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Houston's not done trading yet

Posted on: August 13, 2010 12:24 pm
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When the Rockets traded Trevor Ariza in a four-team deal that brought Courtney Lee to Houston, most saw it as a salary dump with one decent player replacing another decent player. The Rockets saved some $10 million this season , snagged a valuable $6.3 million trade exception and also cleared a logjam at small forward while upgrading its backcourt depth.

But it doesn't sound like they're done.

"Obviously one of our stated goals is that at some point -- and who knows when the opportunity will arise -- we want to make a move for a star, who comes loose like Boston did in trading for Kevin Garnett a few years ago," general manager Daryl Morey told the Houston Chronicle. "Those opportunities don't come along often, but if something comes along like that, it's something we have to look at. And we feel like we're in a similar or better situation to get those kinds of things done after this trade than before."

By freeing up some money in the Ariza deal, Houston now has that ability. The trade exception is huge in trying to make a blockbuster deal, plus the extra money saved because the Rockets won't bust into the luxury tax area will please owner Leslie Alexander.

As Morey said, landing that marquee star isn't easy. He made a strong run at Chris Bosh this offseason before the star power forward turned him down to go to Miami instead. The market is a little thin on tradeable stars right now, but eventually you'll find some team in financial distress looking to dump a contract. Or just a team ready to cut ties and start over with cap space and assets.

Ariza was never a perfect fit for Rick Adelman's system in Houston and wasn't ever going to blossom into that star the Rockets are looking for. So Morey cut his losses, took back a player that's not quite equal to Ariza's talent but that is someone that will help the team, plus grabbed some flexibility and the trade exception. It's what good general managers do. And an example why Morey is one of the best.


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Posted on: August 14, 2010 3:03 pm

Houston's not done trading yet


You just contradicted yourself when speaking about your so-called star Yao Ming.  Everybody can see that he has the size and ability to be the MAN but he lacks the desire, drive, competiveness and aggressiveness to be a true star.  He's a big punk!  C'mon now. 
I agree injury is Ming's downfall but you must not follow him if you think he lacks desire and drive.
Your perception of him is based on the fact that he is not some athletic guy who slams and talks trash every trip down the floor.
He was the most excited guy on the team when they won game 2 in LA two years ago.
The guy plays year round when healthy and NEVER cries about it. When the Rockets took game 2 in LA 2 years ago, Ming was huge in that victory. He broke his foot next game and still tried to play through it and has not played since.

He averages over 20 and 10 every year and his playoff numbers don't change.

And how is a guy who is polite, never in trouble, and loyal to a country who expects the world out of him a punk.

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Posted on: August 14, 2010 12:55 pm

Houston's not done trading yet

We do have a star in Yao Ming if he can ever come around (highly unlikely),


You just contradicted yourself when speaking about your so-called star Yao Ming.  Everybody can see that he has the size and ability to be the MAN but he lacks the desire, drive, competiveness and aggressiveness to be a true star.  He's a big punk!  C'mon now.  If he can ever comes around, Hell.. if he ever plays a full regular season.  The gentle and fragile giant fragile has not completed a full regular season since 2005-06.  He's not sure if he'll even play if his foot doesn't stop hurting.  Ouch!  The good news is that his $75 million contract extension expires at the end of this upcoming season thus giving your boy Daryl Morey even more financial clout to bring in a marquee player.  Even if Yao decides he's healthy enough to continue playing there's no way he'll command that type of salary again.  Houston has enough talent and flexibility to make a variety of trade offers, the most obvious trade would be for Chris Paul but not even New Orleans would be that stupid as to trade within the division?  Al Horford from Atlanta would be a nice addition if not by trade then maybe by free agency, his contract expires at the end of the 2010-2011 season with a team option.  Horford is young (24 years), athletic and would help against matchups with the size and length of the Lakers, Portland, Dallas and Denver.  I think they'll need to look for a PF or Center to replace the fragile Yao Ming.  Whatever it may be Morey has a plan and is putting it to work and he'll have Houston very competitive for a long time with or without Yao.

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Posted on: August 14, 2010 12:15 pm

Houston's not done trading yet

lebron is(was)one of my favorite players but in his last series he turned the ball over way to much.difference between him and jordan,kobe,wade,they would have taken those shots and made them,not commiting costly turnovers down the stretch.

and yes,cleveland did a terrible job of aquiring talent around him

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Posted on: August 14, 2010 12:12 pm

Houston's not done trading yet

trade would have to be brooks,battier,and picks(probably knicks)for paul,not paul and picks

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Posted on: August 14, 2010 1:56 am

Houston's not done trading yet

Andre Iguodala.  Have at him....

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 4:08 pm

Houston's not done trading yet

I feel like the Rocket's 2010 off-season has been ALL about depth, not adding another "star." The team cut ties with Ariza (who doesn't shoot well enough to fit in with the team once Yao is back and with Battier and Budinger on roster) and added a guy Morey has wanted for a couple years to back up Kevin Martin. Jermaine Taylor is probably not happy, but the team is better now than it was before the trade. They also re-sign Lowry to keep the depth they have at point and re-sign Scola to to play in front of Patrick Patterson and Jordan Hill. Plus,  they snagged Brad Miller to play behind Yao while cutting the salary difference of Ariza against Lee and moving James Andersen to Toronto.

Even if they don't add a "star," with Yao returning, they already have four guys starting (Brooks, Martin, Scola, and Yao) who could go for 30+ on any given night and should be able to compete for a decent playoff seed right now. I even like their chances to take the Southwest Division if Yao can go for 14-15 pts and 7-9 rebounds a night since both would be marked improvements over Chuck's production last year. Personally, I think those kinds of numbers are VERY possible since Yao has never averaged below 8 rpg and 13.5 ppg. I love the off-season the Rockets are having and can hardly wait to see how it pans out on the court come Oct. 26 when the Rockets travel to LA to face the defending champion LA Lakers.

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 3:37 pm

Houston's not done trading yet


Although I agree that Daryl Morey has done a good job, I disagree that Cleveland didn't acquire the right talent around Lebron to succeed.    Lebron got the right pieces..the shooters..the defenders...the slashers... the rebounders...the big fat guy..etc.  Its hard to get free agents to sign in Cleveland and even harder to get them to sign there if Lebron is not commited to there.  Lebron didn't lobby for free agents to go there...never.  Cleveland did an outstanding job once Danny Ferry took control of the team.  He was able to despite Lebron, the free agent thing, and such to build a team that could win 60 games a year ...every year.   However, we all know that that doesn't guarantee playoff success.  What guarantees playoff success is when your star player carries the load.  Lebron was inconsistent this past year in the playoffs and Mo Williams for the 2nd straight year was garbage against the good teams in the playoffs.  It doesn't mean they didn't have the right pieces though, it just means that your star player did not work hard enough to make those pieces work.  The whole game plan evolved around Lebron.  Of course if Lebron is not being himself, others will have to fend for themselves and it puts them a bad spot because well they are in bad spots (ie on the floor...plays not being run for them, etc..)    Now if the game plan had been differently where Lebron had less of a role for an extended period of time, then those players would be able to produce better.  The only guy really who can be a focal point on the team the same way Lebron was able to be the focal point was Delonte West.  We all know Delonte was not right in the head.  But if he was right in the head in 10-11, the Cavs would have been back in the mix again and for years.    The team was setup so nicely..and the Lebron left it hanging... now the team is made up of "Lebron" pieces so we will see how it goes.  Minus argubly the two most talented players on the team, Lebron and Delonte, the Cavs face an uphill battle.   PS. Don't tell me Mo or Andy or anyone else is more talented than Delonte West.  Its horsecrap.  Watch the games.

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 2:35 pm

Houston's not done trading yet

We do have a star in Yao Ming if he can ever come around (highly unlikely), but who else is out there worth spending the money on?  I feel like the Rockets should wait til the season starts and pick someone up that is performing well so Houston doesnt waste the money that they worked so hard to save.  Chris Paul would be nice but Aaron Brooks is doing big things and I'm not ready to see him go.  Good thing Houston has Morey to make these decisions.  Rockets will destroy the Heat.

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 1:15 pm

Houston's not done trading yet

I am so glad to actually have a GM that knows what he's doing in Daryl Morey. He has completely turned this team around by putting great team players together that know their role. T-Mac was killing this team with his ego and lack to embrace the team he had around him. With our grit I think we are one star away from being a true contender. I frowned upon the Carl Landry trade only because he was my favorite player on the team, but getting K-mart, Jordan Hill, Jared Jefferies, and two future draft picks was well worth it. All in all I just wanted to say my hats off to you Daryl Morey for rebuilding this team the right way. It is something that the Cavs could have learned and they would maybe still have Lebron and a championship intheir case.

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 1:13 pm

Houston's not done trading yet

They should try and acquire a guy like Richard Hamilton or Tayshaun Prince from Detroit. Or maybe they might be getting in to the Chris Paul mix. Perhaps a trade of Aaron Brooks and Shane Battier for Paul and draft picks could work.

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