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Shootaround 8.18.10: Louuuu!

Posted on: August 18, 2010 9:04 am
Pierce wants help, Wall won't get that many buckets, and the Suns have the pick but no roll in today's edition of the shootaround. Posted by Matt Moore

Paul Pierce says the Celtics need one more piece , specifically a wing to come in and relieve him. He doesn't sound thrilled with the team losing Tony Allen, specifically. How they'll fill that hole is an entirely different question, if at all. Allen played a pretty specific role (and honestly didn't play it all that well prior to the second half of last season). Furthermore, Pierce's statement serves as a significant knock agasint Marquis Daniels, who's supposed to particularly be just that for that for the Celtics.

The Warriors, Hornets, and Pacers are in pursuit of Lou Amundson, the Phoenix big man who found the team didn't have room for him after their replacement moves this summer. The Warriors are the easy option, a nice market and a fun way to play. But it also provides the least chance to win. The Pacers are likely to be a fun team, full of speed and versatility (much like the Suns last season), but it's not clear if Amundson (28) wants to be the veteran presence on a team. That leaves the Hornets, who will play a much slower pace than he's used to most likely. The fact is that the best situation for Amundson was Phoenix, who really did need him. But hey, when Hakim Warrick comes available...

John Wall is a near-lock to lead all rookies in assists next year. But how's his scoring going to be? Bullets Forever takes a look at the issue and finds that Wall's top three options are heavy-usage players that don't necessarily score a lot off of assists. So not only will Wall's scoring be lower than expected, but similarly his point totals may not wow the eye either. There's a solution, here, ditching Gilbert Arenas for cheap fluff, but no one wants to hear that option in Washington (or they believe that no one will take Arenas period).

A perfect example of what advanced metrics can do? A block is a block right? Except some blocks have more value than others , and the number of blocks you make impact the overall value of all of your blocks. So a block is not just a block.

Kendrick Perkins is targeting February for a return . Which is awkward, because that means if the Celtics find themselves surprised by a lack of center depth (despite Jermaine O'Neal and Shaquille O'Neal), they're not going to have much time to make that assessment if they need to make a trade.

The NCAA president wants to see baseball-like rules for the NBA's draft guidelines. This would mean players can go to the NBA straight out of high school, but if they elect to go to college, they must stay for three years or until they're 21. An interesting idea, but as John Krolik points out , one fraught with complications. An additional question is where the NBA D-League would play in this process, and if it would help bridge the gap. Either way, it's unlikely for this option to be adopted, given the economic realities.

Jerry Buss isn't lacking for confidence when it comes to the Lakers' chances against the Heat. The list of people actually admitting fear or even legitimate respect for the Heat is pretty small, for some reason.

The pick-and-roll has been the cornerstone of the Suns' offense for years. And yet looking at their options , the Suns may be looking at a lot more pick-and-pops than rolls. Robin Lopez may be their only hope.


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Posted on: August 18, 2010 11:14 am

Shootaround 8.18.10: Louuuu!


Maybe they can free up Durant, or Rose (No the NBA won't go for that one Chicago is a major market) .  I am sure there is some player willing to throw his current team under the bus to go make Celtics a super Power.  And the NBA won't get in their way, after all, the Celtics are important to the league. 

Come on, guys! Step-up and do what is best for you - force your current team to trade you to the Celtics, after all its all about you, and Pierce,  isn't it. I mean heck, even Walt Frazier understands, there are teams that are just entitled!! Entitled!! Even if their management has bordered on complete ineptness for decades, they are ENTITLED TO have a team handed to them, because . .  Well Because their the Knicks!! 


;   To Hell that is! And take NY, Boston, & miami with you.

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Posted on: August 18, 2010 10:16 am

Shootaround 8.18.10: Louuuu!

is . Which is awkward, because that means if the Celtics find themselves surprised by a lack of center depth (despite and ), they're not going to have much time to make that assessment if they need to make a trade.

"Awkward?" Strange choice of wording. It seems to imply that Kendrick Perkins is (intentionally?) putting the Celtics in a bad situation. Whether it's "awkward" or not, Perk tore up his knee, so however long it takes him to recover, he'll have to take it because it would be a lot more awkward if his career ended by him coming back too early and permanently destroying his knee.

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