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Cavs in the mix for Josh Childress, Al Jefferson

Posted on: July 10, 2010 6:48 pm
Edited on: July 10, 2010 6:54 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Replacing the best player in franchise history isn't easy. But that doesn't mean Cleveland is just going to sit and cry and write angry letters about it. Well I guess one of those things they did do. Nevertheless.

Brian Windhorst reports that the Cavs
are considering making an offer to Atlanta restricted free agent Josh Childress . But that's not all! The Cavs are also talking with Minnesota about a deal to bring Al Jefferson to Cleveland, Windhorst reports .

Childress has until July 15 to opt out of his contract with Olympiakos, which is where he spent last season. The Jefferson talks aren't serious yet, Windhorst says, because Minnesota is looking for more than just a salary dump. They want assets. Does that mean J.J. Hickson? Just draft picks? Hickson plus picks? There were talks a few days ago that Cleveland was making a play for Jonny Flynn. Maybe this is all one big package deal being discussed.

Cleveland's not the only team making a play for Jefferson though. Marc Stein reports the Mavs have had some talks with Minnesota involving Eric Dampier, but the Wolves want picks along wth Dampier's attractive contract, and that's something Dallas doesn't want to include.


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Posted on: July 15, 2011 11:31 am

Cavs in the mix for Josh Childress, Al Jefferson

TALWAS: The tale, set in the forests of northwestern India, had all the ingredients of a perfect Bollywood love story: emotion, celebration, star-crossed lovers and a nail-biting climax.

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The photo is worth the read.

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Posted on: July 12, 2010 10:49 am

Cavs in the mix for Josh Childress, Al Jefferson

childress is a Phoenix Sun.  The suns signed him and traded for turkoglu last night

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Posted on: July 12, 2010 2:32 am

Cavs in the mix for Josh Childress, Al Jefferson

Looks like Cavs wont be getting Childress after all.

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Posted on: July 12, 2010 12:57 am

Cavs in the mix for Josh Childress, Al Jefferson

lol shut up dude, nobody likes you..get bent

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Posted on: July 11, 2010 9:13 pm

Cavs in the mix for Josh Childress, Al Jefferson

Most of lebrons stats in those games that he "quit" are shadowing over the fact that he turned the ball over several times, and he was passing the ball off as if he didnt want to shoot and make the game closer.  Also after the all star break last year Lebron seemed to start getting really sloppy with his ball handling acting as if he almost did not care, which i think is exactly what was going on. He did not care anymore for the cleveland cavaliers, he was already moved on, in his mind.  I mean he can go to south beach and win 6 titles in 6 years but he will never again be remembered as the king.  He will be remembered as the man who couldn't get it done in his home state, he couldnt get it done as "the guy", he is now going to be known as the follower. 
As for the cavs going after jefferson and childress.  That would be huge if they could get those guys with out giving up Hickson. They will easily make the playoffs if they get those two and possibly be a 4,5 or 6 seed.

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Posted on: July 11, 2010 8:43 pm

Cavs in the mix for Josh Childress, Al Jefferson

Unfortunately the shadow of the traitor will cast a shadow for some time and it will linger all-together until they win a title. Childress is a real nice player to have in your rotation but the Cavs are loaded with guys like that. There's a reason Jefferson is being shopped by one of the worst franchises in pro sports. With the roster Cleveland has, they'll be competeting for the final playoff spot out East and are far behind Milwaukee and Chicago within their own division. A year or two (or three) down the road the Cavs will have the chance to have a new, mature, competitor as the face of their franchise. Until then dread regins at the Q.

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Posted on: July 11, 2010 7:44 pm

Cavs in the mix for Josh Childress, Al Jefferson

Darn, I ruined the dramatic effect as the stats came out wrong, you can following the link above but I will fix it below.

Playoffs Conference Semi-Finals

;     &nbs
p;     &nb
sp;     &n
bsp;     &

May 13@          
;     46      8 - 21    2 - 4    9 - 12     3   16   19   10   3     1    9  2   27
May 11vs.          
;  42      3 - 14    0 - 4    9 - 12     1    5 &nb
sp;   6     7   1     0    3  3   15
May 09@          
;     43      7 - 18    0 - 5    8 - 11     1    8     9     8   2  &nb
sp;  1    7  4   22
May 07@          
;  39     14 - 22    2 - 3    8 - 9      2    6     8     7   1     2    1  1   38
May 03vs.          
;  4      17 - 15    0 - 4    10 - 15   0    7     7     4   3     2    5  1   24
May 01vs.          
; 43    12 - 24    3 - 6    8 - 11     2    5     7     7   3     2    2  1   35

Alright, so they aren't perfect like on the site but there they are and since they are no perfect and my post isn't then maybe those anti-Lebron people can roast my post but I hope they won't since I am new and would like to hit Superstar one day so I can glog during games, lol!

Shoot, one last thing.  If you had an owner that came out like Gilbert did after LeBron left don't you think maybe LeBron knew he was like this and maybe that's why he left?  And if baby Gilbert would have got his LeBron back you know he would be praising him and riding his you know what but since he lost then he showed his true colors like most do when you tell them no.

Okay, no more posts from me today, have to go out now and do something athletic instead of bashing those who get paid to do it for a living.

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Posted on: July 11, 2010 7:27 pm

Cavs in the mix for Josh Childress, Al Jefferson

Watching some of the Cleveland series vs. Boston I think it is funny how some people come on here and talk about him quitting just to bump their gums about something and create stories where there are none.

But first things first, after Gilbert made those statements he made about LeBron and his championship promise you know he has to do something or look like he is doing something in the eyes of the fans because that roster, as it is now is likely a fringe 8th seed roster at best.  That is on paper of course but I would think most non-homers would agree that that roster is no where near being able to compete with the new elite in the East, that being, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Orlando and even Atlanta.

So, like I always love to do on here, let's have some fun with stats because if I guy is putting up numbers, how can he possibly be a quitter right?  I mean this guy is a top 2 player in the league (Kobe/LeBron or LeBron/Kobe in either order) but even he cannot put up numbers without trying right?

Let's look at the Boston series:

Found this online so I will just cut and paste it here, oh, here is the source since the same people calling him a quitter my think I am making up number or something:

Game 5, he was horrible but in Game 7 of the Finals Kobe was worse so does that mean he quit?  No, he just didn't have it that night and he team carried him to the title but when LeBron doesn't have it, which like Bean, is rare, there is no one that can consistently carry him home.  Wait, it just hit me, Boston held him down a little and at times held Bean down too, maybe, just maybe, there is something about Boston, oh, I dunno, they play D perhaps.

Game By Game StatsDateOpponentResultMINFGM-A3PM-AFTM-


onference Semi-FinalsMay 13@ 468 - 212 - 49 - 123161910319227May 11vs. 423 - 140 - 49 - 121567103315May 09@ 437 - 180 - 58 - 111898217422May 07@ 3914 - 222 - 38 - 92687121138May 03vs. 417 - 150 - 410 - 150774325124May 01vs. 4312 - 243 - 68 - 112577322135

Now, I am no LBJ homer or appologist for his Ego Tour 2010 but it is funny calling him a quitter as if that makes people proud of themselves because they are trying to rip a guy they would take on their team in a heart beat.  What's more hilarious is the d-bag writers on here calling him that and a coward as if anyone on here wouldn't want to go to a place they could win more (potentially of course).

Back to my point, Game 5, yeah he sucked but after that game they interviewed him about Game 6 and he said he felt they would win and when asked why he said, "We still got me."  Why make a comment like that and make oneself a target if he was a quitter and in Game 6 he was nearly the only one who seemed to be giving his all.  Come on, the shooting wasn't great but 19 boards, 10 assists, 3 steals, sounds like a quitter to me.  Those 9 turnovers must be your excuse right, oh, he turned it over on purpose right?  People on these boards and some stories written in absence of facts and statistical evidence amuse me as I am sure they do the educated fans.

Look, you know who you are, you do the same thing when every superstar who is not on your hometown team has an off night because even at 5'11 if I guarded LeBron or Kobe they would miss some shots but just call it what it is.  He may have looked a turd in Game 5 but don't make up stories and excuses, just admit that since he/they is/are not on your team that you try to find every flaw about the guy to make yourself feel justified for why most of the teams out there aren't as good as The LeBrons were or the Lakers are and your favorite player on your team is no LeBron or Bean.

That being said, what do we all think?  This Summer of 2010 was billed as a life-altering event for all 6 billion people across the globe, sarcastically speaking, so did it live up to it.  My guess is if LeBron is not on your team or you still think he is not elite then this summer has been a sad one for you since you sit there all the time coming up with these theories about how he will not be able to coexist with Wade and Bosh but for me this summer was interesting and the next 6 seasons should be interesting to watch to see how this trio will be remembered.

Funny story real quick, I was in a Safeway yesterday (In CA btw) and the bagger started yapping with a customer about the Heat, Lebron, their roster, etc.  The guy in line was like, yeah, but who is running the point and the bagger said, they have Rafer Alston, I had to chuckle a bit.

The moral is, there are people who are fans and know something about the game and league and there are people who just look for excuses then post those excuses.

Now, like I said, this season should be something and you know the hype is already out there for a Laker-Heat finals and what will happen after that with the CBA.

The thing I am wondering is will the people on here and the writers still make excuses and call these guys bums, quitters and my favorite, that they colluded as if that term is relevant here, if they win a couple titles in the next 6 years?  My guess is that "they" are hoping this thing fails so they can bump their chests about being right all this time kind of like a Red Sox homer does each time they win these days saying their team is a AAA squad and they are still in the thick of the race as if Pedroia, Buchholtz and Martinez had been out all year or something.  Because of course that Hermida injury, that Tazawa injury and heck even those early injuries to Bill Hall and Mike Cameron and DelCarmen are so clutch because those guys were cornerstones.  Oh, let's not forget Beckett and his 7+ era, they need him back.  Anyway, just a random Sunday rant about chest bumpers and their desire to make excuses and place blame unjustifiably. 

Have to love that versatility in my knowledge, ha!

Sorry for the long post ladies and gents, just had to point out some facts from an observer and fan of sports in general!

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Posted on: July 11, 2010 4:45 pm

Cavs in the mix for Josh Childress, Al Jefferson

I hope the Cavs get both - and this is coming from a Bulls fan.

Pairing Childress and Jefferson with Williams and Jamison should give the Cavs a chance to crack the playoffs. Let's say they squeeze out the 8th seed ... and Miami gets the top seed. Does anyone think there's enough security in the entire state of Ohio to prevent Cavs fans from throwing things at LeBron during Games 3 and 4? That will be the most volataile situation in the history of sports.

As for LeBron leaving the Cavs --- I agree with what the Magic GM said, "I guess I just thought he was more of a competitor."

I was always torn on the idea of him heading to the Bulls, as most media outlets reported was a strong possibility for the months leading up to it. I don't like the idea of the sports landscape drastically changing over night ... I don't like when an organization - as the Bulls were ... and the Heat have become - has solid talent and makes themselves instant contenders by acquiring an MVP player ... And I certainly don't like when an MVP player - a player who has compared himself to Magic, Jordan, Bird - goes on national television and says that he made his decision because it gave him the best/easiest chance to win multiple titles.

I would have preferred the guy in New York, to be honest. He had a shot to bring back a big market from the dead. He had a nice piece in Stoudemire --- just as Wade would have had with Bosh in Miami --- and he would have had the opportunity to grow with the team and build them into a contender.

The NBA would have been a little more fun this year --- it would have had the chance to bring back a golden age of basketball when so many markets were competitive (even though the Bulls kept winning, the league was competitive.)

Miami would have had Wade and Bosh + roughly $18 million in cap space to build a team around those two.

New York would have had James and Stoudemire + roughly $12 million in freed up cap space next summer.

Chicago would have had Rose and Boozer + roughly $18 million in cap space to build a team around those two.

Orlando would have had Howard and Nelson

Boston would still have their Big 3 + Rondo.

The NBA would have been a lot of fun watching those five teams battle it out - with no team really that much better than the other. LeBron could have still become a champion in New York - he just would have had to work a little harder to earn it.

But with LeBron declaring that he wanted to take the easy way out and shift the battle of power to one team ... as opposed to spreading the wealth throughout the league ---- I guess I just see it as a really bad thing for the league.

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Posted on: July 11, 2010 3:06 am

Cavs in the mix for Josh Childress, Al Jefferson

Ohioiscaca, I don't know for sure if that comment was directed at me, or more at the Cleveland fans that are commenting on these articles. But since I mentioned LeBron choking, I guess it could apply to me, so I'll respond. I can tell you that everyone in Cleveland KNEW he choked/quit. Of course we stood up for him when he was still a Cavalier; the majority of us are loyal to our teams. And I think all of us just wanted to have hope because we've all been let down by Cleveland sports for so many years now. And LeBron is a great talent. He won back to back MVP awards and completely carried the entire team to their first Finals appearance in 2007. But his recent decisions have caused the majority of NBA fans (minus Miami Heat fans, bandwagon or loyal), not just Cavs fans, to question whether he has the heart, "it factor", competitive fire, ability to lead a team, or whatever you want to call it (). Us Cavs fans believed he had it inside him somewhere. I think we all thought it was just a matter of time. When everyone around the country was calling him overrated and saying he chokes in the playoffs, we believed in him and stood up for him. Then he ripped our hearts out on national television. I think it's difficult for many non-Cleveland fans to completely understand the many, many things that have contributed to this mass contempt in northeastern Ohio for LeBron James.
And Miami WASN'T a better team until LeBron signed there.

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