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Report: Nets emerging as frontrunner for Carmelo

Posted on: September 20, 2010 6:08 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Ken Berger of CBSSports .com reported last week that the Nets were separating themselves as potential frontrunners for Carmelo Anthony, quoting a source that said New Jersey is "working hardest to get a deal done."

And here's some more fuel to toss on that fire.

Chad Ford of ESPN added today that of all the teams in serious contention for Anthony's services (Knicks , Bulls, Rockets, Clippers and Warriors), the Nets have the best offer.

"They've got what the Nuggets want," one general manager told "We're trying to put a package together that matches what the Nets can offer, but it's tough."

The reports coming out earlier today revealed that the Nuggets are indeed hearing out offers and are most interested in picks, cap relief and a top young talent. What is New Jersey reportedly offering? All three.

Ford said the Nets are willing to offer No. 3 overall pick Derrick Favors, the expiring deals of Troy Murphy and Kris Humphries plus at least one future first-round pick for Carmelo. Ken Berger mentioned Favors as potential bait in his report as well, but adding Murphy and Humphries plus a pick or two certainly sweetens the pot. 

However, a source close to the Nets told that the Nets weren't necessarily the frontrunners for Anthony, nor were they willing to confirm what the Nets would offer. However, it was said that New Jersey was in serious contention based on Denver's reluctance to trade Anthony to a Western Conference team and the Nets' combination of expiring contracts, draft picks and a young player with talent and upside.

All of this begs the question though: Is New Jersey actually the one getting worked in this deal? Obviously, nobody knows about what Favors will be. Murphy is a quality power forward, Humphries is a throw-in and the picks are nice. While the Nets gets the prize of Carmelo, doesn't this upset the once balanced roster they had?

The Nets are trading every power forward on the roster. No seriously, they won't have a single guy that plays the 4 on the role sheet. Plus, New Jersey signed Travis Outlaw over the summer and now, he's immediately pushed to the bench. New Jersey's roster immediately becomes a mess with Anthony's addition and while they have a star, they don't have any kind of coherent symmetry remaining.

I'm not saying Denver wins this trade by any means because again, Favors may or may not be good, Murphy isn't anything more than solid and Humphries plus picks are just add-ons . And the Nuggets are still losing their star. But if New Jersey goes down this road to get Anthony, it'll require another roster restructuring. Which is something they were pretty much close to completing already. 

But then again, the chances of this being the actual trade is probably pretty unlikely. But it's definitely the one Denver might be happiest with.


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Posted on: September 22, 2010 11:48 am

Report: Nets emerging as frontrunner for Carmelo

@ Scriabin
You make a valid point regarding Carmelo's immaturity. I think Avery would be the disciplinarian that George Karl isn't. Joe Smith will be a good locker room guy for Melo, and I think Devin Harris could be good for Melo as well. With that being said I would still be surprised if this deal actually came to fruition.

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Posted on: September 22, 2010 10:37 am

Report: Nets emerging as frontrunner for Carmelo

I don't think Melo is immature.  What he is tempermentally, though, is a follower.  So, the Nets need at least one strong veteran leader with good work habits if they're taking on Melo.  When Chauncey Billups showed up with his championship demeanor, Melo immediately jumped on board and worked harder at things like defense and rebounding.  Prior to that, though, Melo had been following Allen Iverson, who distained such things as practice and defense.   So the Nets might want to consider who Melo will be following in NJ.

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Posted on: September 22, 2010 9:54 am

Report: Nets emerging as frontrunner for Carmelo

I'm a NETS fan first, a Carmelo Anthony fan 2nd (after Kobe). I think this move would not only sell tickets, but would make the team a contender in the next 2 years or so. Go for it. I don't like the fact of losing Derrick Favors or his potential, but Melo can come in and make everyone else around him better immediately. The other players involved in the trade cannot do that.

I say go after him, but only if he has matured. That's the only thing that makes me skeptical of this move. Other than that I am on board for a trade.

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Posted on: September 22, 2010 7:09 am

Report: Nets emerging as frontrunner for Carmelo

Of course this will require roster restructuring. You're trading like 3 or 4 guys for 1. Of course you'll need to restructure your roster. I'm willing to bet the News would not mind having to find a couple power forwards on the cheap if they could land Carmello Anthony. And it's not like they have absolutely nobody left who can play a 4. Joe Smith, while old and not a starter anymore, would be an adequate backup. And there's Josh Boone, who could log some minutes at 4. You maybe only need one more guy to do a power forward by committee. Which I think would be fine with the Nets if they could get Carmello and dump some expiring contracts. And after you get Carmello, maybe you can send Travis Outlaw elsewhere for a power forward. 
With Anthony, Brook Lopez, Devin Harris, that's a nice threesome of a center, point guard and wing player around which to build.

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Posted on: September 22, 2010 1:58 am

Report: Nets emerging as frontrunner for Carmelo

I'll bet CU's mascot can beat MSU's mascot.

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Posted on: September 22, 2010 12:11 am

Report: Nets emerging as frontrunner for Carmelo

Taking the article at its word for a minute, if the Nets were concerned about lacking a PF after trading Favors, Humphries and Murphy plus picks for Melo, why not bring a third team in?  I'm pretty sure the Nuggets would love to send JR Smith elsewhere and wouldn't expect much back.  In exchange for taking Smith, the third team would send a superfluous PF to New Jersey...perhaps one with a few years on his contract.  Since Smith has only one year on his contract, the third team would get a little cap relief out of the deal.  The Nets would get a PF to help Lopez in the middle until they could find someone better, and the Nuggets would get additional cap relief dumping Smith.

The Nuggets would certainly be in full rebuild mode, but they'd have PG Ty Lawson and PF Derrick Favors to build around, and massive cap relief when KMart ($17 million), Murphy ($12 million) & Humphries ($4 million) came off the books at the end of this year, added to the $6 million they'd save on Smith.  Billups deal ends the following year so that'd be another $13 million to work with.  It's certainly not an ideal situation for the Nuggets, but if they're going to lose Melo anyway they might as well assume they're going to need to rebuild, because Billups is getting old and outside of Nene, the rest of the roster is full of role players. 

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Posted on: September 21, 2010 7:39 pm

Report: Nets emerging as frontrunner for Carmelo

I just don't understand the rationale.  Carmelo Anthony wants to leave to have a better shot at winning a title right?  Why would you go to the New Jersey Nets?  The Eastern Conference is stacked right now and it will probably be tougher to get even to a conference final in the east than it will be in the west for the next few years.  If it's all about location then I think Melo is giving up too much for his wife's career.  The Nets and the Knicks are not good teams right now even with New York picking up Amare.  Melo is a great player and he has great fans here in Denver.  If he thinks it's best to leave then he will whether this year by trade or next year by free agency or sign and trade, but if the goal is to win titles I wouldn't go to New Jersey.

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Posted on: September 21, 2010 3:42 pm

Report: Nets emerging as frontrunner for Carmelo

Amen blitz0921. Bu bye Melo don't let the door of the Can hit you on the way out. I've posted it before and I'm sure I will post it again...if Melo doesn't want to be in Denver cut him loose as soon as possible.

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Posted on: September 21, 2010 3:40 pm

Report: Nets emerging as frontrunner for Carmelo

Melo - stay in Denver and stop acting like LeBaby....I mean Lebron!!!!

The babies are the Lebron/Melo/superstar fans on these boards.  Personally, I don't like Lebron.  I can't like Lebron... I'm a Pistons fan and still remember him scoring basket after basket a few years ago to knock the Pistons out.... and I don't like his ego... he's an ego maniac in my opinion...


He was an UFA which gives him the right to go wherever he pleases.  He owed NOTHING to the Cavs... absolutely nothing.   And as much as I don't like him I crack up at the idiots that say he didn't try in Cleveland... he was and still is a phenominal player to say the least.

When did it become that UFA'S can't leave the team they are with?  Why is that ?  It's not like Cleveland is the reason that Lebron made it in basketball... Lebron is the reason Cleveland sold out games and made an owner even more money then he had before Lebron got there.

If Cleveland wouldn't have taken him the next team would have.. Cleveland didn't do Lebron any favours... he earned being the number 1 overall pick without Cleveland's help.

Enough with the whiners on these boards.. I've had enough of you little babies....   I'm all for the owners in other things but not cases like this.   A player signs a contract to play x amount of years at a certain wage.  As long as they fulfill their end of the deal when the contract expires they can go wherever they darn well please..

They don't owe their respective teams anything and certainly don't owe you as fans anything.  You didn't make them what they are and guess what? Their next fan base will be more then happy to buy tickets, memorabilia, help increase tv ratings, etc   these guys don't need you to like them...

The only thing you can do to make your point is to stop watching the NBA entirely.  If you do that I'll respect you for at least sticking to what you believe in and not liking the rules that exist.  But to cry and whine EVERY SINGLE DAY over lebron leaving or Melo that might leave is flat out stupid...  You don't even have the right to complain so shut your mouth...

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Posted on: September 21, 2010 3:14 pm

Report: Nets emerging as frontrunner for Carmelo

The team was awful last season...their #3 is questionable, and though the roster may be balanced, it's not good.  They missed all the big free agents they coveted so much, and they landed Joe Smith.  They could use a talent like Carmelo...I'm not a huge fan of his, but really, the Nets are in Newark for two years, and are building towards Brooklyn.  Adding 'Melo could at least make them respectable, even if they have to find a Power Forward somewhere. I don't see the Nets winning more than 27 games with the current roster, 'Melo at least makes them a 30-win team.  Not great, but I'd prefer mediocrity to having the league's worst record again.  At least he'd make them interesting, and you'd be able to name at least one member of the team.

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