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Quinn backtracks on Tebow 'humble' comment

Posted on: February 21, 2012 2:28 pm
Edited on: February 21, 2012 5:04 pm
Quinn and Tebow: Not BFFs after all? (Getty Images)
By Will Brinson

Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn will be a free agent on March 13. While he didn't make our list of top free-agent quarterbacks (although he was honorable mention!), he'll likely end up landing a backup job somewhere for the 2012 season.

Just don't count on it being Denver, at least based on the quotes he gave Mike Silver for an oral history of Tebowmania in the latest issue of GQ.

"Early in the season, there was a game when Kyle [Orton] got hurt and the coaches were calling for me to go in, but Kyle got up and finished the game out," Quinn said. "So I was the second-string guy. Then, a few weeks later, they decided to put Tim in. I felt like the fans had a lot to do with that. Just 'cause they were chanting his name. There was a big calling for him. No, I didn't have any billboards. That would have been nice."

This is a harmless quote. You don't have to be a backup quarterback to want billboards pulling for you all over the town you live in.

But Quinn's comments took a different tone as his comments continued throughout the article.

"We've had a lot of, I guess, luck, to put it simply," Quinn said, recalling the Broncos memorable overtime win over the Bears.

Again, more or less harmless. Marion Barber running out of bounds and then fumbling is the definition of luck. It's not the greatest thing in the world to say about your (former?) teammates, especially if you want your job again in 2012, but it's not incendiary. But how do you feel about the way Tim acts off the field, Brady?

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"If you look at it as a whole, there's a lot of things that just don't seem very humble to me," Quinn said. "When I get that opportunity, I'll continue to lead not necessarily by trying to get in front of the camera and praying but by praying with my teammates, you know?"

Annnnnnd ... scene. At least on Quinn's career with the Broncos. Remember, they shipped Kyle Orton out of town because he was going to be a pain in the locker room. And they already know what they've got in Quinn (read: a guy who can't beat out Tebow for the backup job).

The Broncos said they want to bring in two more quarterbacks to generate some competition, but they're unlikely to bring in (or back) anyone who might truly try and undermine Tebowmania in Denver. If you're coming out to Mile High, you've got buy into the idea that you're going to get pelted with foam crosses should you win the starting gig.

But maybe Quinn's comments in the magazine aren't as bad as represented. Quinn released a statement on Twitter Tuesday afternoon refuting the nature of his comments in Silver's article.

"The comments attributed to me in a recent magazine article are in NO WAY reflective of my opinion of Tim and the Broncos," Quinn tweeted. "Tim deserves a lot of credit for our success and I'm happy for him and what he accomplished. Most importantly, he is a great teammate. That interview was conducted three months ago, and the resulting story was a completely inaccurate portrayal of my comments.

"I have addressed my disappointment with the writer and have reached out to Tim to clear this up. I apologize to anyone who feels I was trying to take anything away from our Team's or Tim's success this season."

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Quinn backtracks on Tebow 'humble' comment

I'll cut you some slack for not shredding me on my quote "All Power full."  lol.

I guess at the end of the day, I think you're veering off into a Red Herring and the discussion was just never able to make it back from that point on.

Good luck with the battle! Cool

Since: Dec 5, 2007
Posted on: February 27, 2012 4:19 pm

Quinn backtracks on Tebow 'humble' comment

Crushed intellectually? Like when it takes you 6-8 hours to get what movie quote is? I wouldn't know about that. I made one statement about this being something that I didn't think could be solved here, something you repeated. Wow, I'm crushed. So tell me, exactly how much did your last post contribute to the intellectual debate? Right. Have fun playing with yourself Skippy, I'm sure it's not your first time. Cool

Since: Aug 30, 2007
Posted on: February 27, 2012 2:39 pm

Quinn backtracks on Tebow 'humble' comment

It is incredible you keep coming back here after getting crushed intellectually time and time again. You are comically inept at even keeping the appearance that you know what your talking about. Please, just stop embarassing yourself. It is starting to make even la2r feel uncomfortable. Now we're just starting to feel guilty that your one of Jerry's kids that wondered onto a library computer in special ed class. Nah, your just from Kentucky. You should congratulate yourself on being one the biggest douchebags I have had the misfortune of running into on this site. I know, redundant right? Douchebag and Kensucky fan. Anyway, check out this site for a replacement of your uber gay trademark sunglasses. This would fit you like a glove. <cite>
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Quinn backtracks on Tebow 'humble' comment

  "You started the discussion by saying that no form of deductive logic can help to prove the existence of God." Yes, and with any of my statements on issues like that, it's what I think, I didn't mean to present it as a 'fact of life', or something that couldn't be debated, just one that IMO can't be resolved by debate (especially on a sports forum). And while the place of the discussion might not seem relevant to the discussion itself, i.e. we could discuss this at a wedding and it wouldn't affect the ideas or arguments, but it wouldn't be the place to have that discussion. I also didn't mean to imlpy that I thought 'no discussion' could be had, just that I didn't see any successful resolutions on the horizon with the information that is available to be presented as acceptable facts.

"Evidence and facts can be applied to a thought process of deductive logic to help an individual make a determination about whether it is or not likely that there is an all power full God." Yes. I admit that. But that's an individual determination, not one that can be deduced by one person, and then shared to the satisfaction of all others. And if you haven't guessed by now, I do like a good discussion and debate, and I'm not saying I'm right or wrong, just what I think, which I believe on these matters is all anyone can do.

And last and least Skippy,
Indiana calling Kentucky hillbilly, nice one junior. We can't all be high falootin' wind farmers, some of us have to raise thoroughbred horses and make award winning bourbon whiskey. And speaking of taints, wasn't it your Supreme Leader Bobby Knight that used his taint wipings to 'motivate' those Indiana boys that played for him? In between choking them I mean. Yea.. you can say taint about Kentucky, but you know what's right above the taint don't ya? Good one skippy. Saved me the trouble. Real classy 'shrivelled bucknutt sack' of a state you got up there. And way to say you want UK to win just so you can wait forever with your jealous hoser friends and 'pray' to a God you don't believe in for some mystery violation to be found. Then you go on to root against yourself by saying they will bow out of the tourney. I guess I shouldn't expect to make sense of your posts when even you can't seem to huh? And have fun cheering for UK to lose, instead of cheering for your team to win (definition of a jealous hater btw). Maybe you guys can all get together and rush the court if that happens too. You seem to be longing for any reason to do so, or seem relevant to a sports discussion at all. But I bear you no ill will Lucinda, just have fun watching other teams dance towards the trophy that won't be yours, again. I'd hate to take hatin' away from you when it's all you've got. That and a copied pair of my Cool.

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Posted on: February 27, 2012 8:14 am

Quinn backtracks on Tebow 'humble' comment

 Evidence and facts can be applied to a thought process of deductive logic to help an individual make a determination about whether it is or not likely that there is an all power full God.   lol, I'm just amazed that you won't admit that.

Again, your arguing with a hillbilly that has pride issues and is a pretend buddhist. Your wasting your time. I'll keep you in mind for the tournament gomexican. I can only hope that the pro team Calipari assembled his year finally lives up to the hype and wins it all. Only to have it taken away in the next few years like everyother previously coached Calipari team. Like every Hoosier that grew up north of the slack jawed, snaggle toothed, goat raping mecca directly to the south, also known as Indiana's taint, I will wait in anticipation to tell all the UK fans I am unfortunately surrounded by, "Fuck Kensucky!" when thay bow out of the tournament, unfullfilled again. Cool

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Quinn backtracks on Tebow 'humble' comment

At this point, I'm just intrigued.  I didn't say I cared what you thought.  You started the discussion by saying that no form of deductive logic can help to prove the existence of God.  It's irrelevant whether this is a Sports Site or any other forum for that matter.

 I guess being Buddhist would be the only explanation for why you think that no discussion can be had on the matter..  Buddhist don't search for that answer.  The rest of us normally do.  Evidence and facts can be applied to a thought process of deductive logic to help an individual make a determination about whether it is or not likely that there is an all power full God.   lol, I'm just amazed that you won't admit that.

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Posted on: February 27, 2012 12:35 am

Quinn backtracks on Tebow 'humble' comment

  I was making one point, that these things can't be 'proved' one way or the other by discussion on a sports board. Skippy likes repeating things I say, so he said it too. I don't know why you want to make it about what I think, like that matters, but whatever.

   I'm sorry your mom got bad sausage at Porcini and now you hate everyone from Kentucky. When you come up with something original.. aww heck, we both know that's never going to happen. Have fun watching your Hosers nose dive in the tourney. If you wanna hide your tears, feel free to borrow my Cool

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Posted on: February 26, 2012 11:06 pm

Quinn backtracks on Tebow 'humble' comment

I don't want to be a jerk because you don't appear to be an A-hole, but I've never seen anybody obliviously hopstep specific questions with this much generic rhetoric. 

Hardly any believers or non-believers will unequivocally state that there is proof either way.  They simply draw a conclusion based on the evidence present.  Again, all each can do is use facts presented to them.  You're acting like there is no such thing as "evidence" and no one can use any facts//// or are "facts" just a mythical creation as well.  It's hard to explain how ridiculous your current argument is. 

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Posted on: February 26, 2012 7:47 pm

Quinn backtracks on Tebow 'humble' comment

Get it this time Gunther? I know your a UK fan so maye I should post it again. 

 Prediction: This article will spawn 20-30 pages of comments that will cover media hype, religion, hipocrisy, lots of pontificating and philosophising, some conservative rhetoric, bible beating, lots o' jesus talk and scripture quoting, and a little football talk. Let the ridiculousness begin!

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