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Ed Davis has surgery, out six weeks

Posted on: September 21, 2010 2:03 pm
Edited on: September 21, 2010 2:08 pm
Raptors rookie undergoes surgery to repair torn meniscus; fates may or may not hate Toronto.
Posted by Matt Moore

The Raptors can't win for trying. After losing Chris Bosh to the Miami Triad this summer, many people thought that the Raptors could contend for the worst team in the league . But as the summer's gone on, there's been a few murmerings about the Raptors possibly not sucking beyond belief. DeMar DeRozan, Sonny Weems, a bigger role for Amir Johnson, Andrea Bargnani playing more as a scoring post-player rather than trying to compliment Chris Bosh which was like trying to add a red accent to slightly darker red room. And of course, promising rookie Ed Davis, who looked tremendous in pre-draft workouts and great in summer league.

That plan has gotten off to a very rocky start. Davis injured himself in workouts a week ago. Then Raptors play-by-play man Matt Devlin announced that Davis had undergone surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee and would be out six weeks. That's simply terrible news, as a meniscus injury is the kind that not only can vary greatly in terms of recovery time, but also has a nasty habbit for causing long-term issues that hamper a player's ability to stay on the floor.

Six weeks means Davis misses training camp, the first real opportunity to work with the team and let coach Jay Triano see where he fits in the rotation. Six weeks means he may miss the start of the season and when a rookie gets left out to begin things, it's often more difficult for him to work his way in once the games start going.

It's another disappointing turn in a summer defined by disappointment for Toronto. Hopefully he can bounce back and this is the end of the Raptors' turmoil. We're headed towards the big asteroid scenario at this rate.

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Posted on: September 21, 2010 5:38 pm

Ed Davis has surgery, out six weeks

Well, as long as there isnt any other damage and he's only out 6 weeks, Davis should be fine and i hope he is.

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Posted on: September 21, 2010 3:30 pm

Ed Davis has surgery, out six weeks

That is really too bad and as the article says, you never know with knees.

This will clearly be a rebuilding year for Toronto so there will be no reason to rush the kid back. Toronto has some good young players and a huge trade exception that should help in the rebuilding process. Personally I am looking forward to watching the Raptors move ahead without Bosh. Teams don't win running everything through a post player- you need a star swingman or point guard who can dictate the game. I think in some ways, through no fault of his own, Bosh stifled Toronto's development. Even the Turkoglu experiment was a total failure partly because Hedo never had a chance to get into the flow- he did not get the ball in his hands enough, then he was expected to hit the final shot to win the game. That just doesn't work. Other swingmen have come and gone but were never more than the #2 or #3 option. Prolific scorers and defenders need to have the ball constantly running through them. It gets them into the game in a way that a constant pick and roll to the big guy just doesn't do.

Toronto's greatest challenge is that American superstars don't want to play here even though it is a huge market. Let's face it: true European superstars are few and far between.

Regardless, I will be surprised if Toronto end up being true bottom dwellers and a little bit like after a divorce, at least the pain and loss is over and it is time to move ahead.

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