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Andrew Bynum has surgery

Posted on: July 29, 2010 4:17 pm
Posted by Matt Moore

Andrew Bynum underwent successful surgery Wednesday to repair a torn miniscus in his right knee. According to the LA Times , his doctor reported he "found nothing surprising." I'm assuming this means that the procedure went well, and not that he uncovered a massive conspiracy regarding the Freemasons or unicorns or something.

Bynum's expected to be back well before training camp starts. That's a familiar story for LA fans, who saw Bynum miss about thirty deadlines in 2008 and 2009. But Bynum's play during the Finals on that torn meniscus has to give some confidence that he's developing a toughness, even as they have to be thankful the tear didn't become more severe.

Bynum is a bigger part of the Lakers' championship run than is usually mentioned. While Kobe Bryant is reason A, Pau Gasol reason B, and Phil Jackson Reason C, all those reasons are rendered moot if the Lakers don't have the gaping size advantage. Teams in the Western Conference aren't stocking up on Kobe-stoppers (or those unicorns we mentioned, either, since neither exist), or players to stretch the floor against Gasol. They're all aiming to improve on the length the Lakers bring. Bynum, alongside Gasol's seven feet and Odom's length at small forward, creates a Sequiiah forest that offenses have to try and pass through.
Bynum needs to recover and get back for training camp. Any delay and whispers will start that this is another case of Bynum missing deadlines for rehab. It's not just a matter of the body healing, his history has been complicated by a pattern of slouching on rehab according to sources close to the Lakers and failing to commit to a healthy return. Hasn't stopped him from partying at the Playboy Mansion , of course.

Then again, it's no Tao.
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