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Hornets and 76ers complete four-player swap

Posted on: September 23, 2010 11:09 am
Edited on: September 23, 2010 1:50 pm
Posted by Royce Young

Craig Brackins' NBA career is off to a roaring start. Before he's even played a game, he's been traded twice.

Multiple outlets are reporting the 76ers are dealing Willie Green and Jason Smith to the Hornets for Darius Songaila and Brackins. So it's not exactly Carmelo Anthony getting traded, but it's something , alright?

This is one of those trades that really doesn't require a ton of breaking down, but it's a bit curious from the New Orleans end. The Hornets are trying to move salary, even if it's just a low-level rookie scale contract. They get back a third shooting guard in Willie Green who expires next summer and a seven-foot power forward in Smith who can be expiring next summer. It's not like the Hornets can't use a little reliable shooting guard depth, but as of right now, they traded a first-round pick for a third string shooting guard. Get excited NOLA!

The 76ers get a little young talent in Brackins, a player taken originally by the Oklahoma City Thunder before being traded to New Orleans as part of the Cole Aldrich draft day deal. He's a power forward/small forward combo that has range out to the 3-point line. He might be able to find a little playing time behind Andre Iguodala, but he'll have to beat out Andres Nocioni. And Songaila is nothing more than someone to plug inside behind Elton Brand and Thaddeus Young.

It's pretty clear Dell Demps is set on reworking the entire Hornet roster by putting his stamp on it. He wants to clear a little money off the table and start developing some of that flexibility GMs crave. Wojnarowski also said Demps has discussed trading Peja Stojakovic with several teams, but nothing so far on that.

This trade isn't really important in really any sense, but it definitely is an indicator that Demps isn't going to sit on his hands. He made a commitment to transform the Hornets' roster and little by little, he's working on it.

Still, Green and Smith for Brackins and Songaila. It's the anti-blockbuster. It's the complete opposite of the looming Carmelo Anthony trade. It's definitely something and somewhere inside of it there's probably something important to take from it, but it's definitely hard to see from the surface. Especially on the Hornets' end.

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Posted on: September 24, 2010 9:40 pm

Hornets and 76ers complete four-player swap

horrible trade its like they want cp3 to leave they say they will make the team better than they trade there first round pick for nothing

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 8:27 pm

Hornets and 76ers complete four-player swap

Your right for sure that their are only a handful of teams that really have a shot at the title. Let's not forget MLB, however. Before this year, they were fairly irrelevant as well. Sure, you'd have the White Sox, Astros, Rockies get to the World Series, but the usual teams would end up winning the whole ball of wax. This year, really only the Rangers, Reds and Padres are crashing the party. The Padres aren't assured of anything, though. This deal is basically meaningless and everyone is just waiting for Carmelo to get traded to either the Bulls or Nets. Fortunately, eight teams get in from each conference and maybe this year your Mavs can somehow handle those Lakers.

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 8:21 pm

Hornets and 76ers complete four-player swap

I hope your right, CJSJAGS, I'll give up Iggy for some young talent who have a bright future ahead of them. Getting rid of Willie Green is nice along with Jason Smith, who realistically was a bad draft choice. What your saying may have some legs to it. Carmelo getting traded is heating up because the Nuggets don't want this hanging over their head the whole season. Not to mention, getting nothing for Carmelo after the season if they can't trade him because he's not resigning with Denver anyway. We'll see what happens in the next few days or weeks.

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 7:50 pm

Hornets and 76ers complete four-player swap

I am actually hoping Brackins become a great player..dunno why he is being shipped like that..but hope he surprises all.

As for Peja...hey Bobcats are basically taking anything right now..and since he had a down year he could go to them. 

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 7:39 pm

Hornets and 76ers complete four-player swap

I think that's a great observation by UGA Steve.  The NBA has really lost touch with the sort of competitive balance that we now see executed properly in the NFL, where nearly every team can make a case for a Super Bowl run in any given year.   The NBA has become the least competitive of all the major sports leagues.  How many teams really have a legit shot at a title as the NBA season begins?  Lakers, Heat, Celtics...who else?  And it's like this nearly every year.  And, as you point out, there's so little chance for a team to transform from a non-contender into a contender with the few tools available to them (trades, draft, free agency).  So what happens for the fans of the other 27 franchises?  The NBA draft is a joke.  With the addition of younger players into the draft (kids of 19 or 20), the projection of talent becomes even more difficult.  And, in a league of "star" players, how many real stars come out of every draft?  Maybe four or five in a good year.  Look below the top ten picks in the last five drafts and see how many of those players are even still in the LEAGUE, let alone making meaningful contributions.  So if you're a team that barely missed the playoffs or barely made the playoffs, you're getting draft picks that are essentially meaningless.  In what other sport does THIS happen with first rounders?  This isn't just a small market problem either.  This is about a bad team in ANY market trying to become an elite team.  You don't get the draft picks, and as we saw this offseason, you can't convince the best free agents to play there either.  It's really not about big market teams having more money than small market teams.  Sure, it helps to be in a bigger market if you're pitching a free agent...but it seems players just want to go where they can win immediately.  Chicago and New York, two of the biggest media markets, lost out to Miami in this season of free agency. 

So you're stuck...and not just for a season or two.  You're stuck for a long time.  Look at all the teams that maneuvered to have max cap space this offseason so they could take a run at the top three free agents.  All three guys signed with the same team and thus ensured that all those other teams just got stuck with a ton of money and nowhere to spend it.  LeBron and Bosh not only killed the chances of the teams they left, but they also killed the chances of teams like the Knicks, Nets and Bulls, who all cleared rosters to make a run at the top free agents and are now stuck with far worse rosters than they'd have had if they never made the money-driven personnel moves to clear cap room.  

The NBA is in some sad shape.  Neither the Sixers nor the Hornets have a shot in hell of being competitive for the title this year...regardless of whatever deals they continue to pursue.  Worse than that, they'll probably play just well enough to make sure they have no shot at the one or two players in the next who could be real contributors.  The NBA might help sell a ton of sneakers, but as a sports league, they couldn't be any less interesting these days.   

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 5:56 pm

Hornets and 76ers complete four-player swap

Yep.  Not the brightest of moves.

I love the line "This trade isn't really important in really any sense" in the OP.  That pretty much backs up my claim that if you aren't drafting in the first few picks in the NBA, you aren't getting anythign to help your team.  Brackins just doesn't matter.  He was not going to do anything to help this franchise.

It's a sad fact, but you can't be a 'middling' team in the NBA and expect success.  You are far better completely sucking for a year or two and hope you get lucky and get the 1st pick in the lottery in a year when there are some franchise players.  Of course the chances of doing that are slim and none.  Just ask the teams that regularly are in the lottery but always seem to be one spot behind the 'franchise' player. 

So, unless you are one of those lucky teams you have to try to make up for it thru free agency or trades.  It's a sad thing that an average team with average resources really has almost no chance of ever winning a title in this league.  San Antonio is about the only type of 'average' money team to do it recently, and they did it by sheer luck when the Admiral went down with injury allowing a young and talented team to slide into the first position and get Tim Duncan.  It was pretty much over from there.  All the other winners have done it thru getting the big name free agents, and because those guys get the same offer from multiple cities due to the CBA, they are always going to choose the bigger cities for the money to be made outside of their NBA contract.  Sucks to be a fan in an 'average' city in the NBA, which is why I don't care for it much.

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 5:44 pm

Hornets and 76ers complete four-player swap

Does this mean the 3way deal with Denver, New Jersey and the Sixers might take place with Melo to NJ an Igudalla to the Nuggets with NewJersey sending their young picks to the sixers?

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 12:25 pm

Hornets and 76ers complete four-player swap

I'm usually always the "trust the front office, they have a plan.  Let's look at the bright side of this trade" type of person, but there is no bright side here.  You're telling me this is the most you could get for a 5 million expiring contract and a first round draft pick?  What does this do to benefit the team at all?  Not the way I wanted to feel about the team this close to the season.  They had spent all summer building up a lot of good will with the fans and this will kill it

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Posted on: September 23, 2010 11:36 am

Hornets and 76ers complete four-player swap

What...the heck...are the Hornets doing?  Wow.

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