who their future quarterback might be -- though that claim seems rather dubious, right? -- here are four reasons why the Colts might decide they’re better off without one of the best NFL quarterbacks in history.

Colts Offseason
Can Manning be what he was?: We obviously have no idea. Manning has no idea. And it's obvious that nobody has any idea whether Manning, following spinal fusion surgery that kept him out the entire 2011 season, will be healthy enough to play in 2012 or whether he’ll be the same MVP-caliber player. Apparently, he’s on target with his recovery goals and he began throwing after practice toward the end of the season, but he’s still a long way from knowing exactly how healthy he can be going forward.

New guys who have no loyalty to Manning: Irsay believes Manning is like family. Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell did, as well. But Grigson won’t feel that way, and most likely, neither will the new coach. Because, well, why should they? And why should they be loyal to Manning? The answer: they shouldn’t, and if Irsay is cleaning house in his organization, he has to know that letting go of Manning might be the next logical move. And if he wasn’t OK with that, he probably shouldn't have fired everybody.

Drafting Luck: Although Irsay claims no decision has been made about whether the Colts will take Andrew Luck with the top pick in next year’s draft, there have been reports that Irsay will do exactly that. And really, how can he not? If the scouts are right and Luck is truly one of the best quarterbacks to emerge from college since Manning, how could Indianapolis not take him? Especially since Manning, at best, has only a few years left in his career, and Luck, if he’s anywhere close to Manning’s talent level, could be running that team for the next 15 years.

Huge money due: Manning originally was due a $28 million bonus on March 8, and though it’s been reported that the Colts want to work out an extension with Manning so they could postpone the decision (considering Manning seems to be amenable with the Colts and wants what’s best for his team, I imagine that will be OK), they can’t push the decision that far down the road.

And that’s really at the crux of the issue. The Colts need to know if Manning can play and play well. Manning can’t give them an answer. With a new direction for the front office, how much are the Colts really going to risk trying to ride Manning to the playoffs for the next few years? The answer: they very well could decide they won’t. And honestly, maybe they shouldn’t.

It's a new world in Indianapolis, and there simply might not be enough room for Manning in it.

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 2:18 am
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Posted on: January 18, 2012 1:26 am

What does the Caldwell firing mean for Manning?

I got so carried away I missed my own point. I believe the Colts can have another decade of stability at the quarterback position with the addition of Andrew Luck to their roster. If they trade the first pick for draft picks or players or whatever they trade for these days, they run the risk of losing Peyton to retirement or injury. Stability at the quarterback position is priceless, just ask the Dolphins.

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 1:20 am

What does the Caldwell firing mean for Manning?

One thing is for certain. Since the day they drafted Peyton Manning, the Indianapolis Colts have not had a question about the quarterback position, until Manning missed this season with neck surgery. Manning, the greatest regular season quarterback of all time, has been a pleasure to watch over the years, and led the Colts to countless victories, playoffs, two super bowl appearances, with one win, but, all good things must come to an end. Manning may very well have a season or two left in him, but does he want to risk the possibility of permanent injury to play one or two more years? What does he have left to prove? Nothing, in my opinion. I think he should retire. And I think the Colts would be absolutely stupid to do anything other than pick Andrew Luck with the first pick of the draft.
I know, nothing is guaranteed, but everything points to Luck being an above average quarterback in the NFL. I say above average, not great, Andrew has to earn great. Peyton should move on to the next chapter in his life, be it in the broadcast booth, or dare I say it, coaching. I think he would make an excellent coach some day. I know these are difficult decisions for the Colts and for Peyton. May the football gods guide you both in making the right choices.

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 1:05 am

What does the Caldwell firing mean for Manning?

My only comment is in response to the idiot who claimed that Manning is not as good as Brady and "can't carry his jock strap."  The person that made that statement is qualified only to carry jock straps for a living.  Manning has been consistently better than Brady.  Look at the stats, look at his command of the offense, look at his ability to run audibles and read the defense.  Brady is great, but he's no Manning.  I know everyone talks about the # of SB wins as the measure of greatness, but it's just not true.  Joe Montana wasn't better than Brady or Manning.  Marino was way better than Elway.  Just a fact.  Brady's won so many Super Bowls because of his kicker.  What has he done since Vinatieri left.  Manning is the GOAT.

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 12:46 am

What does the Caldwell firing mean for Manning?

Peyton Manning is washed up?.. 2 years ago he won NFL MVP ..for an NFL record 4TH time.. And last season he threw for a career best 4700 go along with 33 tds.. The guy is an amazing, hall of fame player.. He missed this season due to injuries in his neck.. Lots of players miss seasons with injuries.. To say he is washed up is ludicrous.. If his neck heals properly, he's the best, ehh maybe second best (behind Brady) QB in the game... Dont tell me Rodgers is better.. Rodgers sat out one week this season, and his BACKUP threw for more yards and touchdowns in a game than ANY PACKER IN FRANCHISE HISTORY.. Rodgers plays in a cushy system that is built for passing.. His receivers and TEs are studs, not to mention all those RB screens that get yards..He is good yes, but when he wasnt in the game, Flynn dominated and the Pack didnt miss a beat..Hell, they were better with Flynn..The Colts have won 10+ games how many years in a row with Manning??..And with him gone this season, and pretty much everyone else back from the previous year, THEY STUNK..Couldnt win a game til, wat, like week 14 or something??..The guy is a phenomenal QB, has a lot left in the tank..Nobody can say anything negative about this guy.. He is filthy good, and definitely isnt washed up. If his neck heals, look for another 4000 yards +, 30 + td, MVP caliber season in 2012. ..And while Im here, nobody knows if Luck will be as good as people think.. Lots of 'CANT MISS' college QBs have flopped miserably..You dont get rid of Manning if you're Indy..Pay him, let him dominate for 3 more years, keep Luck as an insurance policy and a student to Peyton.

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 12:29 am

What does the Caldwell firing mean for Manning?

I don't see any issue except that the new GM has a new direction to go.  yes caldwell was a QB coach to peyton manning but does that mean no one else can help him to play the position?  That last big contract might very well be his huge retirement come 2013?

Getting Luck with #1 pick to me seemed almost planned, why would manning wait so long before even getting surgery?  He should have had it done shortly after the season before.  I think the Colt managment and Caldwell were just part of some big scheme of things that Manning obviously seems to have knowledge of?  or why would there be such a late surgery to repair his neck?

I think Manning knows the end time for his career and if he can play this season to mentor Luck he will, but after that he'll be done I think?  Luck will not wait 2 seasons to play or he might pull an ELI on the colts?  Irsay and maybe Manning will talk to Luck one on one and work these details out to assure him it will be his team in 2013, if not sooner.

I just think it was planned that the Colt's would have a loosing season to get Luck, some of them games looks like dead give aways to the other teams? almost deliberate loosing? 

I think you will see a lot of cleaning out the high priced guys as they'll need around $30 million for Manning and Luck next season.  I could see them pushing back the big bonus some how but he'll get paid that's for sure.  They loose Mathis, Wayne, several high paid lineman and some could be traded for picks?  I think anyone making more then $5 million could be labeled a salary cap cassualty. 

Bring on the a NEW COLTs team thru the next decade...

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Posted on: January 18, 2012 12:23 am

What does the Caldwell firing mean for Manning?

if manning is healthy I doubt they would get rid of him. The colts are still a 10-6 0r 11-5 team with him. The defence may not be great but they also were not as bad as it looked. the def stats were inflated due to the fact that they were always on the field. If manning is healthy they should trade down and get some extra picks that they could use to get OL, WR, and CB help.

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Posted on: January 17, 2012 11:53 pm

What does the Caldwell firing mean for Manning?

Trade Peyton. Swap the #1 for 3-4 1st & 2nd round picks, Draft the Very best QB available in this year's draft, Case Keenum out of Houston. He's got a quicker release than Brady.
Trade Peyton, swap the #1 pick and Colts can win the Super Bowl in 2014 with a rebuilt team, as long as they don't hire an Affirmative Action Coach Again

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Posted on: January 17, 2012 11:40 pm

What does the Caldwell firing mean for Manning?

PEYTON (it's a girl'sname) Manning ia Washed UP. The Colts would be making a HUGE mistake paying him his March BONUS. He has been faking it at BOGUS practice sessions. He is NOT able to play football at any real level again. If they give this cheat the money he will be on the bench faking his sore neck & getting paid millions for the year.
DUMP Manning while you can. Pass his salary off on AZ or some other sucker team who will pay for asses in the seats

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Posted on: January 17, 2012 11:33 pm


Let's not get carried away Chiefs.  Peyton Manning in my opinion has done more with less than any Quarterback in NFL history. He is certainly on par with Tom Brady.  It has not been until the past 3-4 years where Brady's play on the field has actually surpassed Manning's as a whole, and even that is debatable.

If you want to look at their body of work; sure Tom Brady has the better resume, there is really no doubt but let's not act as though the seperation is anything more than miniscule.   I rate Tom Brady as the 3rd best Quarterback of all time and Peyton Manning the 4th.  One could argue either way.

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