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Who's in the market for CP3?

Posted on: July 21, 2010 6:37 pm
Edited on: July 21, 2010 7:25 pm
Posted by Matt Moore

With Ken Berger's report that Chris Paul is adamantly requesting a trade , we need to start exploring the possibilities. The odds are substantially low that Paul gets moved despite his feelings, simply based on the extreme difficulty in packaging the necessary assets to convince Hornets management to pull the trigger. But with a player of Paul's stature on the market (whether his team likes it or not), we need to examine the possibilities. So who's a realistic candidate to make a move for CP3?

Orlando Magic: This one's been out there for a while. The Magic have the right combination of talent, contracts, and assets to maneuver into position for Paul. They can send back a versatile shooting point guard to help with the transition of Darren Collison. They can send Vince Carter and his expiring contract, along with a significant player at shooting guard to pair with Marcus Thornton. They still have draft picks in the can, have expendable players with talent like Marcin Gortat and Brandon Bass. It puts an elite player next to Dwight Howard and matches the upgrade the Heat have made, and potentially gives them an advantage over the Celtics in terms of talent. The question would be if Paul could function inside the unique spacing the Magic employ, which primarily functions on a series of swing passes. There's no question he'd be dominant in the pick and roll with Howard.

New York Knicks:
I know. I'm nuts. Hear me out. The deal could in no-way be cemented until December 15th, but the Knicks have Raymond Felton, Kelenna Azubuike, and a handful of prospects. They lack the ability to send draft picks thanks to the desperate firesale move they pulled with the Rockets, but the right combination of players might work. Wilson Chandler next to Marcus Thornton would give the Hornets flexibility on the wing, especially if the Knicks are willing to take on Peja Stojakovic's poison pill. That may be the Knicks' biggest asset: financial flexibility to take on the rest of the Hornets' ill-advised veteran figures. The pull for Paul? If the New York toast rumors were true, this would get him with the best player he's ever played alongside in Amar'e Stoudemire (with apologies to David West), in a major market, and would likely convince Carmelo Anthony to hold off on that contract extension. It's a pretty perfect scenario, which of course means it won't happen.

Portland Trail Blazers: If the Blazers want to get back into talk of being a title contender immediately, this could be their path to salvation. They have picks to move, a ton of flexible players at multiple positions, and Paul in Portland would be ridiculous. Paul, Brandon Roy, and LaMarcus Aldridge, with those centers down low? All of a sudden the Blazers would be within range of the title. The numbers, however, might be too much, especially with the massive amount of money they just tossed at Wesley Matthews. The Blazers would have to surrender most of the depth they've worked to acquire, along with at least one of their two top centers in order to facilitate a deal. But it would also mean a tremendous coup for the new regime.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Here's a stretch. Trying to convince Paul to go to the Ruins of NBA Pompei would be a tricky feat. But if you look at the roster, it might not be impossible. The Cavs do feature a team with depth, with Antawn Jamison and J.J. Hickson still on roster. They have some flexibility in the coming years. They need a hero, and they've shown they're willing to commit to spending. With Byron Scott on roster, who Paul has gone on record in support of multiple times, the Cavs could conceivably replace LeBron James with a new savior. They'd have to give up most of their most attractive assets and nearly everything they got from Miami. But somehow, if New Orleans was at all interested, I don't think they'd mind.

Los Angeles Lakers: Tremble, and be afraid, ye mortals of Earth. This is plausible, possible, and according to KB, one of the teams on Paul's list. The Lakers can send Andrew Bynum, a young stud center, and a handful of short-term contracts for Paul. Paul gets to play alongside the best team in the NBA in the most attractive market in the NBA. He takes the reins from Kobe and helps lead that team into what, three more titles? More? It's a terrifying possibility that would give the Lakers the one-up over the Miami-three. He and Gasol could work the two-man game, and in the triangle, well, okay, that's a downside. Chris Paul in the triangle is like binding a horse's legs. They're not meant to be constrained that way. Shooting corner threes is a waste of Paul's potential, and most of the ball handling isn't done by a point in the triangle. But somehow, playing next to Kobe and Gasol, Paul may not mind.

New Orleans Hornets: No, they won't be trading Paul to themselves. But you have to think this is still the most likely scenario (yes, we said that about LeBron James, too). Paul has been a major force in the community. That's going to tug at him. The Hornets just hired two representatives from the Spurs organization, who clearly have been part of winning environments. He can make the most money there, and has teammates he's gone to battle with. Mostly, though, it's hard to see new GM Dell Demps or head coach Monty Williams being willing to put themselves in a deep dark hole to start their run with the franchise. And trading Paul means a complete rebuild. Not the situation you want to embark on before you've even put your pictures up in your office.

But with the way Paul sounds according to KB, we may see the unlikely become reality once again this year.

So what is it that the Hronets need to get back? Royce Young tells us more on that one .


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Posted on: July 22, 2010 8:29 am

Who's in the market for CP3?

Portland has the depth on its roster, expiring contracts, picks and some cap space to get Paul.  There is alot of buzz in Portland with the new GM that he is going to make a bold move.  We have a billionaire owner who doesn't mind throwing money around (ie: Wes Matthews).  Portland is a very viable option.

PG: Paul
SG: Roy
SF: Batum
PF: Aldrige
C: Oden

Very nice!

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Posted on: July 22, 2010 8:19 am

Who's in the market for CP3?

Wow are ANY of you serious???

Speaking from a Hornets fan and willing wheel and dealer, Im sure many of your teams want pretty much the best PG in the league. 

First off what is the most important position in the league? The Point.  Second only way Lebron left is Free Agency.  Third Jeff Bower probably got fired because he was waiting for the right deal. 

Basically IFFFFF ANYONE gets Chris Paul their team will be stripped of a lot of its core.  The Hornets will want AT LEAST an All Star, a starter, AND an expiring contract.  That team will get Chris Paul AND Emeka Okafor's remaining 4 years @ 10mil a year.  That Team will HAVE to have a Big man to take his spot also. 

Orlando/Philly?  Only way it would even make sense is New Orleans shipping Paul to Orlando and Okafor to Philly.  Philly sends Igudala to New Orleans and Brand's fat contract to Orlando.  Orlando would gut out and send Gortat and Nelson to New Orleans, then Pietrus and Carter to Philly. 

starting lineups would be totally revolutionized.

Hornets: Collison Iguodala, Peja, West, Gortat
Magic: Paul, Redick, Lewis, Brand, and Howard
Philly: Williams, Carter, Pietrus, Okafor, Dalembert

The only totally happy party would be Orlando.

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Posted on: July 22, 2010 4:49 am

Who's in the market for CP3?

Here's a trade scenario that could work:
3-way deal involving Orlando, New Orleans, and Philadelphia
Orlando sends Vince Carter and Marcin Gortat to New Orleans, sends Jameer Nelson to Philadelphia.New Orleans sends Chris Paul to Orlando and Emeka Okafor to PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia sends Andre Iguodala to Orlando and Jason Kapono to New Orleans.
This would result in NO effectively getting a starting center, a veteran shooting guard to help with the development of Thornton and a versatile shooter to complement Collison, as well as ridding salary commitments to Okafor.
Philadelphia would receive a much needed PG and a decent center to put Brand back in his natural PF position.
The benefits to Orlando are obvious.

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Posted on: July 22, 2010 12:18 am

Who's in the market for CP3?

would love to deal for him but this too much weight to hornets; hawks need to keep teague, giving away jamal and josh should be enough to land CP3 whatever contract gets thrown in with it.... i'd almost do it, though, you are close to convincing even a hawk fan to give up three terrific players

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Posted on: July 21, 2010 10:50 pm

Who's in the market for CP3?

What about the Atlanta Hawks?  I'm thinking CP3, Posey, and Julian Wright in exchange for Josh Smith, Jamal Crawford, and Jeff Teague.
Both teams get what they need - the Hornets rid themselves of the worry that Chris Paul will bolt when his contract expires, and they receive added size and athleticism (Smith) as well as added shooting (Crawford) and a new PG to back up Collison (Teague). The Hawks must know by now that the team that they currently have won't be able to compete with Orlando or Boston (and now Miami), so it is imperative that they do something to alter their game plan. Getting CP3 gives them undoubtably the best backcourt in the league when paired with Joe Johnson, and they just drafted Jordan Crawford who should be able to replace most of Jamal Crawford's production. It is sounding more and more like the Hawks will be adding Shaq as well, so with Marvin Williams at the 3, Horford at the 4, and Shaq/Pachulia at the 5, that's an entirely new-look team that's dangerous in a brand new way.
Hornets' roster after trade:
PG: Collison/Teague
SG: Ja. Crawford/Thornton
SF: Smith/Peja/Pondexter
PF: West/Brackins
C: Okafor/Songaila

Hawks' roster after trade:
PG: CP3/Bibby
SG: Johnson/Jo. Crawford
SF: Williams/Evans/JuJu
PF: Horford/Posey
C: Shaq/Pachulia

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Posted on: July 21, 2010 9:14 pm

Who's in the market for CP3?

So a few days ago, you guys reported the possibility that he might end up with the Bobcats.  Now you don't even acknowledge them as a possibility?  The Trailblazers or Cleveland?!?  Really....

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