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LeBrocalype: Everyone getting predictions in

Posted on: July 8, 2010 5:48 pm
Edited on: July 8, 2010 7:50 pm
Posted by Matt Moore
 Gary Parrish, Jamey Eisenberg, Pete Pistone, Mike Freeman and KB give the low-down on what they think  will happen .

A late roundup of predictions as we head into the Big Decision:

Ian Thomsen of SI can't understand why James would leave home and all that money .

Apparently the agents and GMs Brian Windhorst is talking to feel the same .

Royce Young says that his gut impulse is Cleveland, with Miami a red herring.

As for me?

James has already proven that his decision will likely not be based on where he has the best chance to win a championship, otherwise he would have dragged Chris Bosh to Chicago five days ago. It will not be based on where the best chance to market his future is, otherwise the Nets would at least be in contention. Right now the decision comes down to his home and family versus his friends. New York is hanging in the background, but they simply don't have enough to pull him through. So now we have the situation where James is weighing Cleveland and the people he's been around his whole life versus two of his good friends and a chance to do something phenomenal with the amount of star power they'll have. It's a difficult one. Maybe not so difficult as to require this much time and a major network special to decide, but a huge decision nonetheless.

At the end of it, I believe he'll return to Cleveland. Going to Dwyane Wade's turf? Not his style. Staying home and ruling the roost? That's what he does. That's how he rolls. He'll never have the power base in Miami with Pat Riley and Wade that he'll have in Cleveland. Never have the God-like state of adoration from the fans, who already have their favorite. He'll never be what he in Cleveland to Miami. If New York had managed to stay in the race a bit more, had had a few more things go their way, he would have landed in New York. But faced with this decision, he's going to do what feels right. With so many competing ideas, people most often turn to what they know to be true.

And LeBron knows he loves Ohio, and Ohio loves him.

The King returns to his throne.


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Posted on: July 8, 2010 6:00 pm

LeBrocalype: Everyone getting predictions in

 If LeBron goes to Miami for less money to play with his friends and win championships who could blame him? It's his choice and it would the easiest path to winning. Believe me verterans will come out of the wood works to play for the minimum to be on the Dynasty that will be Miami. He who underestimates Pat Riley would be foolish. Although I too can see why writers and fans of other teams would be haters and jealous, but how does winning championships hurt your image? Also note that Miami has only one championship and lots of room on the rafters and record books for superstars to leave their mark unlike Chicago where he will never be Jordan and in New York who can't compete with the roster Miami will put together. Finally he already gave 7 years to Cleveland now its time to move on and get his rings. For example Shaq left Orlando to go to LA. They had their shot and its too late for them now. I know how bad this will hurt Cleveland and its fans but they should be happy they had such a great player for so long. People remember Lebron earned his right to be a free agent and he deserves to play where he wants and where he will be happy. 

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