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Heat sell out season tickets, fire sales staff

Posted on: July 30, 2010 6:20 pm
Edited on: July 30, 2010 6:39 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Typically, if you do your job really, really well, you get a promotion. Or you get a raise. Or at the very least, you get to keep your job.

But that didn't happen in Miami as the Heat fired its season ticket sales staff after the team sold out of season tickets. Ouch.

In a statement, the team confirmed the terminations Friday afternoon, saying that with an "exhausted'' inventory of season-tickets "we no longer require a season ticket sales team to sell tickets.''

Stephen Weber, vice president of sales, delivered the news to about 30 ticket sales people Friday morning, according to the story from the Miami Herald. Currently, the team's waiting list has more than 6,000 names on it. It's pretty evident that at this point, the Heat can sell tickets without even trying.

"They let us go because there was really nothing left to do anymore,'' a fired staffer told the Herald.

The statement also said: "While the decision to release part of our sales force was a difficult one, we greatly appreciate their contributions to the company. We have also hired a placement service to assist those individuals find new employment. Should any season tickets become available, they will be handled through our season ticket deposit program. We thank those employees for their time with the company and wish them success in their future endeavors.''

Obviously this seems like a major low blow. But as the staffer said, what were they really going to do? I wonder what places like Green Bay do with waiting lists that long. Still, firing a group of 30 after a job well done, has a funny taste to it. Or actually, is just downright mean.

Evidently, the Heat aren't worried about retaining the new season ticket holders. I guess LeBron, Wade and Bosh are supposed to take care of that.


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Posted on: July 31, 2010 12:37 pm

Heat sell out season tickets, fire sales staff

OMG. LMFAO. I applied for the marketing firm responsible for their ticket sales and they denied me  ajob. THANK GOD.

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Posted on: July 31, 2010 12:12 pm

Heat sell out season tickets, fire sales staff

On the surface it appears to be an awful story as thirty more unemployed people is not what our economy needs.  However, if you look at it from a business standpoint, the Heat created a situation where their product, by investment in players, created a market/demand where tickets sold themselves. 

Not to diminish what the Heat sales staff may have done in the past for the organization, as in this climate,  it can’t be easy selling expensive tickets for an entire season.  This holds true for any sport in any market.  But it could be viewed that their sales team didn’t have to do a whole lot of work to generate the additional sales , and collected commissions (and I imagine large bonuses for achieving certain metrics in their comp plans) on being in the right place at the right time.  And the result is that there in no more supply to sell, an inherent risk of the profession they chose.

While I know it is difficult for those with education and background in sport management to consistently find employment  in the industry, hopefully those who are not being retained can find work as their skill set in sales will cross over into other industries.

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Posted on: July 31, 2010 12:07 pm

Heat sell out season tickets, fire sales staff

so after Leboob--Larry and Curly win the NBA championship i guess the brilliant management team running this circus will fire all three because really after you win the title what else is there to accomplish--Bush league move by a minor league---big time franchise wanna be.  This will be oh so fun to rag this traveling carnival with the ammo they are providing

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Posted on: July 31, 2010 10:28 am

Heat sell out season tickets, fire sales staff

Sooo let me get this straight. Their job was to sell season tickets. Now if they didn't sell all the season tickets they'd still have jobs and be paid by the company. They sold all the tickets and are fired even though the team is making more money with all the season tickets being sold. Seriously this team couldn't find things these people could do for the team in another way to retain them? If they didn't sell all the season tickets the team would still be paying them all that money and not have all that money from the season tickets. 
Apparently I have another reason to think the Miami organization is a bunch of pricks. Its not like these people would cost the company no more then usual. Have them work hospitality. Hell your going to need 3 people to wipe the big 3's butts after they take a crap and I am sure they need people to massage them after each game. Probably a few could be personal babysitters.
Just a low class move on Miami's part. I guess all the extra money they have to spend going over the cap had to come from hard working people and not the arrogant athletes.

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Posted on: July 31, 2010 10:17 am

Heat sell out season tickets, fire sales staff

Nobody cares...Homer. Miami is a joke of a sports town. The Marlins win the WS nobody cares, the Heat win an NBA title, nobody cares as soon as D-Wade is sidelined and no title is possible. The best example is the PATHETIC support "The U" gets (The U, how frikkin' gay and ESPN-like)...what a joke.  A good friend of mine said it best when the Hurricanes were in their prime, " The University of Miami (its actual name) support is 400 miles wide and one inch thick." He proved to be one hundred percent right.

BTW, when your Canned Heat get run in the second round of The Playoffs and the arena is empty in three years, we'll see how "tough" it will be to get tickets.

The Cavs ought to hire the "Dirty Thirty"....

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Posted on: July 31, 2010 10:01 am

Heat sell out season tickets, fire sales staff

Sorry, this was a response to anther thread about the Big 3 dedicating tgeir season to the emplyees. Obviously that is absurd, as absurd as blaming them for the firing as the post I just made seems to indicate. Cbs programmers changed my response to a thread topic, but it was made as a reply.

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Posted on: July 31, 2010 9:58 am

Heat sell out season tickets, fire sales staff

I do know the Big Three got these 30 fired and I seriously doubt they get together and chip in 1/10th of 1 percent (1/1000) of their salaries to give all of them a nice severance package of 15,000 per person.

Nope. Last thing in the world the big 3 wouold play for is fired employees of their OWN and SAME company. They could lNOT CARE LESS about their fellow employees.

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Posted on: July 31, 2010 9:17 am

Heat sell out season tickets, fire sales staff

Nice sucker punch. I guess the Heat wanted to show that they have as little class as some of the players they brought in.

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Posted on: July 31, 2010 8:41 am

Heat sell out season tickets, fire sales staff

I would love to bet they don't win the title. Probable get great odds,you listening vegas.

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Posted on: July 31, 2010 8:01 am

Heat sell out season tickets, fire sales staff

At least they can get their jobs back next year (w/o benefits and for half the pay)Undecided.  

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