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Chris Bosh doesn't mind the hate

Posted on: August 18, 2010 10:00 pm
Heat Triad forward says the team expects negativity, heightened pressure.
Posted by Matt Moore

In the ongoing saga of the Heat v. Public Opinion, there have been salvos aplenty the last few days. LeBron's GQ article , Dwyane Wade's charity stop , and now, Chris Bosh's interview with SI 's Chris Mannix at his "Get Milk" campaign event. Mannix spoke with Bosh about a number of topics, including who's going to take the last shot for the Heat (whoever's hot that night), how much he considered Cleveland (he didn't), and, the big sound byte, how he feels about all the hate being heaped upon him and the other two members of the Miami Triad. From Mannix's HTML to your eyes:

"It's a healthy hate," he said. "When the Lakers came to town, I hated the Lakers. It's what you need as motivation to beat these guys. We know we're going to get a team's best every single night. We know we're going to get the crowds best every single night. We have a big 'X' on our back. People are saying our team is not good for basketball. We're going to hear everything. It's OK. It's going to happen. We just have to win and keep on moving."
A healthy hate, huh? Well, that's certainly making lemon-scented cleaner out of rancid, poisoned lemons. It's also a continuing part of the orchestrated effort by the Heat in anti-hate maneuvering. The same kind of lines are being injected into all three of their statements. Things like "no one is 100% LeBron/DWade/Bosh" and "the hate should be fun." It's nothing but big smiles and happy words about enjoying all the villainy they've been accused of.

The real question? Do any of these guys have a vengeful bone in their body? Bosh has never really come across as a killer, more of the "friendly next door neighbor who can pull down stuff from the top shelf." James has his own long history of doubts regarding his killer instinct (despite his game being best-fit for all-around dynamics and not the dagger in the heart). Wade is really the question mark. He has a history of clutch theatrics, and definitely plays with a chip on his shoulder. But he doesn't own a move like Kobe's jaw-jut or Jordan's sneer. Those are theatrics, of course, but they belie a bigger theme of righteous (or unrighteous) vengeance.

The Triad does seem to be slowly embracing this idea, though, that they will have to fuel themselves from the negative energy thrown at them. They have to learn from their past failures and rally around a single cause: shutting the mouths of the millions of people who have doubted and cast aspersions towards them. Of course, contrary to what Wade said after the free agency coup was completed, the hard part isn't over. Winning the games. That's the hard part, and it hasn't even begun.

Here's more of Mannix with Bosh:


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Posted on: August 20, 2010 7:25 am

Chris Bosh doesn't mind the hate

-Bosh, likes being hated by everyone.

-Wade is comparing losing to the World Trade.

-Lebron just said he hated Cleveland.
 -Ron Artest, arrested on domestic violence charge for smacking a woman in the face........and the "Ron Artest" incident where his childish on court antics led to a fans vs players riot that altered the NBA rules on player and fan interaction.

-Kobe Bryant, known adulterer and accused rapist.

I guess we live in a society where athletes can be forgiven for the things that Artest and Bryant have done. Good thing they didn't utter the words World Trade Center or have an ESPN special because then they may have actually been villified.

So can someone tell me again why the Heat are the villians and the Lakers are heroes?

By the way. Wade didn't compare losing to the World Trade Center....he said the media would compare them losing to the World Trade Center and that "IT ISN'T. IT'S JUST BASKETBALL", basically agreeing with you on what a ridiculous notion that would be. It's right there if you read the entire quote....maybe next time you should.

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Posted on: August 19, 2010 10:37 pm

Chris Bosh doesn't mind the hate

Its going to be fun next season.  I cant really see them villians untill they start playing really dirty hence the Celtics or the old Spurs.

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Posted on: August 19, 2010 8:46 pm

Chris Bosh doesn't mind the hate

 sorry, I meant impressed, not who cared. I could care less if the frankenstein team of the century wins championships, especially if they are going to dance around on stage like Hannah Montana before they even played a game together. "BOSH'S PIT BABY" oh man, that one made me cringe. He's a tall lanky dude who gets man handled by larger players. He's not a catalyst. Al Jefferson put up better numbers last year than bosh. 

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Posted on: August 19, 2010 5:40 pm

Chris Bosh doesn't mind the hate

True, but Jordan wasn't trying to join the Celtics or the Lakers to get a ring. Back then to get a ring it was Survival of the Fittest, not a Buddy System.

I don't buy the the Karma thing either, because they have talent. 

I don't think they can win if they're not healthy similar to what the Lakers did.
They may not make it out of the East, that's not a given. A good defensive team can beat anybody.

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Posted on: August 19, 2010 5:32 pm

Chris Bosh doesn't mind the hate

Bosh is a beast, Lebron is a beast, and so is D Wade.

However, let's see the following:

-Bosh, likes being hated by everyone.

-Wade is comparing losing to the World Trade.

-Lebron just said he hated Cleveland.

I'm not arguing thier talent, but they need a publicist or some training on public relations. Or simply put Shut up!!!

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Posted on: August 19, 2010 5:05 pm

What an a Hole

This goes to show how much Chris Bosh is an a hole.  A large a hole.

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Posted on: August 19, 2010 4:42 pm

Chris Bosh doesn't mind the hate

These guys are young and are going to make mistakes. I personally look forward to some of the blooper reels. But all of them are decent individuals. Bar none!
Good hate, bad Hate, what a load of hot air.... Everybody around these guys in the NBA have been winners for the last seven years.. They each elevated the teams and all of the people they played with and for. 
It must be hard for some people to imagine the levels they'll reach. I don't hate that! I look forward to it..
I'm a Canadian and Sorry to loose Bosh.. But I expect great things out of that team of young gentlemen.. I'm just happy that Chris Bosh is one of them... 

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Posted on: August 19, 2010 2:57 pm

Chris Bosh doesn't mind the hate

Being from Boca Raton would make him biased...thats just a side note. Such a good fan of the NBA you are! As soon as one team puts together good players that show some promise its time to get sad and start watching hockey. Let me ask you many people outside LA cared that they won the Championship? how many outside Boston cared?  The numbers are going to be pretty close to those that do care WHEN the Heat win a champioinship. Enjoy watchinhg hockey for the next decade.

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Posted on: August 19, 2010 2:50 pm

Chris Bosh doesn't mind the hate

"Lose due to bad karma"? Are you serious?...what a completely ridciulous post. If  you knew anything about the game you would know NO ONE can win on their own. Kobe needed Shaq/Gasol, Jordan needed Pippen, Garrnett needed Pierce/Allen. Know a little about what your talking about before you open you mouth. Karma? What a joke.

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Posted on: August 19, 2010 2:11 pm

Chris Bosh doesn't mind the hate

I definitely understand where you're coming from here.  I think that the biggest problem is the way that they went about the whole thing, as least to most people's perspectives.  Another poster talked about LA luring Shaq away from Orlando, though I think that the situation is a bit different.  Shap was tough, but he really blossomed in LA and Kobe was an unknown coming off the bench.

LBJ and D-Wade are two of the best 5 players in the NBA.  In fact, considering how old Kobe is getting, they're probably the two best scorers in the league.  Combine that with a guy who can easily average 20-10, and you have the most talented conglomerate ever assembled in the league.  Considering how old the Celts and Spurs are, how old the Lakers are getting, and the fact that teams like Orlando and NY are seriously deficent, it just looks like the Heat are going to run away with things over the next few years.  When many of the past Laker/Celtic/Bulls teams were winning their titles, there were several other good teams and many great series.  The Pacers took the Bulls to 7 games a few times, the Ewing-led Knicks were always a threat, and the Jazz played the Bulls very well, amongst others.  I can see the Lakers having another good year, but their window is closing fast.  OKC is a big man (maybe Cole Aldrich) away from being a serious threat, but who else is there? 

I think that is what is bothersome to alot of fans.  In order for someone to compete with Miami, they're going to need some studs.  If Chris Paul and Melo go to NY, then you'd have a some other stars flock to some other squad and it would be like baseball where a handful of teams have almost all of the studs and the rest are bottomfeeders.  The only difference is that in baseball, a team can come from nowhere and win, as frequently happens.  In the NBA?  No way the Bucks of 76ers are going to come out of nowhere and overtake the Heat. 

The whole "joining the big boys table" thing might be far-fetched.  I'm from Minnesota and moved to Indiana.  Both Minneapolis and Indianapolis are great cities, but you've got to think that a place like LA, NY, or Miami is going to appeal to a 25-year old millionaire more.  You made several good points, though, and I don't really think that they did anything wrong other than LBJ's dumbass ESPN special.

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