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LeBron's Cleveland snub is bad business

Posted on: August 3, 2010 10:13 am
Posted by Matt Moore

What logic does this make? What possible sense could this be built from? What line of thought would take him down this road?

LeBron James bought ad space in the Akron Journal to thank fans there and send a message that his heart is still there. It was a decent gesture that should have been made weeks ago. The day after "The Decision," actually. But what was missing from the letter is what was most relevant.

The word "Cleveland."

Andrew Sharp of weighs in on why this shouldn't be a big deal. And he's right. It shouldn't be a big deal. It shouldn't be a deal at all. It could have been a non-story, something marginal that takes even a half-pinch of sting off the mountain of anger and resentment from Cleveland towards a player attempting to become the most popular brand in NBA history (and failing miserably, but that's another issue). But it wasn't. And that's the question that needs to be asked.

What possible reason did LeBron James' camp have for not including the Cavs or Cleveland in this letter?

Sharp points out the myriad of reasons for James to slight Cleveland like this. Jerseys burned. Angry letters in Comic Sans. General hatred upon his departure after years of trying to make Cleveland into a winner. And those are all great reasons for someone to spite the city like that.

If that person is fourteen years old.

This is a business. That was the reason behind James' defection to Miami, behind "The Decision," behind all of this. This whole ordeal was meant to be the extension of James as a business entity in the world. And the business move here? The plain-clothed mention of gratitude to the state of Ohio, Cleveland, the Cavs, something that includes those people. Sharp's also right that it wouldn't have made anyone in Cleveland feel any better. But the point is that slighting them makes them feel worse. It makes James seem petty and small. It's not professional. Taking the high road isn't a noble cause, it's a protecting your Q Rating and shoring up your PR image. You don't do it to try and win back friends and make people love you. You win championships to win friends and make people love you. You take the high road to protect your interests and not make another blunder. And that's what James has done.

Maybe he's got a letter for the Plain Dealer and is just waiting to release it. But now if he does, it looks like a reaction to the scorn he's getting for ignoring Cleveland. This is not complex stuff. And it's yet another indication in a long stream of tiki torches that blaze a path to the same conclusion: LeBron James' management team, LRMR, is desperately out of its league and playing at a level it cannot compete at.

It's not that James was wrong for snubbing Cleveland. It's that it was just another bad business decision.


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Posted on: August 4, 2010 2:03 pm

LeBron's Cleveland snub is bad business

Superquad - you just summed up the exact point I've been saying ever since he signed the Heat deal.  Kudos!  He can no longer be mentioned in the same breath as the Jordans, Magics, Kobes and Birds of the game.  He's now just a great player that's going to win rings that are perceived as watered down. 

We all base sports discussions on perception.  And the fact is, LeBron will always have that against him for going to the Heat.

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Posted on: August 4, 2010 1:10 pm


Cleveland is a joke right now.  All their sports teams are garbage.  Their economy is on the brink of ruin.  And they turn their backs on their "KING" at the drop of a towel.  LeBron deserves better, and he will get it in Miami.  Cleveland fans are looking more and more classless everytime they open their mouths on these boards.

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Posted on: August 4, 2010 1:00 pm

LeBron's Cleveland snub is bad business

Yeah.. ya know.  When people burn my name and send me threats I would definately feel bad for leaving them to.  Bad business decision? if any person thinks they wouldnt of done the same thing.. their an idiot.  You say those are good reasons for a 14 year old to do what he said? Your kidding.. what 14 year old goes through anything like that.  The media is pretty stupid.

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Posted on: August 4, 2010 12:44 pm

LeBron's Cleveland snub is bad business

If that person is fourteen years old.

Great point! I'm from Akron. For the most part the people I've talked too, Hate LBJ for leaving the way he did. The fact that he's just a kid, sticks out glaringly in the town he professes to love. What most people around the country don't realize is the Cavs are Akron's team as much as Clevelands. Lebron's to young to remember but the Cavs use to play in the Richfield coliseum, 5 minutes from Akron. There was talk back in the Seventies of changing the team name to the Akron Cavaliers. Akron sports fans relate more closely to the Cavs than any of the other area teams. Lebron has shown what We were all beginning to suspect. He has no heart. No heart for the game as he collapses in the play offs against Boston, No heart for the fans that supported him, and No heart for his home town. It's very disappointing to see "the local kid done wrong". 

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Posted on: August 4, 2010 11:31 am

LeBron's Cleveland snub is bad business

I think this article nails it pretty well.  LeBron and his management team are a bunch of adolescents in way over their head.  They love all the praise and adulation but any hint of criticism and they pitch a fit, pout and sulk about how unfairly they are being treated.  They can never admit to any mistakes and will never apologize.  It would make a lot of sense from a business standpoint to make a marginal gesture of conciliation towards Cleveland, but LeBron and his entourage are not mature enough for that.  Instead they throw gasoline on the fire, because that's what immature juveniles do.

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Posted on: August 4, 2010 10:08 am

LeBron's Cleveland snub is bad business

He'll still get his money from endorsements because there is no such thing as bad publicity.  Now all the fatherless boys in the hoods of america will have even more of a loser to look up to while they are out shooting each other.

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Posted on: August 4, 2010 9:27 am

Tit for Tat..........

What a major jackweed this guy is.  Tit for tat!  You burn my shirt and I'll snub your town.  What a fracking baby!  This article hit the nail on the head.  For a player of LeLoser's status, the real money is made in endorsements, not in the few contracts you sign with a team over the course of a career. 

The article never even mentioned that LeLoser's public image started the downward spiral when he refused to congratulate Orlando after they defeated the Cavs in the Eastern Conference playoffs a couple of seasons ago.  This branded him as a poor sportsman.  What a great role model. 

What is Nike going to say when they see that this guy intentionally carry's on a running feud with the north half of an entire state?  How many people in Ohio are going to pony up $200 for a pair of sneakers that cost Nike less than $10 to make on some south Pacific island?  That cuts into your potential profit, because this guy chooses to act like a spoiled teenager rather than a savvy business man? 

How many companies are going to see this kind of pettiness and decide that LeLoser is too toxic to represent their product?  After all, who wants to risk multi-million dollar marketing programs on a player who makes one bad choice after another?  He is a potential embarrassment just waiting to happen. 

We all see how quickly the great Tiger Woods got dumped my multiple sponsors, trying to distance themselves as quickly as possible.  Now compare that to a guy who has called all the shots perfectly, when we continue to see Michael Jordan on TV with his new bacon neck tee shirt commercials for Hanes.  This guy hasn't appeared on the court in how long now and he is still raking in endorsement cash?

I guess that it is the same old NBA problem all over again.  You can take the boy out of the "hood", but you can't take the "hood" out of the boy.  LeLoser may think that he has all the right moves, but obviously he doesn't, as he is failing miserably.  Personally, I'd like to see him sell his property in Ohio and move Gloria and his posse to Florida.  LeLoser, we have disowned you.  You are no longer welcome here!

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Posted on: August 4, 2010 8:04 am

LeBron's Cleveland snub is bad business

just to clear up some facts.

1) Kobe was never found 'not guilty', as he was never tried in a criminal court

2) Kobe admitted to holding his accuser down and having anal sex with her, but he insisted it was what she wanted.

3) Kobe paid huge sums of cash to 'stay married'. He may have even been remorseful, I won't judge that. But I don't see anything in his case that could allow him to legitimately hold his head high.

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Posted on: August 4, 2010 7:38 am

LeBron's Cleveland snub is bad business

Hey Cleveland..the Browns are going in the right direction, the Indians have a bunch of kids that are playing the game the way it should be played and James took the curse of Cleveland with him to Flordia. Just watch as Miami gets hit by hurricanes, the Miami Hurricanes (1st Miami team to step foot in Ohio) get blasted by the Buckeyes on 9/11. THE CURSE IS NOW IN FLORIDA!!!

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Posted on: August 4, 2010 2:18 am

LeBron's Cleveland snub is bad business

It also says a lot about the NBA if your leagues two most marketable athletes are such model citizens.....*golf clap*

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