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Delonte West and the Cavs at a crossroads

Posted on: July 15, 2010 11:32 am
Posted by Matt Moore

It's important from time to time to take stock of how quickly life can turn. How it can go from roses to ruin, and that's certainly the case with Delonte West.

West arrived in Cleveland in 2008 in a trade as what was considered an expendable piece of the puzzle the Cavs were trying to put together. But almost immediately, he and LeBron James developed an on-court rapport that was exactly what James needed. Someone to get out and run with, who could hit from the outside, and was always looking to find James to finish in transition. He fit in with the culture in Cleveland, was close with his teammates, and seemed to be gelling. Delonte's career was looking up like it never had.

But then, those same dark forces that bring down so many people in our world began circling West. West had previously admitted he suffered from bipolar disorder, a serious mental condition that inherently creates mental instability and mood swings. Before the 2009 season, West was arrested on gun charges while driving a three-wheeled motorcycle. After being pulled over, he was found to have a 9MM Beretta, a Ruger .357, and a shotgun in a guitar case. All loaded. The jokes were out of control from the media and blogosphere. Mad Max , Rambo . My personal favorite was Once Upon a Time in Mexico . But it wasn't funny. West's intentions were never made clear as to why he was driving with that much firepower, but things became even scarier when he skipped Cavs' training camp while dealing with "personal issues ."

West was in need of help, but wasn't accepting it, and his team and teammates were focused on a championship.

Quietly, West slipped back into the Cavs. The season began, the Cavs were winning, and all the troubles seemed behind West again. Then a second-round exit paved the way for a LeBron James exit. There were salacious rumors not suitable for post here that insinuated West was partially to do with James' departure. Then Thursday, he pled guilty to those same gun charges he was brought with a year ago. He faces electronic monitoring and extensive counseling, though his plea deal did help him to avoid jail time.

Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports this morning that David Stern is likely to follow up on that sentence with a 3-6 game suspension for West. Windhorst also reports that he's not expected back with the Cavaliers.

West has shown so much promise, and his problems have not been sourced by simple bad decisions (though there have been many) or a laziness on the floor. By all accounts he's been a good teammate and someone that coaches tend to like. He was a pivotal part of the East's top seed's playoff run. And within a matter of months, it's all gone, along with LeBron James.

Life can turn on you in an instant if you make the wrong moves and don't watch out for yourself, or if someone's not watching out for you.

Hopefully someone is watching out for Delonte West right now.

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Delonte West and the Cavs at a crossroads

Jake, everyone has an opinion but here's something that isn't up for debate.  Punctuation.  Specifically, a 'period'.  It's the way we indicate the finishing of a sentence.  For example: Who really cares about Delonte West?  He is terrible.  See what we did there?  We took the sentence you wrote and actually divided it into the two sentences it actually is.  (and we capitalized Delonte and West as they are proper names, but that's another day's lesson)  
Let's try it again with the last sentence in your post.  You wrote "They are ruined stock up on draft picks and call it a day."
I'm going to let you try this one on your own.  Please feel free to repost any questions you might have.  You'll find with proper grammar and punctuation people will take your asinine opinions a little more seriously!

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Delonte West and the Cavs at a crossroads

The Delonte with Lebron's mom was all fabricated by someone in the miami organization.

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 5:30 pm

Delonte West and the Cavs at a crossroads

The real problem arose in the locker room after the final game when Delonte turned to LeBron and said, "Who's your daddy?" while pumping his hips.

LeBron then realized that he had quit on his team for a reason and had failed to lead them once again so his mind was made up to become Wade's lapdog in Miami and immediately go from "most popular" player in the league to "most hated".

And what's to become of poor Delonte West?  Does he "hit it and quit it" or continue to give LeBron's Mom the love she needs?  That is the serious question this article didn't answer.

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 4:21 pm

If you want to blame anyone for LBJ's depature...

Delonte is a crazy individual, we know that.  But those were just rumors about him and Lebron's mom, and if anyone was to be blamed over his depature it should be Mike Brown and the GM who didnt want to sacrifice JJ Hickson!  Antuwan Jamison is  now the face of Cleveland... SMH

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 4:12 pm

Lebron's Mom Gloria..

My take on the Delonte-Lebron's Mom thing is that there isn't alot of reporting because it is not true.

After the negative reaction to Lebron after he jolted the Cavs by the Media, you would think more details of this Delonte-Gloria relationship would come out.  Nope, nothing has been confirmed.  Nothing. 

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 4:09 pm

Delonte West and the Cavs at a crossroads

"West was in need of help, but wasn't accepting it, and his team and teammates were focused on a championship."

Um... West, himself, sought help from doctors and people within the organization to help him treat his bi-polar disorder.  After last year, he thought he could live life without his medication for the bi-polar disorder.  Then thing started to go back to the way things used to be before him taking medication.  Again, Delonte himself sought treatment and got back on the medication.  Yes, it probably caused the team to be distracted early on but they dealt with the EXACT same thing in terms of his mood swings/Bi-polar disorder the year before. 

Let it be known that Delonte also got married in the Summer of 2009 and it deteriated very quickly early in the season. 

Hopefully, this will be past him and he can stay on his meds that will help control his bi-polar disorder and then... get back to playing basketball.

Redz West is Best when Redz West is Ballin.  

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Delonte West and the Cavs at a crossroads

Okay, honestly if they think west had some reason to do with the James leaving they are saddly mistaken.  If Lebron would have asked for delontes removla from the team, the cavs front office would have done it at the snap of a finger.  I've never seen a player with so much power, that gets what ever he wants. He won't have that on the heat though.

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Posted on: July 15, 2010 1:33 pm

Yeah...and then there's the whole mom thing...

I know you can't really write about it -- but is there is really any more widely discussed less official topic out there than Delonte and Lebron's mom. 

It seems like everyone "knows" what happened but yet, despite the hours and hours of espn coverage, noone talked about this potentially earth shattering issue. 

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