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Julian Wright needsVegas League guidance

Posted on: July 2, 2010 11:28 pm
We interrupt your coverage of NBA free agency apocalypse to bring you Julian Wright's ego run amuck.

So Julian Wright had so much potential and just never got there. The prototypical athletic forward that can't seem to develop consistent moves, touch, or keep his head on straight while defending. Your favorite team probably has one. If your favorite team is the Warriors you have about five.

But the story of a career is not writtten a handful of years into it, it's written at the end. So if he works hard, and continues to committing to developing...

Oh, well .

The Times Picayune in New Orleans reports that Wright has elected not to participate in Summer League. The assumption is that he believes he's got nothing to gain from attending. It's entirely possbile there's some injury keeping Wright out. Or maybe he's got a significant personal engagement he can't break.

But skippig is kind of par for the course for "Juju." He's failed to recognize that you can't skip stages in this league unless you're an elite talent. And like most players, he's not an elite talent. Which means he needs to try and work his way to where he wants to be instead of just saying he's there.

Not the best way to start off with a new coach, there, Juju.

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