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Offers starting to pop up for Carmelo

Posted on: August 31, 2010 5:40 pm
Posted by Royce Young

There's no telling how many times Masai Ujiri's phone has already rang. Some were probably congratulatory calls on his new position with the Nuggets, but I'm guessing 95 percent of them have included the words "Carmelo Anthony," "trade" and "we'll offer."

And according to John Rothstein of the MSG Network, the Bulls have already inquired offering up a package that includes Taj Gibson and Luol Deng. That doesn't mean that is the offer, but it means that the Bulls are reportedly offering a deal that includes those two players. Rothstein also reported that the Nets have made a few calls, but any trade discussions with Denver aren't including Brook Lopez. Smart move there by the Nets.

Those are just two of the teams reportedly interested in Anthony though. We've heard the Kings, the Warriors, the Hornets, the Timberwolves, the Knicks, the Magic and the Rockets all pop up as well along with the Nets and Bulls.

What's interesting about any offer that comes in to the Denver front office is figuring out what the Nuggets are aftet? Is it talent? Is it assets? Is it picks? It's pretyy well agreed upon that Denver won't get equal return on Anthony, but just because you trade a star doesn't mean you can't come out sunny on the other side.

Jeremy Wagner of Roundball Mining Company put together an interest list of offers from fellow team bloggers. He ranked them and interestingly, both offers from the Nets' bloggers didn't include Lopez and Wagner didn't like the offers. Devin Harris, Terrence Williams and some picks isn't doing much for a Nuggets fan and it's likely not doing much for Ujiri either.

Ujiri reportedly will meet with Anthony soon and told Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! that he wants Anthony to be a Nugget. But Ujiri also said that the door hasn't closed on the possibility of trading. Of course Ujiri would prefer not to trade Carmelo because replacing the face of your franchise is almost impossible to do in a trade, but sometimes your hand is forced. And in this situation, that appears to be the case. The phone calls are going to keep coming for Ujiri, and not very many will involve much congratulations.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 10:16 am

Offers starting to pop up for Carmelo

i am a Knicks fan, but what I am about to say does NOT carry any bias...Hahahahahaha....LOLlololololloloo..

.no, none at all....hahahahahhhahahahalololololo


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Posted on: September 1, 2010 10:14 am

Offers starting to pop up for Carmelo

Don't give too much credit to the Neworleance. The only thing they are interested in is to sell the team. They may talk big but actually the management is very inept. I have a felling that is one more reason CP3 want out.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 9:31 am

Royce Young is full of it!!!

Isn't interesting how Royce Young can turn a self made rumour into a title of "OfferS Start Popping up for Melo"?  There were no "offerS" reported in the article.  This guy just manufactured a story out of the clear blue.  "Well, there hasn't been no news on the Melo front lately and everyone is chomping at the bit for more details, so I think that I will make up my own fairy tale to report." 

I am so tired of meaningless, crap reports such as this peice of fiction.  Since there is no source attributed to the ONE (and only) Bulls RUMOR, then Mr. Young could have simply pulled that one out of his butt.  The headline promised multiple offers.  Where are the others?  Don't you just hate how sports reporting has turned into a sickening blend of tabloid reporting and total fiction rumoring, over the past few years. 

These people are not journalists.  They are hacks trying to sell advertising for their .com employers.  They might as well be working for the National Enquirer and publishing LeBron's Martian baby photos and the companion piece about his alien abduction.  I guess sports journalism has DE-evolved to the state where if there is no news, we'll write whatever we damned well please!  Sad.  Really Sad.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 8:47 am

Offers starting to pop up for Carmelo

if this is year the nuggets want to blow the team up, then trade melo to the bulls, get deng and a throw in player with an expiring contract and rebuilding through the draft. the lakers aren't going anywhere but back to finals for the next two years. and the competition
in the west requires an core of solid players around one dedicated superstar and via lottery draft, the nuggets will find thier player. i am an wizards fan and it appears we've finally got it right, moved players and $$$$ contracts prior to the end of last year's regular season and start anew, thus- the wizards will build around john wall and go from there. i think the nuggets should do the very same, rebuild now and win, later.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 2:56 am
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Posted on: September 1, 2010 2:30 am

Offers starting to pop up for Carmelo

Stevie Ballgame,
That's an interesting idea of trying to lure Chris Paul over to Denver to appease Paul.  Though New Orleans may like the idea of having Melo moved their way to solve their Chris Paul problem.

But, I don't know if you would get the best production out of Billups at shooting guard. He's one of the better floor generals, like Paul and now you probably have the same chemistry problem that could happen with Lebron and Wade where there are two players that function the same way on the floor.  Also, the 6'3 Billups will probably have problems guarding and even scoring over the taller shooting guards.  So, not only would you have a small back court, but with Bird Man at center, the front court really becomes under size versus the front court of the best teams in the league, (that is, except for Miami.).
Since the Nuggets would still have J.R. Smith, they could maybe swing a third team into the deal and trade Bullups for some quality size to make up for Nene would be be going.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 1:49 am

Offers starting to pop up for Carmelo

Imagine melo playing alongside tyreke and cousins with carl landry. It just depends whether the nugs want draft picks.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 1:35 am

Offers starting to pop up for Carmelo

Just a thought here people, don't go beating me up here, but here it goes.

Maybe the Nuggs should go to Melo and ask him, if it were at all possible to get Paul to Denver, would he consider staying? And if Paul were to say yes, then this is what I would do. Not sure if the Hornets would go for it, but Denver could give it a shot.

Offer them Ty Lawson and Nene and maybe a draft pick if they have to in return for Paul. Not sure what would happen, but I think it might just perk their interest.

If this trade does happen, then Denver would look like this.
PG Paul
SG Billups
SF Melo
PF Martin (if healthy)
C Bird Man

Billups has looked good at the 2 for team U.S.A. and his legs look alot freshier. The bench would be a bit thin, but Paul can go all day. Bring Anthony Carter off the bench along with J.R. Smith for the back court. As for the front court, that is where the problem is going to be, but maybe they could find a servicable big this year, and then attract a better one next year that is willing to play with Melo and Paul on the cheap.

Like I said before, not sure this is even possible, but it sure would be sweet if it was.

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Posted on: September 1, 2010 12:34 am

Offers starting to pop up for Carmelo

Do u understand that Cam only has one year left on his deal and you expect Devener to get equal talent in return where they may have more contract years?  U do not have a clue in terms what defines 'assets' - maybe u should be a GM that will sux - maybe the knicks will offer you a job!

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Posted on: August 31, 2010 11:48 pm

Offers starting to pop up for Carmelo

Well that's interesting Carmelo Anthony don't all those teams that want you suck?...except for the Magic.  The Knicks stink.

i am a Knicks fan, but what I am about to say does NOT carry any bias...

you are wrong, the Knicks do not "stink"...they made plenty of good offseason moves.

1. they upgraded at PG with the addition of Felton

2. they have an up and coming star who is in his early 20's and already considered one of the best pure shooters in the league. Gallinari is a player who is a true #2 option in the making, and if he is a #3 (if Melo were to go to NY = Melo, Amare, Gallinari) than any team with Gallinari as the #3 is a strong team

3. Anthony Randolph and a few other additions make this team much deeper than it was the past few years, go look at Randolph's numbers...just cause you never heard of him doesnt make him a worse player, same with Azuibuke who is a stellar perimeter defender....this team has plenty of good role players.

4. they have desireable parts to move, Eddy Curry contract being one of them, that falls off the books next year, so teams will be happy for that kind of space, Wilson Chandler is a piece that everyone wants, as well as Bill Walker...

this team as constructed now (1 star- Amare, 1 borderline star/good scoring option, and plenty of good role players) is a playoff team, most analysts, ex-players and GMs see this team as a #7 seed as add a top 5 player to that in Carmelo Anthony and hold on to the likes of Amare and Gallinari...and you have a home court playoff team in the first round...they

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