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What the Bosh S&T proposal means for 'Cats

Posted on: July 8, 2010 3:04 pm
Edited on: July 8, 2010 4:23 pm
Posted by Matt Moore

As KB dropped on us a few minutes ago , the Charlotte Bobcats have been pulled into talks with the Heat and Raptors about the Chris Bosh sign-and-trade. With Miami clearing space to try and land you-know-who, the Bobcats have been pulled into talks to take on a player, which Toronto is unwilling to do.

(Read about the whole deal here from KB .)

The Cats would be taking on Mike Beasley under the proposed deal, one that is curious in many ways for Larry Brown's team. It means ditching Tyson Chandler leaving them perilously thin at center, and adding another SF/PF combo in the same vein as Gerald Wallace, only not as versatile, complete, or basketball-intelligent. It also may likely end Tyrus Thomas' time in Charlotte, though a combo of the two would be interesting... in a lot of ways.

Beasley is considered nearly radioactive at this point, but so was Tyrus Thomas when Larry Brown decided to bring him into the fold. This move echoes a continuing sentiment that Brown is undertaking players who are thought to be lost causes, players who he himself had no time for a few years ago. Ditching Chandler would clear quite a bit of space for the Bobcats who are up against the luxury tax wall pretty hard and getting shaken down, all for a roster nowhere close to title contention.

Beasle's a high-risk, low-reward type player from a basketball standpoint, but clearing Chandler may also leave them the ability to pursue a younger, more athletic center like Joel Anthony for a much lower price.

One thing's for certain. The Bobcats are continuing full-force with their reformation-through-trade strategy if they can worm their way into this deal.


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Posted on: July 8, 2010 3:35 pm

What the Bosh S&T proposal means for 'Cats

I'd say it's pretty premature to write off Beasley forever. He's a #2 pick, dominated college ball to the extent that he got robbed of PotY by Hansbrough due to upperclassmen bias, and he's had moments in the NBA. Also keep in mind that he's played next to Wade, the most ball-dominant player in the NBA, and there have been a number of people that have pointed to Beasley's above-average production when played at the 4 -- which may be his natural position, even if he is undersized for it.

I can't really think of anyone that's exactly shined next to Wade, and I think that if Beasley was allowed to get more touches and have an offense run through him, his confidence could catch up to his potential. If you look at the young stars in the league, few of them blossomed while playing next to a first team All-NBA'er: LeBron, Durant, Wade, Roy, Melo, Paul, Howard...all these guys joined ho-hum lottery teams without alpha dogs firmly established. If Beasley is handed the reins to a crap team like Charlotte and still sucks, then I think it's fair to saddle him with the "bust" label, but not until then.

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