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Just Starting Off

Posted on: June 13, 2010 5:02 am

A few days ago a buddy and I had a disagreement over the greatest sporting event. Since there are too many to lost as the top he created a top ten list of greatest sporting events. I disagreed with some of them so I decided to start a blog t o invite dialogue between fans on all subjects. 

I will be posting in the next few days articles on "Top Ten Rivalries" and "Top Ten Sporting Events". I will start with these and then branch out into my favorite teams and just favorite subjects at the time. Expect to see some World Cup Posts too.

I invite everyone to read this blog, leave comments, provide feedback. I want to have an open forum of sports discussions from different perspectives. 

As a disclaimer, I am from the midwest so there will probably be some bias. I have already made my "Top Ten Rivalry" list and I can see there are midwest teams galore in there. This is why I want discussion from everyone!

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

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