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Charles Barkley rips Miami's Big 3

Posted on: August 12, 2010 6:00 pm
Edited on: August 12, 2010 6:00 pm
Posted by Royce Young

We don't really have an official ruling on anything in the NBA until Charles Barkley speaks on it. So after LeBron's tweet about his mental hit list and all the talk coming from Miami, Chuck weighed in on ESPN Radio 103.3 with Galloway and Company.

"I heard about LeBron's little tweet today that he's remembering everybody who said anything bad about him," Barkley said. "And he said 'everybody.' Well, I want him to make sure that he puts my name on that (list) ... I thought that his little one-hour special was a punk move. I thought them dancing around on the stage was a punk move, and I thought he should've stayed in Cleveland. Him joining Dwyane Wade 's team was very disappointing to me."

See, that's why everyone loves Chuck. He tells it like it is, or at least, how he sees how it is. Barkley continued:

"He's got enough people kissing his ass with his family and all the people who work for him," Barkley said. "We don't have to tell him what he wants to hear all the time ... That one-hour special, them jumping around on stage like punks, that wasn't cool to me. From a basketball standpoint, I wish he had stayed in Cleveland, and if he takes that as criticism, so be it."

It's hard to disagree with anything there. Everything turned quickly into a spectacle which only made the new trio in Miami that much easier to dislike. And it doesn't sound as if Chuck is exactly terrified about landing on LeBron's mental list of death. As he put it towards the end of the interview, "He knows where I'll be, I don't run. I'm on TV every week, I'm easy to find."

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 10:42 am

Charles Barkley rips Miami's Big 3

How can people say Lebron wasnt surrounded by proper talent? The Cavs won 60+ games the last 2 years !!!!  They just needed a better leader to lead them to the promise land.

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 10:40 am

Charles Barkley rips Miami's Big 3 a heat fan...and by that i mean i was a fan back when it was Timmy and Zo....I agree that the 1 hour special was a bunch of crap. He should have told Cleveland before the special that he was not coming back. After all they did for him, he owed them at least that much. The respect of saying i am going someplace else. I can forgive the dancing on stage as it was just 3 young guys happy to be playing with friends. They wanted the city and fans to see them so why not.... Yep, they dont have a ring...YET.... What i dont get is a moron owner and idiot fans in Cleveland who think the curse will follow LBJ to Miami...LoL..funny one.  Lets think about this....You have the Indians..only title they have won lately was in some movie called Major League (Thank Hollywood for hookin ya up!) Miami has the Marlins who have won a title recently and are actually a good team. You had the previous Browns who ran outta town in the night cus your city sucks so bad. Now you have the new Browns who got rid of their best QB in Quinn for nothing. Ya know a QB is only as good as his WR's and OL....The Dolphins may not be great, BUT they win regularly now. They have made the playoffs recently. More than the Browns can say. Now good ole Basketball. Your best moment in Cavs history is MJ breakin your hearts. Miami has won a title. LBJ couldnt get players to come to Cleveland because its Cleveland.... run down, broken, old, trashy...nuff said. Miami has the girls, beaches, sun, fun, nightlife and the list goes on and on and on. Any smart player that wants to win titles and play with his friends would have made the same call. You all rip him, but if you were in his shoes 99% of you would do the same thing. The curse will forever be the City of Clevelands to hold. South Beach is gonna stay a fun place, gonna live it large like only they do...and win titles...yes more than one. Hell..if they mesh well that mark of 72-10 is in danger at some point. You in Cleveland need to be more worried about what crack your owner is takin to say what he did. Face it, if he did his job and had tried harder to get more talent...he wouldnt have left! So instead of blaming LBJ...blame your GM and owner..thats where blame belongs!

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 10:38 am

Charles Barkley rips Miami's Big 3

Barkley is the man.  LeBron is a punk but that's what happens when you get your **** sucked since middle school.  You're probably too young to remember the NBA before this decade anyway.  It wasn't a bunch of morons dancing on a stage as if they had won a title already.

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 10:31 am

Charles Barkley rips Miami's Big 3

Thank-you for saying exactly what I was thinking your pts were well written I only wish Barkley could see them it would probably make him eat his words and retract what he said which I think he will anyway and say he was misquoted. I like Charles but he still is a Idiot at 6ft 2 and a half

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 10:26 am

Charles Barkley rips Miami's Big 3

Is LeBron's mom still dating?  I think Charles should show her a good time.

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 10:24 am

Charles Barkley rips Miami's Big 3

Both the NBA and MLB are done as far as I'm concerned.  Big markets rule leaving the other cities to supplement the leagues.  

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 10:17 am

Charles Barkley rips Miami's Big 3

Lebron gave Cleveland every chance to help build a winner around him and he got Shaq. Really?  Why didn't he take less money from Cleveland in order to free up some cap space to sign better players?

But to compare James credibility or character to Sir Charles is a joke. Prince James has no credibility.  You want to know how I know that?  He couldn't convince ONE max free agent to come play with him in Cleveland.  NOT ONE. 

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 10:13 am

Charles Barkley rips Miami's Big 3

At least someone on here doesnt have their head buried in the sand!  Almost everyone argues that he was a free agent and could do whatever the hell he wanted and this is very true.  The ONLY reason that people are pissed off is because of the way he left.  He completely screwed over the cavs organization and the fans by waiting until all the big name free agents had signed elsewhere and then going on tv and telling the whole world his intentions.  IMHO he would not be viewed as a punk if he would have left cleveland with a little bit of class and dignity.  And to everyone saying that he left to chase championships like barkley and malone those guys did it at the tail end of their careers not in their prime. 

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 10:12 am

Charles Barkley rips Miami's Big 3

Wah WaAAAAAH! That's what all Miami Heat haters sound like. You just wish you had a GM like The Don Pat Riley who could get this done. This team is no different than the Show Time Lakers and the recent Boston Celtics. At these guys did it with class while the other cry babies demanded trades. At least James, Bosh and Wade honored their contracts. Unlike most pro athletes these days. Stop hating people. 

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 10:12 am

Charles Barkley rips Miami's Big 3

ya but no-one did it w/ a show called "the decision"Lebron is a punk and a scared coward who needs all eyes on him just to feel seen

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