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LeBron James follows the trend of control

Posted on: July 7, 2010 2:58 am
Mr. Young brought you the news that LeBron James is hosting a little dog and pony show to announce his decision on Thursday. James, Bosh, and Wade will share a conference call Wednesday to discuss their plans and possibly coordinate the checkmate moves. The storm clouds are gathering, as one might say.

But let's take a moment and recognize the apex of a movement in cultural interactions between celebrities and their fans. As is often the case, trends in sports and sports personalities reflect the ongoing evolution of our cultural landscape, and King James, he is reflectin'.

Over the weekend, Joe Johnson's agent, Arn Tellem announced without announcing on the Huffington Post that Joe Johnson would be accepting the max offer from the Hawks to return to Atlanta. Tellem was able to give what the Johnson camp wants to expound as his motivations and intentions regarding the decision to re-sign with the Hawks. He painted the picture that Johnson wants painted, and that's the lead story. By controlling the story, shaping it and putting it in a public forum, Tellem took the power away from the small army of reporters that broke news of the extension offer throughout the week prior.

This follows a year where we saw the best and worst of social media interactions with athletes. Some NBA players stuck their foot in their mouth, Michael Beasley famously posted images of himself with marijuana on a nearby table (later confirmed to not be his house). But on the flip side, the Oklahoma City Thunder embraced Twitter and saw their public image soar, particularly Kevin Durant. Dwyane Wade reached out and communicated, as did Chris Paul. By reaching out and communicating up front with their fans, these players made themselves even bigger and did so on their own terms without the risks involved in third party conversations and interviews.

Which brings us to LeBron James' actions throughout the week. First his website appeared revamped, with talk of "finding out first." Rumors of James intending to announce his free agency decision via the website were later debunked . Then the Twitter account opened. Don't think there's been a radical shift in policy with James? Consider that the reporter who's followed him his entire career is completely baffled by the opening of James' Twitter account. That, along with the announcement of the live announcement represent a drastic change in the perception of James by those that have been with him the longest. The stakes have changed. And the playing field has changed alongside with it.

The key to this is the ability to control the message. Instead of having every angle, feeling, and angle about his business decisions laid out by reporters around the media sphere and the world wide web (it's an information superhighway, you know), James has the opportunity to lay out his decision in the most dramatic way possible, while raising money for charity. He raises his profile, puts himself on the map in a way never before seen. He'll never be Jordan, but he can market himself bigger. What's striking is that by doing so, he's somehow moved the importance of this operation from what his decision is to the announcement itself.

It doesn't matter where James goes. It's how he announces it. The man is having an hour on the most powerful sports television entity in the world, selling his own advertising, and donating it to charity, only furthering his image. There will be backlash, because that's what happens when you market yourself. It's self-aggrandizement, but you should also recognize that it's proof of the power of controlling your own message, of honing and delivering it on your own terms. More so than going to New York or Chicago or staying home and being the hero, it's the process of his declaration that gives this moment its weight. It's false dramatics, but then, this is sport. We turn athletes into Warriors and games into legends. We're not above this behavior, James is simply harnessing its full power.

LeBron James is on the verge of a decision which will impact the next half-decade in the NBA. He could win multiple titles or walk away empty handed. He could destroy Cleveland or save it. He could resurrect New York, rise in Jordan's shadow, claim Brooklyn as his kingdom, or bring the party to South Beach. But in reality, regardless of his decision, he's making history. He's bringing the power of individual control to a new level, and capitalizing on the full weight of his business potential. For years, he's discussed wanting to be a global icon. It turns out that where he plays may not be the key to accomplishing that. Instead, his method for revealing his decision could be the launching pad towards finally reaching that particular atmosphere.

-Matt Moore

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Posted on: July 9, 2010 9:47 pm

LeBron James follows the trend of control

Well put!  It has to do with the instant access we all have now with the internet.

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Posted on: July 7, 2010 2:38 pm

LeBron James follows the trend of control

You know, I swear we've had the collective realization at least three or four times now that athletes are making the media redundant. Or at least redundant in the sense that media are no longer news breakers, only news discussers. And it's a lot harder to write meaningful analysis of sports than it is to churn out "hrd wade likes Chi food the best...RT @heatinsider: bosh coming to miami?"

So the media is essentially forced to posture when LeBron pulls this stunt. They'll pretend to be appalled by the melodrama, if only to serve as a deterrent for future athletes -- if you attempt to do our jobs for us, we will crucify you on Around the Horn. But if you asked any of these writers to serve as the host of the event, they'd have to put you on hold while they ran around their apartment highfiving every object that vaguely resembled a hand.

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Posted on: July 7, 2010 12:26 pm

LeBron James follows the trend of control

Well said Outlaw, I agree 100%. I have not been a really big LBJ fan but he has won me over with this one. For all thoes individuals that are going to get on here and talk down and say he is selfish and he needs attention, its not for himself, its for a bigger cause. When is the last time you have given to a cause like this?  

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Posted on: July 7, 2010 10:15 am

James is "KING" in my book.

    I never really got the whole Lebron thing. Yeah he is the best player on the planet, sure his innocence made for an interesting last few years(that is now over). I've heard about his ability to light up the world around him, but this.!!!! I've been told how much of a wuzz I am. So it makes sense that when I heard about how the sponsorship proceeds from this 1 hour Lebron special will go to The Boys and Girls Club of america I got him.

     Lebron sees that this decision will greatly affect multiple local economies. Some in a good way, some in a bad way. Why not make sure an important charity gets the most help of all. Thank you Lebron for showing that today's megaicons still have a heart. 

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