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Shootaround 9.10.10: An extension for Noah?

Posted on: September 10, 2010 9:11 am
Posted by Royce Young
  • Before we get too carried away with Joakim Noah for Carmelo Anthony talk, Marc Stein of ESPN says that the Bulls are actually working on something else Noah related: an extension. Which adds a potentially interesting twist to the trade rumors. Right now, Noah's salary is nowhere close to being enough to get a deal done with Denver for Anthony. Luol Deng would have to be included in the trade, but Denver is lukewarm on Deng. So if the Bulls extend Noah to say, $10 million a year, that would make a swap much easier. Just a thought.
  • Kevin Durant wrote "1972" on his sneakers yesterday for the game against Russia. Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don't Lie: "Not only does it remind me of how proud I am to be an American, but it should remind followers from all nations in this tournament that being part of a team can be a pretty special thing. Whether you're a member of Team USA at one point, CCCP, the Russian team, or a squad that didn't even exist in the 1988 Olympics (which took place the month Kevin Durant was born), it hardly matters. You're a teammate for life, and I appreciated Durant's little message to his teammates."
  • Ailene Voison of the Sac Bee on the reprehensible situation with Omri Casspi: "Kings forward Omri Casspi said Thursday he was 'hurt' after learning that a mural featuring his likeness was defaced with a swastika. The incident at 16th and R streets in midtown Sacramento is being investigated as a possible hate crime by local authorities. 'It's been all over the news over here,' said Casspi by phone at his family home in Yavne, Israel. 'Everybody's talking about it. It's hurtful to think that this is 2010, and there are still people like that out there. I almost don't know what to say. It's probably just some idiot who wants some publicity. But I know the people in Sacramento, and they have been wonderful to me. I know they must feel bad about this. Same thing with the Kings. I'll just let the police handle this and focus on having a great season.' Casspi, the first Israeli to play in the NBA, returns to Sacramento on Monday to begin preparing for his second training camp."
  • What does the old show "The White Shadow" and Turkey's 12 Giant Men have in common? Pete Thamel of the NY Times: "Turkey’s rapid rise as a basketball power can be traced, in part, to 'The White Shadow,' whose 54 episodes appeared on black-and-white TV here from 1980 to 1982. 'It made people aware of basketball in Turkey,' said Alper Yilmaz, a former national team player who works in the front office of Efes Pilsen, a club in Istanbul that has won 13 Turkish League titles since its founding in 1976. 'There was already basketball in Turkey,' Yilmaz added, 'but after that show, everyone started playing.'"
  • Chris Sheridan of ESPN on what gets lost in translation in international basketball: "The inclination for a player in foul trouble is to hold back, even just a little. Not so for Andre Iguodala , who played with so much energy and passion right when the Americans needed it that one of the Russian players actually thought he was swearing at him -- in Russian. "He say in Russian a bad word. I don't know how he know this. I won't even translate it. It's bad," said Russian forward Andrey Vorontsevich, who got yelled at by Iguodala after being a little too physical with Lamar Odom . "All I said was, 'watch it, watch it,'" Iguodala said, bewildered. "I don't speak any Russian."Apparently (according to bilingual Russian journalist Vladimir Gomelsky of NTV+, the Russian all-sports cable network), if you say, "watch it, watch it" fast enough, it can be misconstrued as the Russian euphemism for a female canine."

Since: Apr 2, 2009
Posted on: September 11, 2010 7:30 pm

Shootaround 9.10.10: An extension for Noah?

Where did I say that Melo is not an all-star? I know he is one of the top players in the league, but he does nothing more than what he can do for himself out there. And I never said LeBron isn't a big ego maniac either.

Since: Apr 9, 2010
Posted on: September 11, 2010 7:51 am

Shootaround 9.10.10: An extension for Noah?

Consider me stupid then. Noah is a good player and no one is disputing that, but I think he has basically hit his ceiling. His scoring may increase some, but he is a guy who is gonna score 12-15 ppg with 10-12reb. Thats it. Those are very solid numbers, but he is far from a superstar.

If Melo is an ego-maniac then what is LeBron? I have not heard about any one hour press conference to tell everyone where he is going. In fact, most of the Melo publicity is media driven. He has said little about going elsewhere. And just now becoming an all-star? Are we talking about the same Carmelo Anthony here? He has averaged about 25ppg for his career. He is arguably one of the top 3 small forwards in the game behind LeBron and Kevin Durant. The guy has been an all-star for years now. I'm really not sure why you think he is a "cancer".

Derrick Rose is a great player, but when was the last time a scoring point guard led his team to a title? Exactly. None. Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury are names that come to mind when I think D.Rose. Rose may average 20-24ppg, but 6 or 7 ast won't cut it. Even Marbury averaged 20 and 8, but his teams were not very good. The point is, I am not convinced that Rose is a player who can make his teammates better. This is why Melo becomes important. He, rose, and Boozer can form a new Big Three and really compete with other teams.

Since: Apr 2, 2009
Posted on: September 11, 2010 1:40 am

Shootaround 9.10.10: An extension for Noah?

Noah is a play hard heart driven player. Melo is just a ego maniac cancer with the nuggets. Noah is a good defender and rebounder who is now just starting to become a all star caliber player. Rebounding and defense are two huge keys to winning basketball games not just scoring. You people are stupid to want to get rid of Noah, he fits perfectly with what the bulls do. The bulls are one of the better defending teams in the league with guys who share the ball, plus Noah can run the floor better than any center in the game. If we get rid of Noah who is the bulls center? What the bulls need is another shooting guard and I'd much rather try to get Fernandez than the cancer Melo. There might only be on a handful of superstars in the game but what do you think Derrick Rose is emerging into? I bet anything when he hits his prime he will be a superstar in the league as he can do it all. If Melo can be aquired without getting rid of Noah then I'm for it but Noah is becoming a valuable part of what the bulls do, and like i said he plays hard, shows emotion, and it will be awesome watching him and Boozer work down low together.

Since: Apr 9, 2010
Posted on: September 11, 2010 12:35 am

Shootaround 9.10.10: An extension for Noah?

Noah is great, but if you can lock up Carmelo Anthony to a long term deal, do it. Noah and Deng for Melo is a no-brainer. Think about having Melo, Carlos Boozer, and Derrick Rose along with a strong bench. Noah is a great center, but his biggest contribution is in the rebounding area.

If they are really lacking that much in the rebounding or frontcourt area following a Noah trade (which I doubt they would), they will have the chance to draft a good rebounding big man the following year.

Since: Aug 6, 2010
Posted on: September 10, 2010 10:26 pm

Shootaround 9.10.10: An extension for Noah?

You idiots who wouldn't trade Noah for Melo are probably the same morons who didn't wanna trade Deng and Gordon when they had the chance to get KG, Pau, or even Kobe..
Have you noticed how watered down the NBA is.. There are only about 5-7 Superstars in the league, about 15-20 all stars and the rest are role players. Noah is on the cusp of all-star/role player.. he is not the top 5-7.. but Melo is and when you get a chance to get a player like that you do. They are automatically a super contender for a championship. You can do it without Noah he is replaceable.. Think about it this way, if Denver lost Melo and got Noah are they a championship team? No! Are the Bulls if they add Melo to Rose, Boozer, Korver and Brewer?? Yes they are and they can get any center in the league to fill center.
The Bulls are a good team now but not a championship team... With Melo they will easily be right there with Miami if not ahead because they will be deeper.. Don't forget the Heat don't exactly have a center and Boozer and Bosh are basically a wash.
I say give me Melo and I will win rings while you dumbasses take Noah and fall short every year

Since: Mar 5, 2009
Posted on: September 10, 2010 10:09 pm

Shootaround 9.10.10: An extension for Noah?

thats the silliest thing ever dont trade Noah!! What are you smoke'n?  I want some, I like Noah but come on its Melo.  Noah will not score 25pts a game.  Melo is one of the elite players in the league and the starting 5 looks a lot better with Melo over Noah.  Bulls need him to hang with those south beach gaylords!!  PULL THE TRIGGER BULLS!!! 

Since: Aug 25, 2006
Posted on: September 10, 2010 5:47 pm

Shootaround 9.10.10: An extension for Noah?

I agree....DO NOT TRADE NOAH!!!

Since: Jan 2, 2008
Posted on: September 10, 2010 3:22 pm

Shootaround 9.10.10: An extension for Noah?

how about this? new contract for Noah so he STAYS a Bull!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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