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Signs are pointing to 'Melo heading to New York

Posted on: August 16, 2010 11:45 am
Posted by Royce Young
The Knicks had their eye on the summer of 2010 for a few years. It was their chance to return to glory by shelling out big money to big name free agents. In the end, only one signed and New York was left waiting for the next shot at a star.

Well, signs might be pointing to a certain Denver Nuggets stud leaning towards New York. Besides Ken Berger's report that Carmelo Anthony wants to play in the Big Apple, Chris Dempsey of The Denver Post says there are some serious smoke signals that 'Melo prefers New York.
These are some of the dots: He's selling his Littleton estate; the constant reports of Anthony telling friends that he wants to play for the New York Knicks; his New York wedding; his East Coast upbringing; summer trade talk that has cropped up twice in his time in Denver, which hasn't always made him feel wanted; oh, and not signing a contract that averages around $21.6 million per year for the next three years, a sizable amount of money that he may not be able to earn with a new collective bargaining agreement.

Anthony has connected some dots of his own. Even if he was completely happy with the Nuggets now, in three years he may look around at a team that is a shell of the one that reached the Western Conference finals in 2009. It could be young and inexperienced. It could be filled with mediocre talent. His NBA biological clock would be ticking loudly because he would be in his 10th season. There's no way he wants to start over 10 seasons into his career.

It's definitely to the point for Anthony that it's not just wild speculation. The interest appears to be real and even with a $65 million extension on the table from Denver, Anthony has said he's taking his time and also envoked the "do what's best for me and my family" clause.

On the other hand, Nuggets point guard Chauncey Billups is hopeful Anthony will stay in the Rockies. "I'm 100 percent hopeful," Billups told the New York Post . "It's between me and my guy. If y'all have a close personal friend and they're going through something and the media asks, you're not going to expose that. Y'all find out when he wants y'all to know."

No doubt Carmelo Anthony's free agency will likely be the major drama of next offseason. And much like New York's courtship of LeBron, there's some serious flirtation going on from both sides. But just The King's decision, we'll likely just have to wait until next year to get the final answer.

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 1:26 pm

Signs are pointing to 'Melo heading to New York

Indiana SUCKS

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 1:26 pm

Signs have always been...

Melo has consistently said that he wants to play in New York.  Before he was drafted
he made it clear he wanted to be a Knick. It is where he has always wanted to play.

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 1:20 pm

Signs are pointing to 'Melo heading to New York

Oh Jeez. Here we go again with the speculation of where a star basketball player will go next season. I sure hope Melo goes about it with more class than Lebron did. Somehow I don't see him as being the insecure media-craving hog that Lebron is. Hopefully he'll make his decision soon and have the courtesy of letting the Nugget's management know what his plans are. Or is that asking too much????

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 1:04 pm

Signs are pointing to 'Melo heading to New York

Greetings from Cleveland my friend! Speaking from experience, this will be the most irritating time of your fanhood. All you can do is hope that he gets traded before you're left with nothing. I hope he stays, but it looks grim...............

PS Am I the only person that wishes things were more about loyalty to a team and not so much loyalty to an ego?

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 12:57 pm

Signs are pointing to 'Melo heading to New York

Lathon57, you live in Fishers Indiana. I never heard of it, but I am sure its a wonderful town with wonderful people. I just hope they all don't follow stereotypes like you. I live in NYC and its not overrated at all. I am sure you have been here and lived here for many years to form your opinion though and then returned to Indiana, a place so nice that for your favorite teams you had to put Purdue twice lol.

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 12:46 pm

Signs are pointing to 'Melo heading to New York

Say what you will about overpaying for Amare, but don't say that DLee is a better defender.  David Lee is a terrible defender, worse than Amare, ask any Knicks fan who has watched him play.  I like David Lee as a player and he can rebound but he is not stopping anyone from scoring except maybe Eddy Curry.  The Knicks have a team to play the system that D'Antoni wants to play.  That system does not require pressure defense.  The Knicks are going to run, run, run and then they will run some more.  That is D'Antoni's system, seven seconds or less.  Is it the best system, no.  But that is what the coach wants to play.  If they don't win then he will be fired.  But remember this, players love playing in this system.  If you watch an all-star game, and all the fun the players have playing that game.  It is like that all the time.  They score more points, get more ESPN more and don't have to worry about busting their butts playing D.  We will see in Feb, if this system will translate into wins but no doubt players want to play in it. 

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 12:39 pm

Signs are pointing to 'Melo heading to New York

New York is so full of itself, that's why it's the most overrated place EVER.

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 12:38 pm

Signs are pointing to 'Melo heading to New York

well if you add mello to amare, and some of the young talent they got in the lee trade, plus galinari and chandler, as well as a few more additions, with a good coach, why would you think they wouldnt be a good team.  carmello is a special player, hew won a championship  more then lebron can say,  a national championship , and you add him to a better roster and a prove winning coach and the losing will end .  you act as if turning over the whole roster still means its going to be a lousy knicks team.   thats silly.

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 12:32 pm

Signs are pointing to 'Melo heading to New York

The article states he doesn't want to look around in 3 yrs and be on a team that isn't very good!  Then why the Hell would he want to go to the Knicks?  They aren't good now, why would anyone expect them to be good in 3yrs?  At least on the Nuggets he is on a damn good team now.

If he wants to play for the Knicks that is one thing, but let's not say it is because the Nuggets might not be good in 3 yrs.

I have a feeling this is just like the idiotic stories that LeBron James wanted to play for the Knicks.  No one ever heard LeBron say that, was just dumb sports writers trying to guess.

The Knicks just grossly over-paid for Amar'e Stoudemire (when they had David Lee who is just as good and at least will play defense) and tried to hire back Isiah Thomas!  The Knicks are a joke and need a new owner so NYC can be proud of their team once again.

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Posted on: August 16, 2010 12:32 pm

Signs are pointing to 'Melo heading to New York

He'll stay in Denver if they win the NBA Championship this year.  So maybe the Nuggets and their media\fans should concentrate on that, not where he may or may not be going in 2011.

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