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Shootaround 8.6.10: Mason signs with NY

Posted on: August 6, 2010 8:27 am
Posted by Royce Young
  • Tom Haberstroh for making a case that Carmelo Anthony is not a max player: "If the New York Knicks, rumored to be the favorites to land Melo if he decides to leave Denver, are expecting salvation from Anthony next summer, they're going to be very disappointed with their investment. It would be a much a wiser move to throw that cash toward the pursuit of Chris Paul, a real max player."
  • Ziller of NBA FanHouse has a set as well and the US comes in No. 2 : "That the United States is the overwhelming Vegas favorites at the Worlds is a sign the betting public has no short- or long-term memory. Hasn't Team USA already proven chemistry can't be conjured in two months? Remember, the first travails of the Redeem Team ended up defeat (and some would say humiliation): in 2006, when LeBron James , Dwyane Wade , Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant first got together, Greece knocked them out of contention in the semifinals of the World Championship."
  • Sebastian Pruiti of NBA Playbook does a pretty outstanding job of breaking down a fast break: "In my opinion, a good outlet pass is the key to a fast break.  If the rebounder can get the ball out to the point guard on the run, you got the makings of a fast break because the point guard doesn’t have to slow down to make the catch and he can put pressure on the defense.  A bad outlet pass can force a point guard to break his momentum to make the catch, and that allows the defense to get back on defense."
  • Rob Mahoney of The Two Man Game with a look at positional classification : "To those still clinging to what they know, I’d ask this: what’s a power forward? What characteristics link Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, Rashard Lewis, Lamar Odom, Reggie Evans, Tyrus Thomas, and J.J. Hickson? Not rebounding. Not scoring. Not skill set. Not height relative to their teammates. Not even the spaces they occupy on the floor. I’m at a total loss as to the criterion that would group that bunch together, which makes the assessment “Player X isn’t a real power forward” pretty much worthless. I think I know what it means, but without the ability to define the contemporary power forward, how could I really know for sure?"
  • Shaq might be making just the veteran minimum but don't feel sorry for him too long. Last year, he generated $15 million in endorsements and experts say he should make more in Boston: “Shaq is a marketing giant,” said John Vrooman, a sports economist at Vanderbilt University. “He will benefit from the Hub’s strong media presence, where there’s money to be made on local endorsements.”

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Posted on: August 6, 2010 3:09 pm

Shootaround 8.6.10: Mason signs with NY

The USA is sending the 2nd team to the World Championships,  Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Duncan etc are staying home, and so if they are ranking the team we are sending instead of the team we "could" send they could well be right. 

Plus Team USA is lacking big men and stong defense-rebounding specialists which help alot in basketball since only one player can have the ball at a time. 

I hope we can pull one out, but I am believing we are not taking this tournament very seriously and have not really learned the lessons from the previous international losses. 

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Posted on: August 6, 2010 1:53 pm

Shootaround 8.6.10: Mason signs with NY

Wow, that was an article about a lot of nothing!  We know Shaq is a marketing superstar and the league minimun means nothing to him (he makes more on his stupid T.V. show).  He will make money selling his overgrown shoes, giant trojan's, albums, and bycicles.  Point is, he makes his money from endorsements, and thats nothing new, so thanks for telling us about something we didn't already know.

Who cares about Dunleavy...he stinks!

What are you even talking about with the Power Forward position.  It is a position that is totally up in the air as to what you need in it.  It completely depends on the team.  Look at the Spurs a few years back...two great seven footers on the same team...domination.  They would not have completed nearly as much if they did not have one another.  If you put two seven footers on the floor with Kobe, they would suck...they need the speed.  Each team is different with what their needs are.  You have three mandatory positions: a point gaurd, a shooting guard, and a center, that's it!

I won't even comment on the fast break paragraph.  We are not in basketball 101, and do know how a successful fast break is suppose to work.  Are sports fans even suppose to read this terrible article?  Come on, do not insult our intelligence with this nonsense.  My girlfriend will not be reading your post trying to understand the real.

Carmelo Anthony is overhyped!  Yes, is is very good.  Personally, I would rather have about 15 players on my team before him.  Paul is one of them...good point.

U.S.A basketball not being ranked #1 in the world championship is such a crock.  Yes they did not win last time, no teamwork (just like most of the NBA).  For U.S.A not to win every sigle world tournament that happens is a complete disgrace.  We most definitely have the most talent...You put almost any NBA team against others countries team and we would dominate! 

I guess my ultimate point with my last statement is that too many stars on a team creates trouble.  Just like Miami will have to deal with this season....underwhelming!

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