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If Bosh goes Heat, what does LeBron do?

Posted on: July 7, 2010 10:35 am
Edited on: July 7, 2010 11:02 am
If the numerous reports out there are accurat e, and they've been confirmed by just about every major outlet on the planet, then Chris Bosh is joining Dwyane Wade on South Beach for one heck of a party. But as the tango starts up in Miami (it takes two, you see), we're going to have to turn our attention almost immediately back to where our eyes have been glued all along.

What does LeBron James do now?

With both of the significant power forward options off the market assuming Bosh is a done deal, James' decision becomes somehow simpler and more complicated. Our own Ken Berger reports that he's a near-lock to announce he's returning to Cleveland tomorrow during his one-hour ego boost. But James has to be taking a good long look at his options before committing to anything.

LeBron was expected to be the catalyst, but instead Joe Johnson recommitted to the Hawks first, then Amar'e Stoudemire didn't wait for James to decide where he was headed before jumping into the center of MSG. Now Bosh is teamed with Wade. James may want to return to Cleveland, to stay home, to be the hero, but he's got to look at a roster that won 120 games plus over the past two years and still didn't make the Finals and get a little nauseous thinking of having to compete with Orlando, Boston, and now Miami and whatever the Knicks pull off (if anything). Which means James' camp has to be exploring his options, which right now are thus:

Take less money to join Wade and Bosh in Miami. Wade and Bosh are almost definitely assured the max deals (Wade from Miami, Bosh in a sign-and-trade). So it's natural for them to take those deals which means James capitalizes on his enormous celebrity and forms a super-team the likes of which hasn't been seen in decades in the NBA thanks to the salary cap. He guarantees himself multiple rings but also sacrifices home court advantage in terms of market and under the circumstances, looks like the third wheel. James is no third wheel. As important as winning is to James, not giving up his leverage in his attempt to become a global icon is more important, and going to Miami would mean sacrificing stock in that. Still, the allure of a super team has to weigh heavily, especially when combined with the beach and tax situation in Miami.

Head to New York to join Amar'e.
James comes into the world's biggest market as the difference maker alongside Amar'e Stoudemire. All of a sudden New York is the free-agent destination and the team can fill out the roster with quality players while working towards the future. Still, the core roster behind Stoudemire is as shaky as it is in Miami, only without the All-Star duo and only Amar'e instead. The money would be amazing, but the basketball might suffer. It would be an incredible risk, but one with a huge payout.

Head to Chicago with Rose and Noah.
The Bulls have the most ready team to compete over the next decade and with James they would elevate to a whole other level. Noah provides strength low and Rose is one of the most up and coming point guards in the league. He would have his name next to Michael Jordan, for better or worse, and operate in a major market. The team would be ready to contend and could likely snag Carlos Boozer or David Lee to help with low-position scoring. For whatever reason, the Bulls have slipped out of most talks.

Stay home.
The option most are predicting, and have from the start. Our own Ken Berger reports that's the most likely scenario . But James is looking at Antawn Jamison, who did not deliver last season in any way, shape, or form, and Mo Williams as his running partners while the rest of the league gets younger, the Heat become a powerhouse, Boston maintains, Orlando maintains, and the Lakers still rule the roost. But Cleveland is home, and James may feel that his presence will always generate the ability for teams to improve. Maybe the Cavs can pull a rabbit out of a hat. What's strange is the most likely scenario also seems like the most risky. The Cavs are a lock to not be terrible in the future. But they're also a heavy favorite to be not be considered a true contender unless significant changes happen.

Wade and Bosh may force James to reconsider his decision, either way. The options are largely the same as they've ever been, but the pieces have now moved into place. In a little over 24 hours, James will have to publicly declare what's most important to him , with the whole world watching.

-Matt Moore

(Graphic: Roland Liwag)

Since: Sep 15, 2006
Posted on: July 7, 2010 4:59 pm

The Most Hated Man in Ohio........

That is exactly what LeBron James will be if he ditches Cleveland to chase rings elsewhere.  Right now, I imagine that Art Modell is somewhere rooting for LeBron to leave, to go any where else.  After selling loyal Cleveland fans out to move the team to Baltimore, Modell was bestowed the title of Most Hated Man in Ohio and it has stuck ever since.  I imagine that he would love to pass that on to LeBron if at all possible.

LeBron, how can you ever come home if you crap on your loyal fan base back home?  How can you ever eat out in Cleveland and not know if some LeBron hater has spit in your food, or worse?  Which is worth more, world championship rings or a legacy as the greatest athlete to ever play in Ohio?  Aren't rings a little over rated, any way?  After 10 or 20 years go by, who is going to remember if you had two, three or four?  I was a huge Abdul Jabbar fan, but I can't remember how many he won.  I'd have to look it up.  However, your legacy of being the greatest sports figure to ever play in Ohio, would never have to be Googled. 

Stay home where you belong. Where you are loved.  Where you can prove to the world that you don't need a Bosh or a Stoudemire to deliver championships.  It will only make the "legend of LeBron" that much greater.  Go to Florida and not win, and the three of you will be the chumps of the NBA for years and years to come!  No one will remember that you  didn't have anything surrounding you.  They will only talk about the three great free agents who conspired to dominate, but fell flat on their collective faces. 

Since: Jun 24, 2009
Posted on: July 7, 2010 4:20 pm

If Bosh goes Heat, what does LeBron do?

Since announcement of Lebronapalooza in Greenwich, CT


MSG stock up 7%! Apparently the investors think he's coming to NY.

Since: Apr 5, 2007
Posted on: July 7, 2010 3:39 pm

If Bosh goes Heat, what does LeBron do?

Chicago is a basketball breathing city?  It's all they have?  Now granted, the Cubs and the Bears and the NHL champion Hawks may not make you cringe with fear, but they are part of one of the greatest sports city story's of all time.  Chicago is like Boston, New York, Los Angeles, steeped in proud sports tradition and draped throughout the annals of sports history.  Chicago doesn't need LeBron, he would be a nice piece of the puzzle, but I believe if they stay the course and keeps their young stars, they will eventually cycle back to the summit.

Since: Apr 5, 2007
Posted on: July 7, 2010 3:31 pm

If Bosh goes Heat, what does LeBron do?

LeBron doesn't need a major market to become a global ICON, it's already happened.  He is arguably one of the most recognizable and marketable athletes on the face of the earth.  He would be a global ICON in Toledo Ohi, or anywhere he choses to play.  I believe the criticism is a little harsh about the teammates being trash.  They have led the league in wins the last couple of seasons, but haven't been able to win the big games.  Defense wins NBA championships, and in case you were watching a series that I wasn't, I believe one of the main reasons Cleveland lost this year was because LeBron couldn't have thrown the ball into Lake Michigan.  Do they need to get better?  Absolutely, but it isn't far-fetched to believe that can happen in Northern Ohio.  Also, Byron Scott is one of the best young coaches the game has to offer.

Since: May 1, 2008
Posted on: July 7, 2010 3:31 pm

If Bosh goes Heat, what does LeBron do?

You can eliminate Miami as a possible destination. If Miami was in the picture the announcement of the signing of Bosh and Wade would have waited to include LeBron.

Moore's comment that by going to Miami LeBron "guarantees himself multiple rings"  is utterly ridiculous.

Since: Apr 15, 2010
Posted on: July 7, 2010 2:49 pm

If Bosh goes Heat, what does LeBron do?

LBJ will not go to Miami with Bosh. He will stay in Cleveland (At home) with really no other superstar and be the man, or he could go to Chicago and already have a proven young team that he would fit in great with and be the superstar of the whole city! New York has the Yankees, Jets, Giants, Mets, Knicks. which all are great teams in there sport. ( besides the Mets). Chicago is a basketball breathing city. The Bulls are the biggest thing that they have and if he went there then he would (own) that City. So LBJ if you want a ring, fame, and fortune the go to the BULLS!!!  

Since: Dec 14, 2006
Posted on: July 7, 2010 2:47 pm

If he is smart he goes to New York

There is no way LeBron goes to the Heat...Wade's team...and shares the spotlight if he wins. Plus he'd get less money then both Wade and Bosh get to play on the same team. He can win without Wade and Bosh, however he cannot win in Cleveland with the supporting cast they have. Cleveland really doesn't have anyway of getting better and will only slowly deteriorate over the lenght on his new contract. Besides being his hometown what does Cleveland offer over the other three cities mentioned in this article? Nothing...the fact the Cavs won 120 games over the last two years is a testiment to LeBron's greatness not the team's, but even he cannot not delivery a championship without help. Take LeBron off the Cavs and they will be picking in the lottery next year, so he would be stupid to resign with them.

In my opinion his best situation is with the Knicks, who still draw crowds with a lousy team. With LeBron and Stoudemire, plus any additions they add this year they will win over 50 games and make the playoffs. Then next year they can add another top level player with more cap room from expiring contracts and the will be ready to win a championship and it will be LeBron's team in the biggest market in the world.  In New York King James will be the king of the world and with a couple of championships could become bigger then Jordan...that will never happen in Cleveland, Miami and especially Chicago.  

If LeBron announces he is staying in Cleveland tomorrow night that news conference will be the last relevant thing he does.

Since: Mar 16, 2010
Posted on: July 7, 2010 2:45 pm

If Bosh goes Heat, what does LeBron do?

Bron will stay in Cleveland and go for the money...if he wanted to win championships then he would go to Miami or Chicago. The city of  Cleveland will go under if he leaves and he won't let that happen.

Since: Feb 1, 2010
Posted on: July 7, 2010 2:32 pm

If Bosh goes Heat, what does LeBron do?

Come on folks, he will remain in Cleveland. He wants to go down as the man who brought Cleveland their title. If he were to go to another franchise and seek help, he would never become even remotely close to Jordan as a renowned winner. Bear in mind, the man is only 26 years old. He'll be a champion by the time he is 28.

Since: Nov 2, 2007
Posted on: July 7, 2010 2:30 pm

If Bosh goes Heat, what does LeBron do?

Do you realize how much Nike will pay lebron to put a larger than life picture of him in a knick uniform in time square? do u know how much they will pay to put that same picture in east bumble F*** ohio?  You do the math my friends, Lebron is no idiot

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