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Kevin Garnett a punk? Rajon Rondo just so-so?

Posted on: November 4, 2010 7:12 am
Edited on: November 6, 2010 4:50 am
Alright to start off this little debate  when another player throws an elbow in to KG it's good physical defense. When KG does it usually is after a player throws one in to him first, instead of it being physical defense KG is a punk. I think or actually know that all Lakers fans are just KG haters because he don't take no crap, especially from Lakers players.

 Kevin Garnett is just a physical player period. Thank god there are a few left,that's the way the game has been played in past history and should continue to be played. Unfortunately there are so many premadonna players in the  sport these days, the powers that be just don't want one of their favorite sons to get a little bruise on them or hurt their little feelings, that it is making the NBA look more like the WNBA.

 Everyone's precious Lakers are the whole problem with calls like that, it started for them and continues for them. The sad part is it's not isolated just to them anymore, it is spreading through out the league and it is sicking. You can't even breath hard on a player these days let alone touch one with out it being called a foul or a technical foul. I have been watching NBA for almost 50 years and can remember when the refs and the league used to let the players do just that, play.

 By the way the Bucks are not a hapless team AS I HEAR SO MANY SAY. They are a young team that the so called experts projected to be a contender this year for the playoffs. When the year wears on a little you will see or not see rather a hapless Bucks team, but rather a playoff contender.

 Now on the subject of Rajon Rondo, DWill or CP3 could not carry Rondos jock strap. Rondo is with out doubt the best point guard in the league, maybe with the exception of Steve Nash. Point guards are not supposed to put up big scoring numbers, if they do however it's icing on the cake. Rondo had 17 points 8 boards and 15 assists tonight, that is what a point guard is supposed to do. Hell the 8 boards is great for a point guard. Most times he even exceeds that.

 Point is a position to run the game, set up the plays and find the open man with the best position to score. No one does that better than Rajon Rondo. he is not only the best now , but will be for a very long time. That is if Avery Bradley lives up to expectations. If that is the case then Rondo will be moved to the #2 position some time in the future. We will just have to watch and see Bradley's development. As a Lakers fan you better pray that doesn't become the situation, and every other team in the NBA. They would be the most awesome guard duo in NBA history.

 About Paul Pierce, thanks everyone for recognizing his accomplishment of becoming only the 36th player in NBA history to exceed 20,000 points.

 Also he is only the Third player in NBA history to score over 20,000 points while playing on just one team.


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