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Wolves officially dish Jefferson for draft picks

Posted on: July 13, 2010 4:38 pm
Edited on: July 13, 2010 4:56 pm
Posted by Matt Moore

I've been accused of hating on the Minnesota Timberwolves, but nothing could be further from the case. I think small market teams like Minnesota need strong and smart leadership more than their colleagues in the big ol' cities. They need general managers that know how to get the most value out of their assets and can acquire talented players with a cohesive plan in place to contend within a set number of years.

By all indications, the Minnesota Timberwolves do not have that.

Ken Berger reports that the deal is done for Al Jefferson to be sent to Minnesota for a future 1st round pick from Utah, the Grizzlies' 1st rounder that the Jazz acquired for Ronnie Brewer last season, and a Traded Player Exception (Marc Spears of Yahoo! was first to report the terms of the deal, which we discussed last night).

Hey, they cleared cap space and got draft picks out of it! Good rebuilding move, right? Except the Wolves are not rebuilding. They've been in rebuild mode for three years. During that time, they've managed to bungle multiple drafts with the exception of Kevin Love... who, naturally is in management and coaching's doghouse for some bizarre reason. They dropped the bottom out of Jefferson's value and then traded him for picks. And that part's not a bad plan. If they were any good, in any way, at drafting.

The Wolves have drafted Corey Brewer, Jonny Flynn, Wayne Ellington, a player who currently is sitting on a beach in Spain sipping some sort of drink with an umbrella in it, and Wesley Johnson, probably the biggest reach of the 2010 draft. So pardon me if I'm not super thrilled at what David Kahn can do with more choices with which to stock up at positions he already has solidified.

Jefferson's market was non-existent, his defenders will say. Mostly because every team in the league knew that if they waited, his value would continue to drop. Utah came through with a stronger offer, because they were willing to spend it based on what Jefferson's worth. The Wolves, on the other hand, elected to go with Darko Milicic, Martell Webster, Michael Beasley, and Luke Ridnour (seriously ) as their big offseason additions. It's a cavalcade of marginal players who are overpaid, with one of the bigger headcases in recent mystery thrown in for good measure.

Meanwhile, Jefferson, with a 20+ PER and a range of post moves to go along with those question-mark knees (and youth to recover with) is headed to Utah to play with Deron Williams.

Maybe this master plan will work and the pieces that Kahn has assembled will play brilliantly while Al Jefferson flounders. Maybe Wesley Johnson is an elite player in the making.

Or maybe Wolves fans deserve better than to have a 3-D trainwreck played out before their very eyes.


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Posted on: July 14, 2010 12:12 pm

Wolves officially dish Jefferson for draft picks

Mr. Moore-

That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

All of us, in this chatroom, are now dumber for having listened to it.

You will be awarded no points, and may God have mercy on your soul...

Wolves fans deserve better than to have a 3-D trainwreck played out in front of their eyes??

How about no first round picks for a half decade due to botched negotiations on a seond rate free agent?

How about drafting Rudy Gay and Ty Lawson only to shuttle those players away for nothing, and passing on the likes of Danny Granger for Rashad McCants, etc.?

How about deftly manuevering themselves right under a fat contract with Kevin Garnett, and being unable to figure out how to even surround him with ONE complimentary piece for eight years, unlike the Celtics who figured it out in one?

That, Mr. Moore, was the trainwreck Wolves fans (if there are any left) HAVE ALREADY watched play out under Kevin McFail.

Now, the Wolves are stockpiling picks and high upside, young talent. No, they may not have positioned themselves yet to attract a LeBron, Bosh, or even a David Lee, but they sure as hell now know when/how to jettison an aging, overpaid, injury waiting to happen big man who wants nothing less than to be a piece of a rebuilding puzzle in an NBA outpost. Every player on this roster now is 25 or under, and most have a desire to be here. Reasonable expectations and chemistry is now being formed. And with Ricky Rubio, cap space, and multiple future 1st rounders in hand, the Wolves FINALLY have something EVERY disheveled NBA team on the outs desperately NEEDS -- flexibility and assets to manuever quickly if/when the right opportunity develops.

Lastly, no McHale in the front office is a GIANT leap forward, and a Kurt Rambis behind the bench without constantly looking over his shoulder is something new for on court leadership with young players finding their way.

Train wreck?? You have no clue. This is the brightest this franchise has looked in a long, long time. Not that the bar was all that high in the first place, but you have to start somewhere... 

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 11:44 am

A Curse for All Time

For whatever reason, call it the ghost of George Mikan, the Minnestoa Timberwolves have been a cursed franchise. In their entire history there has been only one draft selection that contributed beyond the expectation of their draft value, and that was Kevin Garnett. Minnesota mercifully allowed him to go to Boston and earn the championship his caliber of talent should. In the draft lottery no team has had worse luck, none greater than missing Shaquille O'Neal. There has always been one or two other teams that appear to 'tank' worse than Minnesota, or get the help of a fortuitous ping-pong ball.

At no greater time was this franchise 'schleprocked' than the Joe Smith fiasco. The NBA and David Stern handed down swift punishment of a 5 year first pick ban for under the table negotiations by Kevin McHale. Nevermind that this sort of thing occurs ferquently amongst winning teams (see Heat 2010-2011). For whaterver reason the NBA was in tune with the negotiations of Minnesota at that time. No stricter punishment has ever been levied.

Those lost draft choices (later reduced to 3) meant ten extra years of futlity. Add to that the inexplicable ability to lose value in the draft lottery and you have a basement dwelier. Further that with complete incompetence in choosing players and you have the recipe for disaster of a permanent variety. The list of players the Wolves could have selected, or traded away only to find later success, could be a "who's who" of NBA talent.

It appears billionairre Glen Taylor, who weaseled the franchise away from a group of investors, is using the team as a tax write-off, as his incompetence in leading the team is evidenced by their won-loss record. Hanging on to Kevin McHale, who may go down as the worst general manager in Minnesota history, for too long was one sign. Now David Kahn and the cycle of rebuilding he seems to want to continue forever is another.

When will it end? I believe when Taylor rights his wrongs, and sells the franchise to good, honest, sports-minded owners, who know enough to lead Minny out of the depression that has been their history. We were close when Garnett and Flip Saunders were here. Maybe five years from now we will have amassed enough draft choices that even we could not screw it up.

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 9:34 am

Wolves officially dish Jefferson for draft picks

garnett was traded for Big Al and a bag of frito lay chips?? seriously?

he was traded for Big Al, 1st round pick (Johnny Flynn), 1st round pick (Wayne Ellington), Gerald Green (Kirk Snyder (salary cap relief/expiring) and a 2nd round pick (Paulao Prestes), Theo Ratliff (waived/salary cap help/expiring deal), Sebastian Telfair (Quenton Richardson, then traded for cap space/expiring Mark Blount). 


Big Al
Johnny Flynn
Wayne Ellington
Paulao Prestes
a boat load of salary cap relief

or now

4 first rounders (1 was #6 overall)
1 2nd rounder
and lots of salary cap relief due to expiring deals

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 9:32 am

Wolves officially dish Jefferson for draft picks

This is amusing. Yes, we ARE still rebuilding. We had 3 players at PF and we got rid of the injuried ones with the mega contract. I will admit that he COULD and probably WILL return to 20 and 10. But what the Wolves want is a scorer from the outside, and the PF to grab rebounds and take the ball to the hoop but also pass back out. Al was a black hole. Love had just as many rebounds playing less time and is excellent as re-distributing the ball when given. I will take his 15 points and 12-15 rebounds a game while our SF or PG can take the ball and score. (Granted we will need to have our young guys to take over.) 

OH MY GOSH, WHAT A REACH ON WES JOHNSON! Yeah, take Demarcus Cousins so we can split time between him and Love. Then get accused of drafting too many PFs.

 I've been accused of hating on the Minnesota , but nothing could be further from the case.

This entire blog now makes you look like a hypocrit.

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 8:15 am

Wesley Johnson, probably the biggest reach of the

Get off the pipe dumbass this kid is for real.

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 7:49 am

Wolves officially dish Jefferson for draft picks

What in the hell is David Kahn doing with the Timberwolves?  Didn't they just get over inept management from Kevin McHale who sent Kevin Garnett to Boston for Al Jefferson & bag of Frito Lays?  Now this bastard Kahn drafts two PG's last year (Ricky Rubio's still in Spain and will probably be there for the future), picked Wesley Johnson over DeMarcus Cousins (if you're getting rid of Jefferson, why not draft Cousins genius?) and then traded Jefferson for picks...Which would make sense if Kevin Love (Mr. Outlet Pass himself) wasn't your best draft pick in the past 5 or so years straight of picking in the lottery....

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 4:15 am

Wolves officially dish Jefferson for draft picks

Did I miss something here that maybe someone said?

I haven't watched more than 5 minutes of any T-Wolves game since Kevin Garnett got shipped out. This franchise has NOTHING to watch.. Therefore, I watch my son play hockey instead.

Getting two first-round picks for Big Al?? Do you Wolves fans think this is a coo??

Do you people realize that getting the Memphis pick is basically to make up for the fact that Kevin McFail traded a first-round pick for Marko Jaric to the Clippers?? Yeah!! It's top 10 protected in 2011, but it's gone FOR SURE in 2012.

The pick we get from Memphis is, I believe top 14 protected in 2011, top 12 protected in 2012, top 10 protected in 2013, and top 9 protected in 2014.. If Memphis is still bad in 2014, the Wolves get cash

So, essentially, we are getting only one draft pick for Big Al.

And as someone else pointed out earlier, this David Con sure did a great job of turning the 17th and 23rd overall picks in this summers 2010 draft into a 30th and 35th pick.

There were more talented SG and SF as free agents this year, that Con should've invested the $3.2M in DeMarcus Cousins vs $5M for Darko, and kept either the draft pick- Luke Babbitt ( a poor man's Wally Sczerbiak for you Wolves lovers) or, selected the best pure shooter in the draft in James Anderson from Okie State...who will score just as much as this Webster clown, for half the price... and oh, yeah, don't forget the Rubio vs Curry line up..

This Wolves team should have Flynn, Curry, Anderson, Brewer, Love, Cousins and Big Al... The use some FA money to acquire a mid-line scorer for depth....And if any one of you dorks think that Rubio's 6 pts and 4 assists he gets in his Euro League will transfer to anything in the NBA better wake up...

Can we find an owner who has the balls to hire a real basketball man??? God, I'd love for Carl Pohlad to come out of his grave and buy the Wolves... Atleast then I would know he wouldn't waste money, and he would hire people who know what they are doing. Wait a a minute... The Twins have Bill Smith... he doesn't have a clue either.

David Con is a joke. He gets laughed at to his face by Kenny Smith on NBATV.... and every writer rips him.  What an embarassment.

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 2:14 am

Wolves officially dish Jefferson for draft picks

TWF, why did we lose those draft picks?  Because McHale couldn't stop getting a hard-on over Joe Smith.  That's not "something McHale had to deal with" that's just one more problem McHale was, at least partially, the cause of.

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Posted on: July 14, 2010 12:10 am

Wolves officially dish Jefferson for draft picks

True to the last word. Horrible francise since they got rid of Marbury and then Garnett. Unbelieveable drafting and likewise moves. These guys make the Raptors look like Lakers. Both are pathetic beyond words.

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Posted on: July 13, 2010 11:49 pm

Wolves officially dish Jefferson for draft picks

You've pretty much described the state of affairs for 25 other NBA teams. Let's be honest, there's really only 4-5 teams that have any legitimate hopes of winning a title right now, so i don't see how saying why care because they aren't going to win a championship is a valid argument.  By that standard, why cover the majority of things going on in the NBA or any sport for that matter? For example, why report Stoudamire going to the Knicks or Boozer to the Bulls? Realistically neither of those teams are going to win a championship this year, so who cares right?  At least the last connection to Kevin McHale, the worst GM in the history of all professional sports, is gone.  Kahn has his chance to build a successful team, so let's see what he can do...

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