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LeBron's Cleveland snub is bad business

Posted on: August 3, 2010 10:13 am
Posted by Matt Moore

What logic does this make? What possible sense could this be built from? What line of thought would take him down this road?

LeBron James bought ad space in the Akron Journal to thank fans there and send a message that his heart is still there. It was a decent gesture that should have been made weeks ago. The day after "The Decision," actually. But what was missing from the letter is what was most relevant.

The word "Cleveland."

Andrew Sharp of weighs in on why this shouldn't be a big deal. And he's right. It shouldn't be a big deal. It shouldn't be a deal at all. It could have been a non-story, something marginal that takes even a half-pinch of sting off the mountain of anger and resentment from Cleveland towards a player attempting to become the most popular brand in NBA history (and failing miserably, but that's another issue). But it wasn't. And that's the question that needs to be asked.

What possible reason did LeBron James' camp have for not including the Cavs or Cleveland in this letter?

Sharp points out the myriad of reasons for James to slight Cleveland like this. Jerseys burned. Angry letters in Comic Sans. General hatred upon his departure after years of trying to make Cleveland into a winner. And those are all great reasons for someone to spite the city like that.

If that person is fourteen years old.

This is a business. That was the reason behind James' defection to Miami, behind "The Decision," behind all of this. This whole ordeal was meant to be the extension of James as a business entity in the world. And the business move here? The plain-clothed mention of gratitude to the state of Ohio, Cleveland, the Cavs, something that includes those people. Sharp's also right that it wouldn't have made anyone in Cleveland feel any better. But the point is that slighting them makes them feel worse. It makes James seem petty and small. It's not professional. Taking the high road isn't a noble cause, it's a protecting your Q Rating and shoring up your PR image. You don't do it to try and win back friends and make people love you. You win championships to win friends and make people love you. You take the high road to protect your interests and not make another blunder. And that's what James has done.

Maybe he's got a letter for the Plain Dealer and is just waiting to release it. But now if he does, it looks like a reaction to the scorn he's getting for ignoring Cleveland. This is not complex stuff. And it's yet another indication in a long stream of tiki torches that blaze a path to the same conclusion: LeBron James' management team, LRMR, is desperately out of its league and playing at a level it cannot compete at.

It's not that James was wrong for snubbing Cleveland. It's that it was just another bad business decision.


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Posted on: August 3, 2010 2:47 pm

LeBron's Cleveland snub is bad business

You are a (alleged) jackass. Kobi was not found guilty and since being acussed of that crime has remained married and done nothing but hold his head high. LeBoob is a completely  different story. He ran out out Cleveland just the way his dad ran out on him. He has no value,s. Look at the Vegas party. He has childeren with his girlfriend, but he cheats left and right. He does not understand commitment, to a women , a family or a city. Now it is time for you to decide if the alligation is true.

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Posted on: August 3, 2010 1:56 pm

LeBron's Cleveland snub is bad business

You would rather root for an accused rapist?  A rapist?  You would rather see an accused rapist on the court rather rthan a guy who's ego's gotten out of hand?  I think that's a lot dumber than anything LeBron's done.  I think (alleged) rape is in a whole different category than being full of yourself.  Also as for the rest of the country, really the only people that loathe him are people who follow basketball and live in Cleveland.  Everyone will like him again as soon as he starts winning games, even if he is a sidekick now.  The Prince of all Saiyans has replied.  FINAL FLASH!!!!!

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Posted on: August 3, 2010 10:41 am

LeBron's Cleveland snub is bad business

Wow.  This soap opera just gets more embarrasing by the minute.  I've never really been a LeBron fan, but his actions this summer are completely polarizing.  Miami fans will obviously adore him, but not more than Dwyane Wade.  And the rest of the country will loathe him.  Sad to say, but if I was a major corporation with sponsor dollars - I'd rather have an accused rapist (Kobe) than LeBron.  That says a lot and is quite sad to see how the mighty "King" has fallen.

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